Wrapped Up in Velvet & Tied with a Bow

     Hey y’all, happy Friday!  I’m thrilled to share this look with y’all today, it’s definitely been one of my favorite outfits this season.  I purchased the skirt I’m styling in this post on sale after seeing it in one of my blogging friends’, Julia of Sunshinestatejulia, Instagram stories and I’m so happy I did.  It’s so comfy, trendy, and fun to style!  I hope you love today’s look as much as I do, enjoy!

     The skirt that I’ve been raving over is an adorable blue crushed velvet wrap skirt.  I’ve been loving the velvet trend recently and I think the fact that this skirt ties with a bow on the side is just the best!  Plus, it’s less than $16 right now, get one for yourself here before they’re gone!  I opted for a simple grey v-neck sweater on top since the skirt already makes a statement.  I personally struggle with v-necks often, finding them uncomfortably low, but this Banana Republic sweater’s neckline is just right if you ask me!  I recently picked up these Sam Edelman black over the knee boots half off from Nordstrom and I just can’t get over how nice they look with this outfit!  As far as jewelry, I kept it simple with some fun and elegant gold pieces.  My everyday rings and Kate Spade watch were an obvious must but a few of my recent favorites also made an appearance.  I’m obsessed with these pearl hoop earrings, asymmetrical initial necklace, and winking eyes cuff bracelet.












sweater // skirt // boots (limited sizes left; similar Sam Edelman styles here and here) // earrings // necklace // bracelet // watch (similar) // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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Scripture Sunday Vol. 28

     Happy Sunday!  Today I’m sharing my twenty-eighth “Scripture Sunday” post.  I seriously love writing these posts, I hope y’all love reading them!  The Scripture I’m discussing today is a simple verse that has been a great reminder to me lately and has really changed how I go about daily life.  If you feel as though Christianity isn’t for you, this post might not be your thing!  Feel free to continue scrolling though my blog, I hope you find another post you like (this week I posted my “Charleston Girls Weekend Travel Diary” with a video here and an outfit post here)!  Let’s get on with the post, enjoy!

IMG_5969 2.jpg

Today’s Verse:

Romans 13:14; But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

     Every morning we wake up, get ready for the day, and get dressed.  I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so natural to want to throw on a big tee shirt and leggings and just call it a day.  Most mornings I convince myself to wear something a little less “I just rolled out of bed,” but that’s an active decision that I legitimately have to choose to make.  You choose what you wear, how much makeup you put on, whether or not you should wear a jacket, etc., right?  Some days choosing the “better” choice (let’s call looking nice the better choice just for the purpose of this analogy, if you like to wear tee shirts and leggings everyday you do you!  I really wish I felt confident doing that) requires a little more effort, but usually by the time I get home I’m glad I chose to wear a nice outfit.

     While what to wear is an obvious physical decision we make each day, choosing who we want to be isn’t always as obvious.  Sadly, the natural choice is often “I want to have the best day for me today.  I want to have the best, I want to look the best, I want to be the best,” not “I want to have the day God’s designed for me today.  I want to help others, serve the Lord, and learn how to do so even better tomorrow.”  Without even thinking, we choose ourselves over others and over our God and unlike outfits that we can decide just aren’t going to cut it, we don’t typically look in the mirror and say “there’s no way I’m leaving the house with this attitude today.”

     I recently finished reading the book of Romans.  In the last verse of chapter 13, I came across a line that I realized is so significant and applicable to my daily life.  Verse 13 says “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”  I really love the word choice “put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” as if He was a jacket or a necklace.  Like I said, when we get dressed in the morning we don’t usually think much about the kind of person we’re going to be that day.  What if along with our shirts, skirts, shoes, and earrings, we put on the attitude of Jesus Christ?  What if we chose to stop making selfish decisions for the gratification of our own desires?  I’ll be the first to say I’d be a way better person if I made the active decision to act like Christ everyday along with the decision to wear a dress.

     This week, try to consciously make the decision to be Christ-like each morning.  No, I don’t mean decide to be perfect and sinless like Jesus (I know most of us wish we could just make a choice to be like that!), I mean to decide to make your greatest attempt at serving others and obeying God.  “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ” and begin to submit to Him instead of your earthly desires.  Choose to help your sibling with their homework instead of watching another movie on Netflix.  Choose to invite the lonely kid to sit with your friend group at lunch instead of brushing him/her off as “not cool enough.”  Choose to seize every opportunity to radiate God’s love with those around you.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week!

