Funky Prints & Flowers

     Hey y’all!  Today I’m so excited to be sharing my first outfit post since, well, forever ago.  I think this look is so fun, but one of my favorite things about it is that I actually thrifted the top I’m wearing(more on that later).  This look features a versatile and unique Les Georgettes ring as well!  This summer look would be perfect for a night out with friends or a day on the town.  Anyways, let’s get on with it!  Enjoy!

     In my lack of posting over the past several months, one thing y’all don’t know about that I’ve come to love doing recently is thrifting!  The thrift store in the town I just moved away from always had the cutest pieces if you were willing to hunt for them.  Tops and sweaters ranged from $3-$5 and for that reason I rarely left the store without a large bag in tow.  One of my favorite finds has been this adorable multicolored (and multi-patterned) top which my family has nicknamed “the Jospeh’s coat of many colors shirt.”  Shortly after coming home I shared a photo the find with a friend, and this friend told me that she almost bought the same top at Anthropologie just a few months beforehand for $130 (boy did I score!).  While not for nearly as good of a price point, the same top is still currently available online, shop it here!

     I balanced the bright and fun top with a slightly distressed white denim skirt and a simple pair of brown sandals.  I wore mostly white and gold jewelry with the exception of two rings – a silver ring from James Avery and the Les Georgettes Volute ring.  What’s super cool about the Volute ring is that the yellow that peaks through the gold pattern is actually a removable and reversible fluid-perspex band.  The other side of the band is a bright orange color that also poses as a fun option to add a pop of color to any basic outfit.  Without the band, the simple gold ring is an elegant addition to an ensemble for any occasion!  Aside from rings, Les Georgettes also sells easily transformed bracelets, earrings, and necklaces!

top // skirt (similar) // sandals // earrings // necklace // silver moon ring // yellow ring // rose gold ring

Thanks for reading!  I encourage you to check out your local thrift store, you never know what you’ll find!  Also be sure to check out Les Georgettes for more fun, interchangeable jewelry!

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I received the ring from Les Georgettes in exchange for promotion on my blog and Instagram.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!  My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

Fill In on Faith Vol. 2; Senior Year Recap

     Hello friends, it’s been entirely too long.  My senior year of high school was hectic to say the least, packed with four AP classes, the college decision process, continuing to volunteer with Wyldlife (YoungLife’s middle school ministry), serving as co-editor-in-chief of my school’s yearbook, and receiving news of my family’s move to a different state this summer.  In the midst of the craziness my blog took the back burner.  I did a terrible job of keeping up with my blog this school year, but as you can tell from my sporadic posts throughout the year, I missed it a lot.  I’m hoping to get the A Pocketful of Faith blog and Instagram back on track this summer and as I enter college I intend to continue posting!  Today I’m rewinding and filling you in on the most significant parts of my senior year, so we’ll somewhat be on the same page again.  Enjoy!

     I started school on August 20th, and boy is the last first day of high school a weird feeling!  Senior year was a lot of fun but also came with a lot of rough patches, that’s for sure.  The first day back marked my first time meeting most of my teachers, and let me just say I LOVED most of my teachers senior year!  So many sweet, kind, and supportive people!


     Wyldlife Club started again on September 4th, with a sixth grade girl pinning a lot of clothespins to my face.  This year was just as fun as the last and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of my area’s Wyldlife as a high school leader!


     Our YoungLife club kickoff was the Monday following our first Wyldlife club.  My area always goes big for kickoff, and this year we had Ice Cream Olympics!  Chocolate syrup and whipped cream were in places neither were ever meant to be but it was a whole lot of fun!


     One Thursday at the end of September I flew down to San Antonio, TX to drive through Texas with my grandmother and tour a couple my top college choices – Baylor and UT Austin.  From the moment I walked into my meeting with my admission counselor, I felt something special.  Baylor very quickly felt like home to me – so much that less than two weeks after touring for the first time I applied early decision (which is a binding application, meaning I had to attend BU if I got in)!  After touring Baylor I made a quick visit to the Silos, how could I resist?  The day following my tour of Baylor I toured UT Austin.  UT was my original dream school, but I very quickly realized it was way too big for me.  While I was in Austin I had the opportunity to have lunch with Jade and Lexi Lynn (as well as Lexi’s daughter Moxie and the sisters’ parents) from Jadelynn Brooke!  After serving as a high school ambassador for them since my sophomore year it was so cool to finally meet them in person!






