Fall Lookbook 2015

     To say that I’m excited about fall is an understatement.  I’ve been waiting all year to start layering my clothes, drinking hot chocolate, wearing my bean boots, and buying fall candles (come on, who doesn’t love a good cinnamon scented candle?).  Given my thrill at the start of the cooler weather, this blog post has been one of my absolute favorites to write and take pictures for.  It was so fun to put together a few of the fall outfits I’ve been so excited to share with you all!  I did my best to link similar pieces to the ones shown below, given that a lot of them are from local boutiques and places like Marshalls.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it and you get some fall outfit inspiration!

A Blanket Scarf and Bean Boots

     This outfit will probably be on repeat throughout the season, I just think it’s so perfect for fall!  The colors in the scarf are so festive and this shirt is super soft.

top // scarf (similar) // leggings // bean boots // pearl bangle // crystal bangle // earrings // watch (similar)

A Simple Tunic

     I’ll be honest, when I first saw this top in Marshalls, I made fun of it.  On the hanger, it looked more like a towel than a tunic.  After taking another look at it, I decided to try it on and I fell in love with it.  It’s honestly one of the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn and I think it looks adorable with some leggings, bean boots, and simple jewelry.

tunic (similar color oversized sweater) // earrings (similar) // monogram necklace // leggings // bean boots // watch (similar)

Gingham and A Vest

     This outfit pretty much follows the lines of the basic preppy fall outfit, but I still think it’s just so perfect to throw on for school, a football game, or anything else.  It’s so versatile, you could create a totally different look by changing the flannel, vest, or shoes!

gingham button down // leggings // vest (similar)// bean boots // watch (similar)

Army Tones

     I have to say, this is my favorite outfit in this post.  Recently I’ve found myself absolutely loving the darker, fall-ish tones like army green, light brown, and maroon.  I know I’ve said this in just about every outfit description, but yet again, this shirt is so soft!  And can we just take a minute to talk about this jacket?  It goes with everything, and the best part?  It’s not the J.Crew one, I found it at a boutique with my mom for just $36 (I linked the boutique so you can check it out, they have a lot of other really cute pieces).

top // utility jacket (similar) // jeans // converse // monogram necklace // watch (similar) // light pink crystal bangle // pearl bangle

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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