101 in 1001

     If you aren’t familiar with “101 in 1001,” it’s basically a bucket list of 101 things you want to do within 1001 days from your starting date.  I believe “101 in 1001” was started by Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling, and I love the idea!  I have seen this on a few other blogs that I love (such as Navy Striped Peonies, Yep, It’s Prep, and XOXO Allison Nicole) and thought it looked so fun so I really wanted to do it myself!  It’s so crazy to think that 1001 days from now I will be a freshman in college, I can’t wait to see what happens between now and then.  Once I complete each item, it will be crossed off the list.  I have divided the 101 items into seven categories; academics/school, bucket list items, blog/social media, health/fitness/sports, for others, Christianity, and random.

Starting date: January 26, 2017

Ending date: October 24, 2019

Accomplished: 74/101

Academics/School {12/12}

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  1. Finish Honors Chemistry with a B (or above) average for the year (May 2017; I had a B for first semester and an A for second semester!)
  2. Join my school’s photography club or the yearbook staff (March 2017; yearbook staff)
  3. Survive junior year of high school (June 2018)
  4. Tour a college (August 2017; Southern Methodist University)
  5. Make a score I’m content with on the SAT (December 2017)
  6. Attend prom (April 2018)
  7. Get accepted to a college (October 31, 2018; Baylor University)
  8. Choose a college (October 31, 2018; Baylor University)
  9. Finish high school with all As and Bs for every semester of every year (May 17, 2019)
  10. Graduate from high school (May 24, 2019)
  11. Find a roommate for my freshman year of college (April 13, 2019)
  12. Decorate an adorable dorm room (August 22, 2019)

Bucket List Items {16/21}


  1. Go to Colorado (May/June 2017; Frontier Ranch)
  2. Leave the country again (April 2017; spring break in the Bahamas)
  3. Go snorkeling again (April 2017; in the Bahamas)
  4. Go to a new country
  5. Meet another celebrity (April 2017; Kiiara)
  6. Fly independently (July 2017; to Washington D.C. for WJMC)
  7. Take flight with a friend (March 2017; to Orlando)
  8. Visit a theme park in Florida (March 2017; Universal Orlando)
  9. Attend another music festival (September 2017; Music Midtown 2017)
  10. Hear Flume, ODESZA, Kygo, Marshmello, and/or Jai Wolf play live
  11. Fly over an ocean (April 2017; Greenville, SC to Paradise Island, Bahamas)
  12. Take pictures in front of three or more murals in Austin, Texas
  13. See Taylor Swift in concert for a fourth time (August 2018; Reputation Stadium Tour)
  14. See The Chainsmokers on a headlining tour (April 2017; Memories…Do Not Open Tour)
  15. Own fifteen tee shirts each saying the name of a different destination (city, state, YoungLife camp, or country) I’ve been to (October 2017 but honestly I probably hit this earlier I just never remembered to count)
  16. Ride an amusement park rollercoaster with a friend (March 2017; too many to name in Universal Orlando)
  17. Use a Cupcake ATM
  18. Visit San Francisco, CA
  19. Go to five concerts (The Chainsmokers, Craig Campbell, Judah & the Lion, Taylor Swift, Drew and Ellie Holcomb)
  20. Go to Washington D.C. again (July 2017)
  21. Be in the front row of a concert (April 2017; The Chainsmokers Memories…Do Not Open Tour)

Blog/Social Media {13/15}


  1. Reach 5,000 Instagram followers on @apocketfuloffaith
  2. Publish 100 blog posts (reached on May 9, 2017)
  3. Go a day without social media (July 2018)
  4. Have a non-giveaway Instagram post get 500 likes
  5. Meet a friend made through blogging in person (May 2018; I ran into Olivia of Absolutely Olivia at Carolina Point while I was there for Work Crew Weekend!)
  6. Change the name of my blog (May 2017; A Pocketful of PrepA Pocketful of Faith!)
  7. Guest post on someone else’s blog/Instagram (@oliviasteppyt; June/July 2017)
  8. Have someone guest post on my blog/Instagram (Olivia from @oliviasteppyt took over my Instagram while I was at Frontier Ranch; May/June 2017)
  9. Keep an Instagram theme on @apocketfuloffaith for a month (summer 2017; I used the VSCO filter “C6” and my feed looked pretty cohesive if you ask me!)
  10. Get recognized by a follower in public (July 2017; A girl attending WJMC my week approached me, introduced herself, and told me how much she loved reading my blog!  How sweet is that?)
  11. Become pen pals with a blogging friend (January 2018; I’ve loved writing Cayleigh from CNPrepster!)
  12. FaceTime a friend made through blogging (September 2017; I helped Cayleigh from CNPrepster with her blog menus over FaceTime!)
  13. Collaborate with ten different bloggers after this begins (read the posts hereherehereherehere, herehere, and here)
  14. Hold another giveaway (May 2017)
  15. Get another one of my photos reposted by a large company (May 2017; Jadelynn Brooke)