     A week after my Texas visit, I went to a YoungLife camp called Windy Gap for my area’s fall weekend (read my recaps from previous years here and here to get a more detailed idea of what went on!).  This time around I actually led a cabin of freshman girls (which were my Wyldlife girls the school year prior) with a newer YoungLife leader who had never led at camp before!  We had an absolute blast but it was so hard for me to say goodbye to that place.  I made the decision to follow Christ completely at Windy Gap my freshman year, so going one last time as a student leader was bittersweet.






October 16th was my area’s YoungLife banquet, which celebrated the accomplishments and shared the happenings of YoungLife in our community with donors, supporters, and parents.  I was asked to share my testimony and as terrified as I was to share in front of a couple hundred people, it was such an incredible opportunity and I’m so glad I did it.


     For Halloween this school year, my county decided to do an all area YoungLife club – meaning the three high schools in my area came – on October 30th!  We had an awesome time and I went dressed as a unicorn (honestly my best costume yet in my opinion)!



     In the middle of my study hall period on Halloween, I just so happened to check my Baylor portal for the millionth time.  To my surprise, I had a decision the day before the application deadline.  I got in!  About a week later I received my physical acceptance in the mail.  Talk about a big mail day!


     My school’s YoungLife wrapped up the semester with a Christmas-themed club.  My leaders asked a couple of seniors to answer some questions for our peers in regards to our testimonies and relationship with Christ.  I was both honored and petrified to be asked to share.  Ultimately I’m glad I shared, I feel that being vulnerable in that way lays a good foundation for authentic living and real relationships, both of which are super rare in high school.  My leaders and friends were right there supporting me the whole time!


     My Christmas break began December 21st and I kicked off the holiday with a sleepover with my two best friends (as well as a dramatic hair cut haha).  At this point we were all accepted and committed to our colleges and it was such a big relief!  From there on out senior year, while still stressful at times, provided rest in the reassurance that our work was paying off and our collegiate dreams were coming true.


     My family traveled to Virginia to visit my stepmother’s family in Lynchburg in the days between Christmas and New Years.  This year we also spent a night at the Homestead in Hot Springs, VA!  It was so nice – my family enjoyed the ice skating rink and the food and desserts we had at dinner were to die for!


     A couple days after New Year’s I received a text in the morning from one of my best Work Crew friends, Derren (who lived about two hours away from me), saying “hey so me and Lauren are 45 mins from your house” (Lauren lived about six hours away from me so this was huge).  They picked me up and I spent the day showing them all the best parts of my city, including my favorite local restaurant, the place where we have YoungLife club, our downtown mural, the best thrift store ever, and the adorable coffee and ice cream shop where I had Bible study every week.  I hadn’t seen Lauren or Derren since our Work Crew session at Saranac Village ended in July (read more about my month on Work Crew here), and this visit was just what I needed.  Boy did I miss them!




A day or two after Lauren and Derren came, I went with my best friend Cammie to her first Duke basketball game!  My father attended Duke, so I grew up going to Duke basketball games.  Cammie is a total genius and will be heading to Duke this fall so I was so honored to show her the ropes of being a Cameron Crazie.


     I had the incredible opportunity to lead on my area’s Wyldlife Weekend at Carolina Point again the weekend of February 1st through 3rd (read my recap of last year’s here) and this year’s trip was just as fun and rewarding.  I was in a cabin of sweet and hilarious eighth grade girls and I feel so blessed to have been welcomed into their lives the way that I was.  I also enjoyed getting to know the other leaders better, as well as getting to lead alongside my best friend at camp for a second time!  Late night giggles were had, big cookie was eaten, frisbee golf was played, big questions were asked in cabin time, and the Lord was welcomed into the hearts of many.  What a joy it was to be part of something so sweet!