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Winter Florals

     Winter’s dark hues are great and all, but eventually they start to get boring.  Today I’m sharing a colorful floral dress I’ve been loving this season.  I adore the dress’ bright yet seasonally appropriate color scheme as well as its three quarter length sleeves!  I shot today’s look in my stepmother’s mother’s green room while I was visiting her family in Virginia over Christmas break.  I love the way these pictures came out because the room has the prettiest decor and such lovely natural lighting!  Enjoy!

     As I mentioned before, this Old Navy dress bears a bright and colorful floral print.  However, my favorite part of the dress has to be the ties at the ends of the sleeves!  The cute little bows add such a sweet detail and I just love them.  The way I’ve styled the dress for today’s post is fairly basic, with some simple jewelry and my most versatile taupe suede booties.  Since receiving this “blessed” bar necklace as a Christmas gift from one of my closest friends, I’ve been wearing it with my favorite Kendra Scott necklace nonstop!  I love the way the necklaces look when layered together and I’m sure I’ll continue wearing them this way almost daily for quite some time.  I wore my ivory pearl Kendra Scott Danielle earrings to match the Kendra Scott necklace and act as a simpler statement to offset the bright colors of the dress.  The Sashka Co. beaded bracelets match the white and gold jewelry theme and were easy to slip on to complete the look!











dress // booties // earrings // pendant necklace // bar necklace (similar) // watch (similar) // white and gold beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // cross bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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The beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!  My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

Charleston Girls Weekend Travel Diary

     I spent January 20th and 21st in Charleston, South Carolina with a couple of my best friends, Evan and Cammie, and Cammie’s mother to celebrate Cammie’s birthday a few weeks ago and today I’m so excited to finally be sharing a travel diary with y’all!  I was hoping to have this post up a couple weeks ago but the start of lacrosse season and extensive homework assignments have limited my time to focus on the blog recently.  Better late than never, right?  We had the best weekend in Charleston and today I’m sharing everything we did, as well as a short video, with y’all!  I recommend you watch the video in HD by clicking the HD button in the bottom right corner of the video.  I also linked most of the locations, restaurants, and shops mentioned so you can check them out for yourself if you’re planning trip to Charleston.  I particularly loved the outfits I wore this trip, so I linked each of my looks under the pictures I wear each outfit in!  Enjoy!

This video was created using iMovie.  All the clips were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T6 and a Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC HSM lens.  The background song is “Through and Through” by Khai Dreams.


     Saturday morning Cammie and her mother picked me up around 8:00, and from there we drove to Evan’s house to pick her up as well.  The drive to Charleston was filled with funny stories, gummy bears, and stops for Chick-fil-A and Starbucks.  When we arrived close to noon, we immediately parked and began shopping on Charleston’s famous King Street.  We shopped at Madewell, J.Crew, and a few boutiques before stopping for lunch at Monza around 2:00 p.m. for some delicious pasta and pizza.  After finishing up at lunch, we walked to the DryBar for our blowout appointments.  This was such a treat for all of us, Evan had a blowout once or twice but this was Cammie and I’s first time!  The three of us have watched Danielle Carolan rave about DryBar in her vlogs for the past two years and we were so excited to finally have the chance to go ourselves.  Cammie and I both got the Cosmo and Evan got the Mai Tai.  With our new blowout styles, we walked to Urban Outfitters, H&M, Sephora, The Skinny Dip (we took way too many photos in front of their flower wall and on their patio, see them below!), and Francesca’s to complete our day of shopping.  Around 5:00 p.m. we went to our hotel, the Charleston Marriott, to settle into our room and get ready for dinner.  We celebrated Cammie’s birthday eating dinner at one of Cammie’s favorite seafood restaurants on the water in Mount Pleasant around 7:00 p.m., R.B.’s.  There, Evan and I shared a fried shrimp platter and shared sides of fries and macaroni and cheese.  The three of us shared an amazing slice of chocolate cake for dessert then took photos on the restaurant’s dock before heading back to the hotel.  Upon returning to the hotel room, Evan and I took showers then the three of us headed downstairs with some snacks for some girl talk in the lobby’s lounge area until around midnight.  When we came back to the hotel room we found HGTV on the television and quickly fell asleep to the home improvement shows (anyone else always do this in hotels?  I don’t know why but I always find myself falling asleep to HGTV in hotel rooms).







