Delirium World Tour

     If you know me personally (or have just been reading my posts for a while) you know that I have a love for music, so attending concerts is one of my favorite things to do.  A couple nights ago, June 9th, I went to see Ellie Goulding in Charlotte with my stepmother and Mattie, one of my close Ellie Goulding-loving friends, as a birthday party/gift from my parents (my actual birthday is June 12th.)  I had an incredible time, so today I’m sharing the experience with you through pictures, stories, and videos of Ellie’s performance (featuring my screaming.)  Enjoy!

Here are the links for my outfit:

dress // necklace // bracelets (here, here, and here) // cross body (no longer available in the color shown)

4:30 – We arrived in Charlotte, with half an hour to kill before The Melting Pot opened for dinner.  We ventured into a consignment store nearby that had some really cute pieces and incredible deals – I found a large brown leather Tory Burch bag for just $90!  At 5:00 we left the consignment store and went into The Melting Pot, my absolute favorite restaurant,  for dinner.  We had a cheese course with mozzarella, pizza sauce, basil, and garlic that was a special and the Flaming Turtle chocolate course, which had dark chocolate, candied pecans, and caramel.

6:45ish – We arrived at the Charlotte Metro Credit Union Amphitheater.  After parking and going through security, we went to the lawn and found a spot with a good view to spread our blankets and hang out before the concert began.  Once we were settled, Mattie and I found the bathrooms and bought a concert tee and some water.  We explored the amphitheater a bit and found that we could stand by the gate to the concession area to get a better view without getting in trouble.  We stayed in that spot until the end of the opening act.  Matt and Kim opened for Ellie and they were awesome!  I have to admit, I only know a few of their songs, but they were hilarious and they put on a great show.

8:15 – Matt and Kim left the show and the intermission before Ellie’s performance began.  At this time, a few drunk ladies got in front of us by the gate.  It was then that Mattie and I realized that we’d rather be a little further from the stage than experience the concert with a stranger’s hair in our faces.  We walked along the lawn searching for a nice place to view the stage, and low and behold, there was just enough room for two people to stand at the almost exact center of the very front of the lawn.  We quickly took this spot and I am so glad we took that chance leaving the gate!  The sun was setting, the weather was perfect, and our view was great (see below, no zoom)!

8:52 – Ellie Goulding rose to the stage, the crowd went wild.  Ellie is even better live than she is on record.  This concert was absolutely phenomenal, I had the best time.  My favorite moment was when she sang “Lost and Found” (one of her more underrated songs from the Delirium album) acoustically.  Towards the end, Ellie left the stage, and the whole crowd was screaming for an encore.  Ellie returned with a colorful, sparkly jacket and sang “Anything Could Happen” and “Love Me Like You Do.”  I’ve inserted quite a few videos below (I filmed them on Snapchat, so they’re short and grainy), please excuse our screaming/screeching and try to enjoy Ellie as much as I did!

10:36 – After the encore, the concert ended with gold confetti and bright green spotlights.  Mattie and I salvaged some confetti to take home and took one last picture before leaving the amphitheater.

The concert was such a great experience, if Ellie is coming to a city near you, you should go!  It’s worth every penny and going with a friend is an absolute blast.  Also, if you haven’t listened to the Delirium album yet, you should definitely give it a listen!  Delirium is one of my favorite albums ever and hearing it live just makes me love it that much more.

Thanks for reading!

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