1989 World Tour

     As you probably already know if you follow me on Instagram, a few weeks ago I got the chance to go see one of my favorite people, Taylor Swift, live in Atlanta.  I’ve been listening to Taylor since I was around five years old and she has gotten me through more than anyone would ever understand.  1989 is by far my favorite album she has ever released, and when my mom told me she bought tickets to the concert back in November of last year, I was ecstatic.  After the long wait, 1989 was everything I had hoped for and more, and I’m so excited that I finally have the time to tell you all about it today!

11:00ish – My family doesn’t live in Atlanta, so we made the drive down that morning.  Needless to say, the ride there was one long jam session with my mom and little sister.

2:00 – We finally arrived in Atlanta then got settled into our hotel room and got dressed for the concert.  Weeks ahead of time, we purchased some plain white tee shirts that I then painted with lyrics from Taylor’s song, “Style.”  I wore my tee with a cobalt paper bag skirt from J.Crew and white converse, my little sister picked out a pair of white polka-dotted black pixie jeans and some metallic flats, and my mom paired hers with red jeans and brown flats.  Once we had our outfits assembled, we accessorized with some of our favorite Bourbon and Boweties bangles and I wrote Taylor Swift lyrics down each of our arms in Sharpie.  We then packed our purses and checked the light on our signs.  Finally, after almost a full year of anticipation, we were about to see Taylor Swift for the third time.

5:00 – We got to the show a couple hours early so we would have time to get in, go to the different booths around the arena, go to the bathroom, buy tee shirts, and find our seats without worrying about time before the show began.  When we got to our seats, we found little plastic and rubber bracelets taped to our seats.  Later in the night, directions on how to use the bracelets flashed onto the jumbotrons; we had to pull out a small slip of plastic to activate them, then they flashed in different colors throughout the show to the beat of the songs.  Our seats were a couple rows above the floor, and we had a great view!

7:00 – Shawn Mendes walked onstage as the first opening act.  He sang all of our favorites like “Stitches,” “Life Of The Party,” and “Something Big,” as well as a few covers (including “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s, the main reason I almost lost my voice before Taylor even came out.)  After Shawn finished, Vance Joy came out.  He sang “Riptide,” “Mess Is Mine,” and many more that the whole stadium knew by heart.  When Vance walked off, there was an intermission before Taylor came on that lasted about twenty minutes.  I inserted some clips below, and I’m apologizing ahead of time for my voice and the camera quality.  The jumbotrons played through some Taylor trivia and behind the scenes clips from her music videos as the crowd of over 50,000 waited the final minutes of our eleven month wait.

9:00 – Finally, the lights grew dark again, the crowd’s bracelets began to glow, and the loud, techno beats of “Welcome To New York” began to play.  When I saw Taylor walk on the stage, I almost started crying.  This was my family’s third time seeing Taylor in concert, and the feeling of excitement that takes place throughout the concert never goes away.  I’ve never screamed so loudly or danced so freely in front of strangers.  Once again, I inserted clips below, but be warned, my singing/screaming is really loud and it’s not the prettiest sound.  So feel free to say “ew, I can’t stand the sound of Faith’s cracking voice another second,” or look past my voice and listen to Taylor, or do what my friends did and watch them repetitively and make fun of my voice, whatever works for you.

(this one was my personal favorite out of the whole concert)


Taylor closed with “Shake It Off,” and after the show my family went back to our hotel.  It was without a doubt one of the best nights of my life.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about my time with Taylor!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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