     Lacrosse season extended from January to the beginning of April.  After losing nine seniors, of which four went on to play collegiate lacrosse, this season was nowhere near as successful as the last.  Despite an escalated number of losses, I still loved this season.  All of the freshmen that made varsity were in my cabins at Wyldlife camps last year, so getting to play alongside and become better friends with them was such a treat.  I, along with the three other senior girls, was a captain of the varsity team and I enjoyed using the leadership position as an avenue to support my younger and less experienced teammates!  Our senior night was bittersweet but our final game was against our biggest rival and I’m so happy and proud to say that we won!  That victory was the best way I could’ve hoped to end my senior lacrosse season and I’m so grateful for that.  I was so surprised and humbled to receive the Most Improved Player award at our sports banquet and just last week I found out that I was also honored by our city’s newspaper as an All-Academic player!  I played lacrosse from eighth grade to senior year, five years in total, and while I was sad to leave my school’s program, I’m so thankful for all the friends it provided me with and all the lessons it taught me.

     For spring break this year, my sister and I flew to San Antonio, TX to spend some time with our family there!  I spent most of the trip hanging out with my cousin, Julia, and her friends (all my age!), but we also made our rounds to the typical San Antonio tourist stops and even made a short trip to Waco!  Aside from YoungLife camp, I’m definitely at my happiest when in Texas and this trip was a good reminder that going to college a thousand miles away isn’t as risky as it sounds.  I loved showing my sister around my future home (she hadn’t been on Baylor’s campus before!) and of course stopping at the Magnolia Market!

     Yearbook Distribution Day is without a doubt my favorite day of the school year, and finally getting to see the book and people’s reactions to it on April 19th was all the more rewarding given that I oversaw the whole thing this year as co-editor-in-chief!  Yearbook was definitely one of my favorite things about high school.  It made me realize how passionate I am about journalism and gave me the coolest group of girls to spend seventh period with everyday!  We celebrated the success of the year with a small party at the other co-editor-in-chief’s home and there we ate lots of yummy food, opened gifts (I made everyone friendship bracelets, big surprise haha), and took lots of pictures!

     Prom this year was a lot more fun than last in my opinion!  I went with a guy friend in a big group of mutual friends.  The dance was such a good time and I think I felt a lot freer to dance and make a fool of myself as a senior because I wasn’t so consumed with what other people thought of me.  My family and one of my YoungLife leaders came to pictures before dinner and we got a lot of cute shots!

     A week after prom I went to Columbia, SC with a couple of friends to see the band LANY!  My ticket was a Christmas gift from my good friend Scout and the wait was so worth it!  Scout and I have been listening to LANY for a couple years and they were just as good as I’d hoped they’d be live.  We waited outside for nine hours before the show and ultimately scored third row!

     My last YoungLife club as a student was highly emotional for me.  The seniors ran club – senior girls and senior guys each orchestrated a short skit, we picked games, and at the end we had an opportunity to share what YoungLife has meant to us in high school.  Cue the tears.  You all know maybe a little bit too well that YoungLife introduced me to the Lord in such a way that made me want to pursue a relationship with Him, but beyond that it also gave me my best friends and some experiences I wouldn’t trade for the world.  I am a different person because I was so heavily involved in YoungLife as a high schooler and I’m so beyond grateful for that.

     My fourth and final AP exam this year was on May 17th, which also marked my last day of high school.  In case you were wondering, this school year I took AP Psychology, AP English Literature, AP Statistics, and AP Microeconomics.  I absolutely loved AP Psychology and AP Statistics was definitely one of my favorite high school math classes (following only geometry).  AP English Literature was also a lot of fun, I adored my teacher!  Finishing my final AP exam was the biggest relief and when it was through I turned in my school-issued MacBook Air and walked out of my high school’s doors for the last time!  That moment was bittersweet but it looked a little like this:

     I had a week between my final AP exam and graduation, most of which I spent going on lunch dates with friends, doing morning workouts out at the YMCA, and slowly packing up my room for my family’s move to North Carolina.  Graduation itself was a weird time for me.  It’s funny how as high school goes by you resent it, but suddenly, as your principal brags on your senior class’ accomplishments and reflects on the past four years, you realize that you loved it.  I feel so blessed to have gone to high school where I did and I know I will carry these friendships into the next chapter with me.

And that was my senior year!  Thanks for reading!  Consider yourself filled in on my life.  Here’s to doing a slightly better job on keeping y’all up to date in the future.  Stay tuned for more detailed posts on my recent life events coming soon!