Health/Fitness/Sports {5/11}

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  1. Make the varsity lacrosse team (January 2017)
  2. Earn a plaque award for varsity lacrosse (May 2019)
  3. Run another 5k (April 2017 and April 2018; YoungLife Color Run 5k)
  4. Go a week without eating any fried food
  5. Go on a hike (June 2017; Mount Princeton while at Frontier Ranch)
  6. Eat vegan for a day
  7. Try Soul Cycle
  8. Get my splits again
  9. Go to sleep at 10:30 p.m. or earlier every night for a week straight
  10. Run a mile every day for a week
  11. Run in a color run (April 2017; YoungLife Color Run 5k)

For Others {9/14}

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  1. Pay for the coffee of the person behind me in line at Starbucks
  2. Buy a friend a gift for no reason other than that it reminded me of them (June 2018)
  3. Leave a 100% tip (May 2018)
  4. Donate my hair
  5. Give flowers to a friend (July 2018)
  6. Buy a meal for a homeless person on the street (June 2019)
  7. Take a picture for random strangers struggling to take a group selfie while traveling (April 2017)
  8. Give a friend a Giving Key
  9. Go on a mission trip
  10. Go to one of my friend’s sports events (games, tournaments, meets, etc.) (February 2017)
  11. Volunteer for an extended period of time (May 2017; Work Crew Weekend at Carolina Point as a server and May 2018; Work Crew Weekend at Carolina Point working kids club)
  12. Take my sister out and treat her to some ice cream (February 2018)
  13. Buy my parents Christmas gifts that I’m proud of with my own money
  14. Take someone’s or prom pictures (April 2017)

Christianity {7/9}

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  1. Complete confirmation in my Episcopal church (October 22, 2017)
  2. Finish reading The Bible, cover to cover (New Testament done!)
  3. Go to a weeklong YoungLife summer camp with my area (May/June 2017; Frontier Ranch)
  4. Become a WyldLife or YoungLife leader (August 2017; I’m a WyldLife leader!)
  5. Lead a cabin of middle school girls at WyldLife camp (February 2018; I had a blast leading the sweetest cabin of eighth grade girls!)
  6. Successfully give up Chick-Fil-A for Lent
  7. Successfully give up chocolate for Lent again (I did it in 2016, let’s see if I can manage to do it again!) (March-April 2017)
  8. Share my testimony publicly (October 2018; YoungLife County Banquet)
  9. Be a part of YoungLife Work Crew for a summer session (June-July 2018; Saranac Village and July 2019; Lake Champion)

Random {12/19}

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  1. Try sushi
  2. Get out of town with a YoungLife leader (aside from YoungLife camp) (May 2018; I went to a concert a couple towns over with my leader Townsend!)
  3. Go horseback riding (May 2017; I loved riding Shadow at Frontier Ranch!)
  4. Splurge on a Polaroid camera and/or record player (April 2018)
  5. Try butterbeer in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (March 2017)
  6. Make a “1 Second a Day for a Year” video
  7. Buy myself a birthday present (June 2017; I bought myself a belated birthday gift with my 50% off birthday discount at Kendra Scott!)
  8. Get a job I enjoy (April 2017; I take/edit pictures for a local shoe boutique’s website and Instagram and work on the floor!)
  9. Actually use my desk instead of my bed for doing homework (August-September 2017, let’s see how long I can keep it up!)
  10. Go to Oklahoma with my grandmother to trace her (which are also my) family roots
  11. Learn how to fill in my eyebrows (and do it successfully a few times?)
  12. Host a brunch
  13. Watch every episode of The Office (October 2017; I cried at the end.  10/10 would recommend watching the whole series it’s the best.)
  14. Get a professional blow out for my hair (January 2018)
  15. Go a week without wearing any makeup
  16. Get a J.Crew pajama set
  17. Get a car (March 2017)
  18. Start driving on my own (August 2017)
  19. Buy the unicorn plush toy from the carnival scene in Despicable Me (March 2017)

Wish me luck…

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