Flowy Florals

     Two of my favorite summer trends are flowy pieces and fun floral prints, and the top I’m styling today combines both!  As I’ll explain in a moment, I purchased this top on sale during the winter (the top was likely from a summer 2017 collection).  I cannot recommend summer shopping in the winter enough!  Although it’s not always practical, your summer self will thank you a few months down the road when you have a ton of unworn clothes all purchased at amazing price points.  Back to this post – enjoy!

     I ordered this top from Urban Outfitters back in January on sale for under $20 and I’m so glad I did!  The material is so light and perfect for summer, plus the cut is so flattering and unlike anything else I own.  In this look I paired it with a button-down denim skirt and some lace up sandals for a trendy and summery look.  I accessorized with the Madewell “looker” cuff which features a quirky gold pair of winking eyes, earrings from BaubleBar’s Target line SugarFix, my gold Kate Spade watch, and layered necklaces.  I love the way the olive faux suede choker ties into the top!  I actually wore this outfit out to dinner with friends recently and I think it’s the perfect outfit for that type of occasion!

top (similar) // skirt (similar) // sandals (similar) // pearl choker // initial necklace // eye cuff // earrings // watch (similar) // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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Yellow Ruffles

     I’m absolutely ecstatic to officially be on summer break!  Summer means a break from late nights doing homework, seven hour school days, and dress code.  One of my favorite trends not allowed by my school is off the shoulder (or one shoulder) tops and dresses.  I love the fun asymmetrical neckline of a one shoulder top like the one I’m wearing in today’s look!  I’m obsessed with this top’s bright yellow hue, and I hope y’all love it as much as I do!  Enjoy!

     I was so lucky to snatch this adorable top on sale on J.Crew’s website back in the cooler winter months!  Wearing the top has definitely been worth the wait since receiving it months ago.  I contrasted the vibrant yellow with a navy satin skirt from Hunter’s line for Target.  I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to love this skirt, but it’s so versatile and comfortable!  My gold Jack Rogers sandals are definitely my go-to summertime shoes, so they were an obvious choice for this trendy yet classy look.  I accessorized with all gold jewelry, including my favorite star earrings from Madewell, Les Georgettes bracelet, and Kate Spade watch.

top (similar) // skirt (under $20 right now!) // sandals // earrings // watch (similar) // bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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I received the bracelet from Les Georgettes in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!  My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

17 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

     For those of you who don’t know (probably most of you because I don’t know who actually keeps up with bloggers’ birthdays), today I’m seventeen!  I’m so excited for all this year has in store and I know blogging will continue to play a big role in my life as I conquer this year of college applications (and acceptances and denials), AP classes, good memories, and the many “lasts” of high school.  That being said, as much as I’ve overshared on my “Meet Faith” page (check it out here if you haven’t already!), there’s definitely still a lot you don’t know about me.  Today, since it is my seventeenth birthday, I’m sharing seventeen things you didn’t already know about me!  I hope this post helps you get a better sense of who I am.  Enjoy!

  1. Yes, I’m from the South.  No, I don’t like sweet tea!
  2. I’ve moved cities three times over the course of my life (so far).
  3. I love cats and mine, Hercules, is the sweetest.
  4. I have a serious issue waking up to alarm clocks.  It’s not even that I hit snooze, it’s just that I don’t hear it if I’m remotely tired.
  5. I prefer big cities over small towns.
  6. I have a fish named James Pond II (the first one died and the name was just to good to avoid reusing, I mean come on).
  7. I want to go to college in Texas and major in journalism there.
  8. I think music is about feeling, and you can feel a song without words (hence my love for ODESZA’s instrumental tracks).
  9. I just began getting involved in YoungLife my freshman year of high school and have already been to YoungLife properties (camps) eight different times (for YoungLife fall weekends, YoungLife summer camp, Work Crew Weekends, Wyldlife winter weekend, and Wyldlife summer camp).
  10. I consider dark chocolate a food (not a dessert!) and it’s definitely my favorite.
  11. My favorite subject in school has been English as long as I can remember, and I like writing more than reading.
  12. My favorite Bible verse is John 10:10.
  13. I’ve seen Taylor Swift in concert three times and have an emotional attachment to her because her first big hits (“Picture to Burn” and “Our Song” especially) got my mom (and my little sister and I) through her divorce with my dad when I was six.
  14. My Chick-fil-A order is a #1 with no pickles on a multigrain bun (I swear the multigrain buns are way better).
  15. My biggest shopping weakness is definitely a cheap top (like under $20).
  16. I want to have a dog named Chanel as an adult.
  17. I would like to think I’m somewhat wise but I definitely have a younger personality (my jokes are all dumb and I fit in way too well with my eighth grade Wyldlife girls).

Thanks for reading!  Can you relate to any of these?  Tell me how we’re alike in the comments!

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Scripture Sunday Vol. 33

     Happy Sunday!  I missed my typical biweekly mark for a “Scripture Sunday” post last week, but I have a good one for you today!  As you’re reading this I’m still leading Wyldlife kids (kids that participate in my area’s YoungLife ministry for middle schoolers) at Southwind, a YoungLife camp in Ocklawaha, Florida.  I’d so appreciate your prayers in my last couple days at camp!  As I’m sure you can tell from the title, this is a Christian post, so if you feel that kind of thing’s not for you feel free to continue exploring my blog and find something else you like!  Enjoy!