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July Playlist 2019

     Y’all, it has been way too long since I last shared a playlist with you!  I consider blogging to be sharing a little bit of my life with you, and doing it so little (basically not at all) lately has broken my heart.  If you know me personally you know that I love sharing music with my friends and family, and I feel the same way about y’all!  Today’s post is my July playlist, and I just can’t wait to hear what you think of these songs.  If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I usually link every song to their video on YouTube, but I have exciting news!  I’m on Spotify!  Finally!  You can follow me on Spotify here, and all of my playlists posted on the blog will have corresponding playlists on my Spotify from now on.  I will be adding more songs to the playlist as the month goes on (I’ve already added a few more since I made the graphic below), so if you follow the playlist you can stay up to date on what I’m listening to.  Enjoy!

july playlist 2019.jpg

Listen to the playlist here!

Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you’re currently listening to in the comments, I’m always looking for new music!

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5 Ways to Make Your Senior Year Easier

     I know that the thought of doing any type of Back to School post right now seems absolutely ridiculous given that this school year isn’t even out for most high schoolers yet, but in advising some of my friends who are current high school juniors on how to set themselves up for a smooth senior year, I realized this post needed to happen now because there’s so much you can do before this school year is even out to make your senior year so much less stressful.  Today I’m sharing five ways to make your senior year easier, especially if you’re planning to go to college in following year.  My hope is that these bits of my own experience will set you up not only for a year of success but also ample opportunities to actually soak in all of your lasts.  Enjoy!

  1. Write your basic college application essay while you’re still in an academic mindset. – This time last year, right after my AP English Language & Composition exam, my AP English teacher told us that if we wanted to write our college application essay in response to the Common Application’s (you’ll see my refer to the Common Application as “Common App” throughout this post because that’s how most applying students refer to them, just a heads up) prompts then, she would review it for us and give us extra credit for it.  Many of my peers passed on the opportunity because hey, it was the end of the year and we were done.  My teacher made a good point that we wouldn’t want to write the essay over the summer and by the time August or September rolled around and we began applying to colleges, our writing abilities would have deteriorated a bit in comparison to what they were at the end of a year in AP English.  I promise you that this fall every English teacher you’ve ever had will be flooded with college application essays to review as “favors” for past or current students, but if you write it now and have your current teacher proofread it for you he/she’ll be able to take more time looking at it and will recognize and respect your drive to get it done this early!  Even if your teacher isn’t offering you extra credit to write the essay now, I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have this essay out of the way before the summer even begins.  What a relief of stress!  The prompts are here, if you’re interested.  They’re keeping the prompts the same as last year and I think several of them were great options and allowed for a lot of flexibility for every individual with varying interests and strengths.  I wrote for prompt #1, any guesses on what my special interest that my application would’ve been incomplete without?
  2. Start your Common App now. – After my English teacher opened up my mind to writing my Common App essay early, I realized I was also able to complete much of my actaul Common App on my own in May.  I will say, there is a lot you might not know how to answer on your own without a parent, but there’s also a lot of basic information (i.e. all of your high school courses, your GPA, and your extracurriculars) that you’re completely capable of self-reporting in your abundant free time following AP exams.  Getting as much as you can done now will deduct hours from the amount of time you spend on college applications in the late summer and fall.
  3. Brainstorm a list of colleges you’re remotely interested in. – I plan to do another post later on going in depth on how I’d recommend you go about formulating this list and narrowing down to a decision, but for now let me just say it’s really important for you to have some idea of where you want to go.  Find schools that have programs for what you’re interested then think about whether you want to get out of state or stay in state (also consider which option is practical for you financially), go to a small school or big school, live in a big city or college town, etc.  Just make a list!  I promise it’s not that hard, the list can be as long or as short as you want it to be and you can narrow it down later.
  4. Start talking to your parents about touring colleges this summer. – I cannot stress this enough, you cannot pick a college without touring it.  I was 100% set on a school for two entire years of high school, but after touring it I realized it just wasn’t for me.  Then I toured my backup school and realized it was way too big, even though I thought I’d love a big school in a big city.  Baylor wasn’t even a school I was genuinely interested in before I toured it, it was just on my list of possibilities, but as I was touring I realized it was my dream school.  Talk to your parents about making trips to tour at least some of the schools you’re interested in this summer so you can avoid missing days of AP classes and stressing over whether or not your “dream school” is actually what you wanted when this fall rolls around.
  5. Curate your resume. – One optional thing that has the potentially to really impress colleges is a resume.  While the thought of creating your own resume as a high schooler might sound incredibly intimidating, I promise you it’s not as hard as it sounds, especially if you get started now with plenty of time to ask parents, college-aged friends, and other mentors for help.  Here’s an example I found on Pinterest that’s super similar to the one I used as a model for mine last year!

