Texas Travel Diary 2015

     Friday afternoon I got off a plane and drove home from my seven-day trip to Texas.  I had a fabulous time and I’ve been super excited to share my adventures with you all!  In case you were wondering, “Why Texas, of all places?” – I travel back to Texas yearly because my family moved from Texas when I was four and all of my extended family still lives there.  I always have a great time while in Texas, and this time was no exception!  I got to go to quite a few landmarks in San Antonio and drive down to the coast for a few days with my family.


     Saturday morning I got on a plane and flew to the San Antonio International Airport.  Then, my family got a rental car and drove to my grandmother’s house to get ready for my uncle’s wedding.  My uncle’s wedding was a ton of fun!  It had a classic Texas theme and the service was adorable.  The reception was outside with live music, tons of dancing, incredible food, and a lot of visiting with people we hadn’t seen in a while.  After the reception, I went to my cousins’ house to spend the night and help them pack for our trip to the coast.


     Sunday morning I had breakfast at my cousins’ house, then drove over to my grandmother’s house to get ready for our two-and-a-half hour drive to Rockport.  After completing all of our packing, we got in the car and drove down to the coast.  Once we got the keys to the beach house we rented, we settled in and explored the house.  We went swimming in the house’s pool that overlooked the canal for a few hours before getting ready for dinner.  We went to eat our traditional dinner at this great seafood restaurant that overlooks the ocean called Charlotte Plummer’s.  My mom’s side of the family has been traveling to Rockport since she was little and they’ve always eaten at this restaurant.  Some of the waitresses even remember my grandmother’s name!  After we finished eating, my cousins and I went down to the shrimp boats next to the restaurant to take some pictures.


     The next morning my cousins, sister, and I got up early and swam in the pool until our parents were ready to go to the beach.  While at the beach, we swam, tanned, and purchased snow cones from a cute little truck parked in the beach’s parking lot.  After a couple of hours, we drove back home for lunch and swam some more in the house’s pool.  That afternoon, I took some pictures on the dock with my cousin and then we had a great dinner that my aunt prepared for us.



     We spent most of Tuesday stunting in the beach house’s pool and fishing in the canal (fun fact about me – I’m absolutely awful at fishing and the fish took more of my bait than I got of them.)  That afternoon we went shopping at this adorable boutique called The Bay Window.  While there, I purchased an adorable and really unique necklace along with my first Southern Tide tee-shirt.  Then, since we don’t have one where I currently live and my little sister didn’t even remember what it was, we stopped by Whataburger for dinner.  After dinner, my cousins, sister, and I watched the newest Pretty Little Liars episode and swam a little more before packing our things to prepare for the drive back to San Antonio the next day.


     We woke up bright and early Wednesday morning to finish packing, return the keys to the rental house, and do a little extra shopping before we drove back to San Antonio.  We took a few pictures by the marina, went to a lot of little shell shops, and made a return trip to the Bay Window where I couldn’t resist buying a gold pearl ring.  Once we got back to San Antonio, we ate at the Alamo Café, aka one of my favorite restaurants ever.


     On our last full day in Texas, my grandmother took my youngest cousin, little sister, and I to tour the Alamo, eat at the Rainforest Café, and walk along the Riverwalk.  Once we were all too hot to function any longer, we went home and showered before meeting one of my mom’s high school friends for dinner at an authentic Mexican restaurant called Mi Tierra.  After dinner, we walked through El Marcado (the Mexican Markets) and took a few pictures with all of the festive Mexican decorations before heading back to my grandmother’s house.


     Friday morning we woke up early and ate bagels as a family before my mom, stepfather, sister, and I turned in our rental car and drove to the airport.  The flight was great and the plane had outlets and touchscreen TVs with free shows on the back of each seat (I know it might be strange that I got that excited about that, but I thought it was pretty great)!

That’s it!  I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels!  You can see all the pictures I’ve posted on Instagram while traveling under the hashtag #farawaywithfaith on Instagram!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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