My Christmas Wishlist 2016 Collab

     I’m so happy to be sharing a super requested holiday post today!  Here you’ll find a list of items that I’ve been eyeing recently, AKA my wishlist.  This post is a collaboration with my new friend, Addie from, so be sure to check out her post here to see what’s on her wishlist as well!  This is also the second post of this year’s Christmas blog post series, so be sure to check out my last Christmas post (a holiday gift guide) and be on the lookout for more in the upcoming weeks!  Each item is linked in the picture and name, so just click on the product to shop!  I also just want to clarify that this is simply a list of items that I want, not that I expect to receive for Christmas or any other time.  I hope this wishlist will assist you in picking out some Christmas wishlist items for yourself!

  1. Kendra Scott Danielle Gold Drop Earrings in the color “White Pearl” – I’ve had my eyes on these earrings for years but have just never gotten around to purchasing a pair!  I would love them in any color but I especially love the white pearl because they would go with everything, plus pearl is just classic and won’t go out of style anytime soon.
  2. kendra-scott-danielle-earring-gold-white-mop-a-01.pngTory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flats in the color “Light Oak” – Tory Burch flats have always been something I have wanted, but I just haven’t been able to bring myself to pay the price (even though I’ve heard they’re amazing quality!)  I really liked the Revas but it appears Tory has replaced them with the Minnie Travel Ballet Flats.  I personally like the “light oak” colored pair because it’s the closest to brown (you’ll notice in other shoes on this list I prefer brown over black or navy because brown will match both!)  These flats have great reviews and are apparently super comfortable so I’d love to receive a pair.l_141445.png
  3. J.Crew Plush Fleece Excursion Vest in the color “Golden Hickory” – I have to admit I’m absolutely loving the fluffy jacket trend.  Maybe you haven’t seen it yet, but fuzzy coats are so in this season.  This vest looks so warm and I think it would be adorable over flannels and sweaters!  J.Crew vests are made to last, so I could wear this vest for years to come.
  4. E1535_BR6203.pngHunter Original Tall Gloss Rain Boots in the color “Swamp Green” – Hunter rain boots are another item that have been on my list for a while.  I’ve debated on the color for years; pink, then black, then grey, then navy.  I’m currently set on a brown pair, or as Hunter calls it, “swamp green.”  I like this color because brown really goes with just about everything.3254242-p-MULTIVIEW.png
  5. Barbour Beadnell Polarquilt Jacket in “Navy/Navy” – While pricy, this jacket is a classic piece that has the potential to last a lifetime.  I love the quilting and the tartan plaid lining that becomes visible when you roll up the sleeves (because I’m personally a jean cuffing, sleeve rolling person.)  I certainly don’t expect to receive this jacket, especially anytime soon, but it’s a nice wish.  I hope to own a Barbour jacket before I get out of college because I really think it’s a piece I could wear all throughout adulthood.14JH5Wnvy.png
  6. Jack Rogers Hamptons Sandals in the color “Gold” – You might be thinking “Faith, don’t you have a pair of these already?”  The answer is yes, but sadly the toe strap in my right sandal ripped over Labor Day weekend.  I am hoping to receive a new pair for Christmas, in gold of course, to replace mine before spring!  These sandals are some of the best quality shoes I have ever owned; I had mine for three years and I wore them out before they finally ripped due to my clumsiness in tripping over the beginning of a concrete floor.  These sandals are a preppy classic and are super versatile.  If you don’t already have a pair you need them!9cf7110ef374a44f3c548f8bf3fd8f64.png
  7. Kate Spade Cameron Street Lacey Wallet in the color “Pink Bonnet” – I recently got an iPhone 7 as a late birthday present/phone upgrade (I had the iPhone 5s until October) and I love it!  The only problem is that it barely fits in my current wallet and on top of that my current wallet is about three years old and super worn out.  I think the dimensions of this wallet exceed those of my new iPhone and it seems to be great quality, plus this light pink color is adorable!PWRU5073_964.png
  8. J.Crew Factory Quilted Puffer Vest in the color “Bleached Sand” – Yes, another vest.  I love a good vest to layer with in the fall and winter, yet I’ve never owned one of the actual J.Crew quilted vests.  I’ve owned a couple knock-offs from Old Navy and online boutiques but I’ve heard the quality of the J.Crew vests is so much better.   I love this pretty off white for the winter time and it would look super cute over a flannel!92465_NA5389.png
  9. Birkenstock Mayari Sandals in the color “Mocha” – No, I still haven’t hopped on the Birkenstock bandwagon.  Since I see the oh so popular Arizona sandals all the time at school and all over social media, I’ve decided to get the Mayari sandals sandals simply because the Arizona sandals seem so basic.  I like the slightly more feminine style and the mocha color would match anything!71063_sole.png
  10. Patagonia Re-Tool Snap-T Fleece Pullover in the color “Violet Red – Violet Red” – Patagonia pullovers are perfect to keep you warm during the colder winter months.  I had one a couple years ago, but sadly I grew out of it.  I love this deep magenta color and think it would carry into cooler spring days.25442_VIVX.png
  11. Ray-Ban Gold Aviator Flash Lenses in the lens color “Cyclamen Flash” – I don’t really own a nice pair of sunglasses and I think the bright pink/orange flash lenses in this pair of aviators are so fun!  I think the pink and orange really scream summer and would look super cool in pictures.8053672339000_shad_qt.png
  12. FRENDS “Taylor” Gold and White Leather Headphones – You can probably tell from the home page of my blog that my favorite colors are gold, white, and pink.  I have to admit that these white and gold headphones are the prettiest headphones I’ve ever seen.  I think these would be perfect for travel; they look super chic, are collapsible so they fit in a small bag, and have memory foam ear cushions (that are designed to be comfortably worn with earrings!).large_WhiteGold2.png
  13. J.Crew Chateau Parka in the color “Electric Red” – I’ll admit, I first saw this coat on @belleoftheball45’s Instagram, but I’m obsessed.  This coat is perfect for winter, especially during the holiday season!  The bright red would add a fun pop of color to any dark holiday dress and I think the faux fur trim is such a nice detail.  It has four pockets (perfect for sneaking candy canes) and looks super warm.B3901_RD6483.png
  14. Apple MacBook in the color “Gold” – Just to be clear, this is a gift I have absolutely no expectations of receiving, but it would be so nice to have my own MacBook!  My school issues MacBook Airs every year, so I am very familiar with the mechanics of using a MacBook.  Why do I have the desire to own a MacBook if I already have one for school?  My school collects the MacBooks every summer, so I don’t have access to a personal laptop during the summer.  Another reason is that tons of sites are blocked, since they are for school, after all.  I have been invited to attend a journalism conference in D.C. next summer in which we’re supposed to bring a computer to blog about our experience, so this would be a great time to receive one.  If I got a MacBook now, it would definitely last me through the rest of high school and I could take it to college too!  I also have to admit, the gold MacBook is so pretty.macbook-2016-gallery6_GEO_US.png
  15. Vera Bradley Throw Blanket in the print “Lilac Tapestry” – It’s no secret that Vera Bradley has bright, beautiful patterns, but did you know they make blankets?  I felt one of the blankets in store over the summer and they are so soft.  I would love to have this pretty plush blanket in my room but I think it would also be great for travel.throw_12408_669__34574.1467487095.1280.1280.png

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to check out my other Christmas posts here.

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One thought on “My Christmas Wishlist 2016 Collab

  1. I love all your picks from your list Faith! This was such a fun collaboration and I’m glad we were able to do such a fun post together!
    xoxo, Addie


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