Thanks for reading, I hope you found this advice helpful!  I hope you have a great end to your junior year!  I’m so excited for what the eventful year to come has in store for all of you rising seniors!  Be on the lookout for more senior year and college decision advice posts to come!

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A Look into My Senior Photos

     Y’all.  I graduate in sixteen days.  SIXTEEN DAYS!  Despite all the late nights and long days that made it feel like high school would never end, I feel like I should still be a freshman (that was my favorite year, after all).  Anyways, with graduation comes graduation announcements, which means senior photos.  I had my grandmother (a mostly-retired independent professional photographer) take my senior photos while I was in Texas for spring break, and I absolutely love how they turned out!  Today I’m sharing a few of my favorites with y’all, all unedited!  Enjoy!



     One reason why I specifically wanted my senior photos taken in Texas (aside from my family ties and adoration for the state) was my obsession with the gorgeous bluebonnets!    These flowers bloom all over the place in Texas every spring and I hadn’t seen them in person in ages.  Aren’t they just the prettiest?









     I only wore two outfits for my photos, one with a white J.Crew tank and jeans and another with a Baylor tee shirt!  Y’all know I love the simplicity of a white shirt, and I adore the ruffles on this one!  This tank is actually a couple seasons old, but white tanks aren’t hard to find and are perfect for simple and elegant photos like these.  I kept my accessories pretty simple (I actually took off my friendship bracelets for once).

Thanks for reading!

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A Scarf Made for Spring

     Small scarves have been one of my absolute favorite trends over the past several months.  After I saw one of my YoungLife leaders wear one in her hair, I became obsessed and quickly began purchasing them for myself (a lot of my favorites are from Madewell!).  I’ve loved styling these little scarves in my hair, around my neck, on my bags, and on my wrists, and I always keep an eye out for any potential additions to my fast-growing collection.  When I heard that Jadelynn Brooke’s accessory line 3 Happy Hooligans was beginning to carry scarves, I was ecstatic.  As most of you know, I’ve been an ambassador for Jadelynn Brooke for about three years now, and I couldn’t have been more excited to see how adorable these scarves would be given what I already knew about the beauty and quality of Jadelynn Brooke’s other products.  Jadelynn Brooke has truly outdone themselves with these scarves, and today I’m styling my scarf (in the print “Coral Floral”) for y’all!  Enjoy!

     When it comes to matching an accessory as bright and fun as this Jadelynn Brooke scarf, you have to keep it simple.  For my shirt, I opted for a simple white structured Gap tee with a delicate quilted pattern, which I recently picked up at my local thrift store.  I thought my flare jeans would contribute to the 70s vibe that the scarf set for the outfit and I chose my gold Jack Rogers sandals to match.  I kept my accessories (besides the scarf) to a minimum, with silver hoops, a couple simple bracelets and rings, and my Freestyle Shark watch.  One word of advice when styling this scarf – I’ve noticed this scarf is a little larger than the scarves I’ve acquired from Madewell, so I’d advise you to wrap the scarf around your neck twice before actually tieing it in order to make things a little easier.

top (similar) // flare jeans // scarf (get 15% off with my code FLSHS16!) // sandals // earrings //  watch // MantraBand // cross bracelet // personalized beaded bracelet // rose gold ring // silver moon ring

Thanks for reading!  Seriously, go do yourself a favor and go look at these scarves!  You won’t regret it.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.13.06 PM

I received the scarf from Jadelynn Brooke as well as the bracelet from Moodz & Vibes in exchange for promotion on my blog and Instagram.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!  My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.