Holiday Gift Guide 2016

     I’m so excited that it’s finally December!  Today’s post is the first in my Christmas blog post series this year; a gift guide I have created to help you shop for your family and/or girl squad (I feel super lame for calling a friend group that but oh well).  I have separated the gifts into six categories that I definitely see among my friends; the girl on the go, the homebody, the athlete, the makeup guru, the outdoorsy friend, and the fashionista.  The four gift ideas pictured below each “friend type” are ordered from least expensive on the left (or top if you’re reading on a phone) to most expensive on the right (bottom on a phone) to help you shop.  There’s a range in prices since everyone reading this probably has a different spending amount in mind and this helps me cover them all!  Each item is linked directly in the image and in the paragraph description, so you can shop by clicking on the image of the item or by clicking on its name in the paragraph.  Now that I’ve explained the setup, let’s get into it!

For the Girl On the Go

i-rgb-website-productshot-thegetawaypassportholder-imouttahere-1.png pwru5379_974 15460669  large_1-taylor_rose_white_white_smooth_gunmetal_C_M_P1.png

     For that friend of yours that seems to be taking off to a new destination all the time, pick something cute she can use while traveling so she’ll think of you when she pulls out this adorable “I’m outta here” passport holder or packs her Kate Spade cosmetics case.  A Vera Bradley duffle bag (shown in the print “Lilac Tapestry”) is another great idea because it makes the perfect carry on (it fits blankets, books, laptops, and more) plus it also works as an overnight bag or an easy bag for a weekend trip.  Lastly, these pretty FRENDS headphones have become super popular over the past couple years and I think they’d make a great gift for a chic traveler who has probably lost their fair share of Apple earbuds.

For the Homebody

17364530.png Volcano Candle.png  7924125_FMD5.jpg  oyster-grey_1_820x.png

     For that friend of yours that spends most of her time in her bed watching One Tree Hill, pick something she’ll use all the time like this Volcano Candlefuzzy socks (isn’t this set with a dog pair just precious?), or a super soft blanket (this one from Vera Bradley is not only incredibly soft but also adorably printed.  Shown and linked in the print “Art Poppies.”)  Another adorable and super comfortable option is this sherpa pullover (shown above and linked in the color “Oyster Gray”), I received one for Christmas last year and it’s still super soft after several washes and I wear it all the time.

For the Athlete

img-thing.png   NS4321-0085-010LI_2.png   nike-dry_modern_tempo_shorts_-_dame-purple_shade-1482934-v1-460056 wl574aea_nb_14_i.png

     For your friend that actually enjoys running and is a total “beast” at her sport, pick something she can wear or use at practice.  This Lululemon headband will keep her hair out of her face as she sprints down the field, this Nathan water bottle (shown and linked in the color “Berry” but there are endless other color options!) will keep lots of water waiting for her during practice and games, these Nike short are perfect for just about any physical activity (plus you can never have enough Nike shorts, right?  The pair shown above and linked is in the color “Purple Shade”), and these New Balance 574s (shown in the color combination “Silver Mink with Steel”) are super comfy and the rose gold detailing adds a feminine touch to an athletic shoe.

For the Makeup Guru

2286790.png   Benefit-Cosmetics-re-Real-Lengthening-Volumizing-Mascara.png    Maliboo_LipKit.png _11023605.jpg

     For that friend you swear will be a makeup artist one day and is always practicing her contouring skills on you, pick a product you know they haven’t tried or one that they will need a refill on.  A few high end products I’ve heard great things about include this Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, this lengthening mascara from Benefit, the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits (shown above and linked in the color “Maliboo”), and the Lancôme Auda[CITY] in Paris eyeshadow palette.

For the Outdoorsy Type

AdventureAwaits_BerryBack_ComfortColorsLongSleeve_grande.png    04444817_zi_brick  25442_PYVX.png  175064_0_45.png

     For that friend that hikes every weekend or goes on camping trips with her family, pick something both cute and practical for the outdoors, like this United brand long sleeve tee (shown above and linked in the color “Berry.”  Also, you can receive 15% off on this tee or any other United purchase using my code “apocketfullofprep_15”!), a Kavu bag (shown above and linked in the color “Brick”), Patagonia fleece pullover (shown above and linked in the color “Ploy Purple – Violet Blue X-Dye”) or some L.L. Bean boots.

For the Fashionista

cn12154994.png  il_fullxfull.1071698462_apfr.png   kendra-scott-ellie-earring-rose-gold-rose-gold-drusy-a-01-1.pngG0238_WQ0158.png

     For that friend you always go to when you don’t know what to wear and always has the cutest outfits, pick a piece she can add to her adorable wardrobe or jewelry collection.  A few options include this super on trend corduroy mini skirt (shown above and linked in the color “Wild Raisin”), this gorgeous and festive tassel necklace (shown above and linked in the tassel color “Confetti.”  Get 15% off of this necklace or any other products from The Tiny Tassel with my code “prep15”),  drusy rose gold stud earrings, and this plaid wool scarf complete with tassels on the ends (swoon!  Shown above and linked in the color “Navy Multi”).

Thanks for reading!  I hope this has helped you shop for your friends and family!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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