Today’s Verse:

1 John 2:6; Whoever says he abides in Him ought to walk in the same way in which He walked.

     I don’t think I’m the only teenage girl, or the most extreme case for that matter, that often finds herself imitating aspects of those around her.  I often realize I’ve picked up strange phrases that my friends use.  If we’re being honest I have a whole saved Instagram collection of photos I’ve seen other girls on Instagram post that I’d like to recreate on my personal Instagram account.  Yes, we hear “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” and no, I’m not a complete clone of any one person, but do I really want my being to be made up of fragments of other people?  Is that really what I want my life to be based on?

     While reading the book of 1 John recently, I came across a verse that really struck a chord for me.  1 John 2:6 says “Whoever says he abides in Him ought to walk in the same way in which He walked.”  If you’ve met me you’ve probably heard me claim that I follow or “abide in” God.  I’m so quick to claim that I’m a dedicated Christian and have a strong relationship with Jesus, but do I in accordance to this Scripture?  If I truly abide in God I should be living my life the way Jesus did.

     In writing this I don’t think John meant “if you really love God you’ll die for the world’s sins just like Jesus.”  Honestly, I’m fairly certain John knew that none of us could even consistently live the way Jesus did on His average days.  Sure, I have some days that I feel really good about who I am and the way I’ve treated others, but those are nothing in comparison to the way Jesus treated others all the time.  Not only did Jesus heal the sick (I don’t know about you, but I don’t have miraculous abilities), He called them (and other outsiders) by name.  Jesus acknowledged everyone and proved that He wanted to be part of their lives, even when they were rejected by the world.

     This week, remember the example Jesus has set for us.  As imperfect humans, we are never going to be able to live up to such a standard, but we definitely won’t without God.  Lean on God for support, patience, and hope.  Start asking yourself the way Jesus would perceive your actions before you even do them.  If Jesus were here at this time, wearing Vans and jeans with His friends who have iPhones sticking out of their pockets, would He like the text you’re about to send?  Would He encourage you to talk to your parents that way?  These thoughts have definitely been shaking me lately.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week!

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June Playlist 2018

     You know by now that playlists are some of my absolute favorite posts to share, even if they don’t rack in the most views or likes.  I consider music to be such a large part of my life that sharing it with you feels almost as if we’re bonding.  Even though I can drive now, one of my best friends, Cammie, often still drives me places we’re both going (hello carbon footprint reduction!) and she gets just as excited as I do when I grab the aux cord because we love getting new music from each other, I’d even say it brings us closer as friends.  So today I’m reaching for your aux cord yet again and showing you fifteen of my favorite songs for this month.  Some standouts that I’d likely play back to back without ever allowing a song to play all the way through because I’m so excited about the next include “Better Not” by Louis the Child, “My My My!” by Troye Sivan, and “On the Low” by Tove Styrke.  I’ve also been especially into Judah and the Lion since I saw them in concert on May 25th, my favorites being “Green Eyes” and “Forever, Always.”  I hope you love these songs as much as I do!  Enjoy!

Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

Better Not // Signals // On the Low // 92 Explorer // Electric Touch // Come Hang Out // My My My! // OTW // Dreams // Show Me // Green Eyes // Somebody // How to Love (Boombox Cartel Remix) // Forever, Always // Faking Bright

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Off to Southwind

     This post is nothing formal, just a little explanation of what’s going to be happening on my blog and Instagram this weekend!  I’m so excited to be heading to Southwind, a YoungLife camp in Ocklawaha, Florida, for Wyldlife camp this weekend (Thursday to Monday)!  If you’re unfamiliar with Wyldlife, it’s YoungLife’s (the Christian ministry targeted at teenagers which I’m super involved in – read more about their mission here) middle school ministry.  Similarly to how YoungLife is largely led by college students, most of my area’s Wyldlife leaders are high school students, myself included!  I’m so blessed to have the opportunity to lead at summer camp this year and I could not be more thrilled to have the chance to travel to another one of YoungLife’s gorgeous properties with my area’s sweet middle schoolers!  Our time at camp will include lots of fun activities like swimming in a pool and lake, watching hilarious skits, eating amazing food, experiencing a ton of awesome surprises, and learning more about a relationship with God.  Going to a YoungLife camp entails lack of access to technology (excluding cameras) for the duration of our time at camp to exclude distractions from the purpose of going to camp.  That means I physically won’t be able to post on my Instagram or blog while I’m gone, but someone else can!

     While I’m away, I have Cali from A Touch of Southern Style (@atouchofsouthernstyle on Instagram) taking over my Instagram for me (she’ll be posting my pictures I’ve scheduled for her) and I’ve scheduled two blog posts (including my June playlist and a new Scripture Sunday) to go up Friday and Sunday while I’m gone!  Cali is so sweet to do this for me and I know y’all will love her, so definitely check out her Instagram and blog!

     Blogging aside, I would really appreciate your prayers this (long) weekend!  I’m stoked to have the opportunity to be used by God at Southwind and I want to be the very best leader I can be.  Please pray that God would ease my nerves, help me interact well and form strong relationship with my girls at camp, and use me to model a healthy relationship with Him.  I’m definitely more excited than nervous about leading at Wyldlife camp this time around, but I still want to be sure I’m serving as a window to God for the kids at camp, not a window to me.

Thanks for reading, see y’all when I get back!  Look forward to a post (hopefully including a video!) about my experience at Southwind!  Have a great weekend!

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