top (on sale at Urban Outfitters for under $20!) // jacket (similar) // jeans // sneakers (updated version of mine) // bralette // initial necklace // pendant necklace // earrings // white and gold beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // cross bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings




sweater // skirt (super comfy and under $16 right now!) // over the knee boots (similar) // initial necklace // pendant necklace // earrings // winking eyes cuff bracelet // watch (similar) // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings


     Cammie woke Evan and I up after she finished showering around 9:00 a.m.  We all got ready by 10:00 a.m. then went downstairs to the hotel’s dining area for breakfast where we had the most delicious waffles!  After breakfast we packed the car and went to a nearby dock to take a few photos in front of the water.  The pictures turned out adorable and the water was gorgeous.  Next, we returned to King Street for another round of shopping in which we hit Forever 21, LOFT, Gap, and Banana Republic before returning to the car around 2:00 p.m. and beginning the drive home.  A little while into the drive, around 3:00 p.m., we stopped at Smashburger for a late lunch.  Cammie and I recognized the sign from the road and immediately knew we wanted to eat there because we tried Smashburger after landing in Denver on the way to Frontier Ranch (read my blog post about Frontier Ranch here) and remembered them having the best customizable burgers and absolutely delicious shakes!  After lunch we got back in the car and finished the drive home.





turtleneck // vest (under $35 right now!) // jeans // sneakers (updated version of mine) // sunglasses // earrings // watch (similar) // white and gold beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // cross bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed hearing about our trip!  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @apocketfuloffaith and follow my travel hashtag #farawaywithfaith to see all my future travels in real time.  If you’re interested in reading any of my other travel diaries (Atlantis Bahamas, Universal Studios Orlando, and a couple weeks in Texas to name a few!), check them out here!

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February Playlist 2018

     As you must know by now, playlists are some of my absolute favorite posts to share with y’all.  I think music has this crazy way of connecting people and I love giving y’all the feeling that you know me better.  Over the past month my music taste has been all over the place.  I, along with every teenage girl in America I’m sure, have been obsessed with Drake’s new song “God’s Plan,” specifically the line “I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry.”  After purchasing Khalid’s album American Teen on vinyl, I discovered some of his more overlooked songs, specifically “Hopeless,” and I’ve been listening to that record on repeat.  “By Your Side” by Jonas Blue with RAYE has such a happy beat and I just can’t get enough of it!  It’s rare that I really love a Christian song enough to listen to it on the daily, but Kari Jobe’s revisited version of “Hands to the Heavens” has such a beautiful sound that I listen to it constantly.  Okay, okay, I’ll stop ranting about the songs and let you listen for yourself!  Enjoy!

Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

By Your Side // Hopeless // God’s Plan // Tears // Hands to the Heavens (Revisited) // bad 4 u // Sober // The Breakup // Out of My Head // Show Me // Sleep on the Floor // Alone // If // When I Was Young // Why?

(playlist background via Katy Smail)

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Print Mixing in Layers

     Is it just me or did this winter weather go from zero to one hundred (or should I say one hundred degrees to zero degrees) way too quickly?  I was wearing shorts to lacrosse practice a month ago and now I can hardly walk around the house without a sweatshirt!  In today’s post I’m sharing one of my favorite warm outfits for the winter time, including a couple complimentary prints.  Enjoy!

     This past Christmas I participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange with several other influencers and my Secret Santa, Cayleigh from CNPrepster, was such an amazing gift giver!  One of the gifts she sent me was an adorable plaid blanket scarf with pretty yellow, orange, grey and green hues.  I have been so excited to wear it and thought it would pair nicely with my J.Crew herringbone vest.  With the outerwear bases covered for this potential outfit, I decided to pull from the scarf’s color pallet when composing the remainder of the ensemble.  I chose to wear a yellow sweater from Zara for my top (shoutout to my little sister for letting me borrow this sweater haha) and grey jeans on the bottom.  My favorite TOMS booties shared many colors with the scarf, so I thought it would be fun to bring the color back into the look on bottom by wearing these shoes.  With so much color in the outfit already, I opted for simple white and gold jewelry.












sweater (not currently available in yellow) // vest // blanket scarf // grey jeans // booties // watch (similar) // MantraBand // cross bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.