My 16 Favorite Blogs of 2016

     If you follow multiple blogs, you’ve probably seen a number of “Links I Love” posts or something of the sort where bloggers share their favorite blogs with their readers.  I’ve always thought about it, but have never gotten around to writing a post like that.  Today, in honor of approaching the end of the year, I thought I would share sixteen of my favorite blogs of 2016.  These blogs are run by young women in whom I see class, kindness, ambition, and style in and I am so happy to share the works of these lovely ladies with you all.  It is my pleasure to have acquaintances with a few of these girls and I have truly loved getting to know them through collaborations, giveaways, and snail mail throughout 2016.  Without further adieu, here are my sixteen favorite blogs of 2016!

  1. A Sunny State of Mind – Meg is a high school blogger I’ve read from and collaborated with and I have to say I just can’t get enough.  She’s so sweet and all of her posts on her blog and Instagram are just plain adorable.  Her style started as “preppy” but has definitely evolved and I love it.
  2. The Road Les Traveled – If you’re looking for a blogger that will give you a serious case of wanderlust, Lesley Murphy will fulfill your need.  Not only does she get to travel 24/7, have the cutest closet, and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous, she was also on season 17 of The Bachelor.  Cool, huh?
  3. Belleoftheball45 – Abigail is one of the bloggers that made me want to start my own blog.  Her style is pretty well described as “classic New England prep” and her blog is so well done!  She’s worked with a ton of companies including Vineyard Vines, KJP, and Jadelynn Brooke.
  4. Lonestar Southern – Kate is a fashion blogger from Texas and her style is seriously my favorite.  She follows trends but always stays modest and classy which I love!  I also follow her on Snapchat and her Southern accent is the cutest.
  5. Classy Girls Wear Pearls – Sarah Vickers, better known as the wife of KJP, has one of the oldest “preppy” blogs and has been an inspiration to each of the newer preppy bloggers in some shape or form.  She’s such a classy woman and her relationship with Kiel is actual goals.
  6. Navy Striped Peonies – Paulina is a high school senior from New England.  Her style is also best described as classic New England prep, much like that of Abigail and Sarah Vickers who are mentioned above.  Paulina began her blog just a few months before I started mine and I’ve always loved reading her posts.  She’s made stickers and sent them out to readers and I was so happy to receive one (little fangirl moment haha)!
  7. The College Prepster – Carly Heitlinger is one of the first bloggers I ever followed and I have loved every post she’s written from the start.  Her super chic, classy Kate Spade-esque style and constant travels into New York City never fails to draw me in.  I also love watching Carly’s vlogs, she has the cutest dogs named Theodore and Hamilton (are those not the cutest dog names you’ve ever heard?).
  8. I Believe in Pink –  Amy is a senior in college at the University of Richmond as well as a life, style, and travel blogger.  Her style is similar to Kate (from Lonestar Southern, mentioned above) in its class and simultaneous trendiness.  Her bright smile and fun style radiates in my Instagram feed and her blog posts are some of my favorites!
  9. Lucky Day – Shelby Revis is a Lilly lover and Disney parks pass holder located in Celebration, Florida.  Her blog posts are typically fashion or Disney related, which are two things I adore!  Her younger sister, Bailey, has an Etsy shop called SailBows (I’m pretty sure Shelby co-owns it) in which she sells “preppy park ears” (the original Lilly Pulitzer mouse ears), which honestly totally describe them both.
  10. Kelly in the City – Kelly Larkin is a preppy Chicago blogger who is often seen in a Lilly Pulitzer shift or a Barbour jacket.  She’s married and this year she had the most beautiful baby girl named Emma!  Emma has already made appearances on her mother’s blog and adds to the love I already had for Kelly’s blog posts.
  11. Preppy NYC – You might recognize this name from a couple collaborative posts I’ve done this year (here and here).  Fiona is a super sweet friend that I’ve made through blogging who lives in New York and travels yearly to Nantucket (I’m so jealous).  She, like a few other bloggers I’ve mentioned, has a classic New England style and I love it!
  12. Live the Prep Life – Brooke is another friend I’ve made through blogging who is located in Texas.  She’s so sweet and her style is what I would describe as Southern prep, consisting of Lilly shorts, Lauren James dresses, and things of that sort.  Her blog reminds me of mine when I first started in summer of 2015 and I love reading her posts!
  13. Daily Dose of Prep – Lucy, who goes to James Madison University in Virginia, is preppy life and style blogger from Richmond, VA.  I love her sense of style and when she is home from college she works at the Lilly store in her local mall (job goals!).  She is also a rep for KJP (the brand owned by Sarah Vickers, listed above, and her husband Kiel), which I think is super cool.
  14. XOXO Allison Nicole – Allison Nicole is a college student at the University of Kansas who runs a lifestyle blog with the occasional fashion post.  What I really love about this blog is how authentic and incredibly herself Allison Nicole seems to be.  Read a few of her posts and you’ll see she seems so fun and spirited!
  15. Preppy Life Texas – This blog is run by three super sweet middle school girls I have met through the Jadelynn Brooke ambassador program; Mackenzie, Gabrielle, and Avery.  Mackenzie and Avery are twins, and Gabrielle completes their best friend group.  Their blog is absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to read more of their posts as their blog grows!
  16. Classic Katie – Katie is a preppy blogger from the Richmond area with a super classy style.  It’s not at all rare to see her blog and YouTube channel feature pieces from Lilly Pulitzer and Vineyard Vines.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you check out some of these blogs and enjoy them as much as I do!

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