10 Fall Fashion Essentials

     It finally feels like fall!  I must admit, as much as I love summer, fall is definitely my favorite season.  Aside from colorful leaves, warm scented candles, Thanksgiving, and hot chocolate, the biggest reason for my adoration of autumn is fall fashion.  Today I’m sharing some of my must have items for this season!  All the items you see will be linked in the image, so just click on it to shop!

1. Vests

     The most fashionable and versatile outerwear?  Vests.  There are so many types of vests and they look so cute over nice tops (like Lilly Pulitzer Elsas,) oxfords, flannels, or even tee shirts!  Some of my favorites are from J.Crew, PatagoniaJ.Crew Factory, and online boutiques like The Loft.

92465_bl8133  3719442_fpx-tif     25216_elkh

2. Rain/Snow Boots

     Even if you don’t live in place where you get enough rain or snow to really need a pair, you should consider investing in a nice pair of rain and/or snow boots.  My personal favorites are bean boots from L.L. Bean; they make a perfect comfy go to outfit with leggings and a sweater even when there’s no precipitation.  I also really like the glossy Hunter rain boots, although I don’t personally have a pair.

175064_0_45   20150130141112ORG_GRA_AW14_WFT1000RGL_product.png

3. Statement Necklaces

     If you’re like me and wear a ton of button down shirts (like oxfords or flannels) or solid colored pieces (like swing dresses, piko tops, or sweaters,) then you should look into purchasing some statement necklaces.  Statement necklaces are the perfect way to spruce up any plain outfit.  My favorite places to buy statement necklaces are J.Crew, Francesca’s, and J.Crew Factory.

n4212-x-bl_navy-cl    f3152_br6803    f6487_ec8333

4. Sweaters

     There’s nothing quite as good on a cold fall morning as putting on a warm, soft sweater.  Sweaters make an easy outfit with jeans or leggings and boots, booties or flats.  Plus, you can always layer sweaters over flannels or oxfords for a more put together looking and warm outfit.  I personally love the sweaters from Gap, Ralph Lauren, and Forever 21.

cn11773817.png s7-1226520_lifestyle.png  00221923-03.png

5. Booties

     Booties have been trending over the past couple years and I have definitely jumped on that bandwagon.  I have a pair of taupe colored wedged booties from TOMS (shown below on the left) and I love them!  They look adorable with rolled up jeans, a flowy top, and a scarf.  I also love the Bailee Suede Booties from Jack Rogers.

10006257-FH15-TAUPE-SUEDE-WM-DSWDG-BOOT-DESERT-WEDGE-WN-S-1450x1015-COLOR.png   3237217-p-multiview

6. Flannels

     This one’s pretty obvious, fall fashion without flannels is like the fall season without colorful leaves!  Flannels can be styled in endless ways; buttoned up with jeans and booties, unbuttoned over a plain tee with jeans and converses, tied around your waist over a tee with some leggings and bean boots, and that’s just a start!  My favorite places to buy flannels are J.Crew Factory and American Eagle.

03411_WO7290.png  1354_7201_200_f.png

7. Scarves

     While blanket scarves have gotten pretty big over the past couple years, there are plenty of other fashionable (and warm!) scarves out there.  A few of my favorite scarves are from Vera BradleyG.H. Bass & Co., and Target.

14640344.png   0590-8701_05908701c07h.png    51108292-2

8. Flats

     Flats are the perfect shoe for when it’s too warm to wear boots but too cold to wear sandals (or it’s just too late in the year to wear sandals.)  I love the chic and professional vibe they add to a simple top with some jeans!  I usually buy my flats from Steve Madden, but I’ve had my eyes on these Tory Burch flats for years.


9. Long Sleeve Tees

     To go with those bean boots and Patagonia vests previously mentioned, you need some long sleeve tees for the perfect cozy go-to outfit.  My absolute favorite tees come from Jadelynn Brooke.  Their tees are crazy soft and come in the cutest designs and colors!  Plus, you can get 15% off your entire purchase at Jadelynn Brooke using my code “FLHS” (in all caps!)  A couple of my favorite Jadelynn Brooke tees are shown below.

life_is_darling_large  rufflelogoback2_large.png

10. Riding Boots

     Riding boots have been a fall must have for as long as I can remember.  They go with jeans and a nice top, leggings and a tee, dresses, and so much more.  I have always personally preferred brown riding boots, but black is another great option!  Steve Madden has a great selection of riding style boots, but I also adore the riding boots from Tory Burch and Frye Company.

stevemadden-boots_spinney_black-leather   Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 9.34.12 AM.png  7716701_cognac_extended_f.png

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

5 thoughts on “10 Fall Fashion Essentials

  1. I love all your essentials! Those flats are all sooo cute! My favorite essential has got to be sweaters, I live in them in the colder months!
    xoxo, Addie


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