10 Winter Fashion Essentials

     Now that I’ve experienced the first snow of the year, I feel like winter is in full swing.  I have to say, winter is quite possibly my least favorite season.  After Christmas the holiday cheer vanishes, the short days seem gray-er, and suddenly it’s soo much colder.  However, I do like winter fashion (but is there really a season who’s fashion I don’t like?)  I love to layer my clothing plus I feel like you can get a lot more creative with outfits in the winter than you can in mid-July when you can’t wear so much as a light cardigan over your top without sweating.  My love for winter fashion brings me to today’s post… I’m sharing some of my must have fashion items for winter!  I did a post on my fall fashion essentials back in October, so if you’re looking for more good cold weather pieces you should check that post too if you missed it, it’s linked here.  All the items you see will be linked in the image, so just click on it to shop!

1. Warm Coats

     As the temperatures go down, you’ve got to bundle up.  While I love vests (see some of my favorites in my fall essentials post here,) they don’t always get the job done like coats.  Some of my favorite coats are from J.Crew and Old Navy, but while I’ve never had a Barbour jacket I think they’re super classy and versatile.  I’ve also recently been loving the furry coat trend!

1478224465994423511.png   B2770_NA6840.jpg    Screen Shot 2017-01-08 at 9.20.35 PM.png LQU0471NY91-MannequinF-446Wx422H.png

2. Hats

     To brave the snow, or just super cold mornings, you’ll need something to keep your head warm; a hat!  There are tons of places online to get adorable hats, but my favorites are from FURTALK (on Amazon,) Vineyard Vines, and Jadelynn Brooke.  Plus, if you use my code “FLHS” you can receive 15% off your Jadelynn Brooke purchase!

51458vLEYML._SX342_.jpg  2A2685.107.a.zoom.jpg   fall2016_18_of_19.png

3. Pullovers

     Pullovers are definitely a key piece of my go to winter outfit.  On days when I’m just not feeling it, I’ll throw on a tee shirt, a pullover, leggings, and my New Balance shoes and call it a day – but what’s great about pullovers is that you can dress them up by layering them over a button down and wearing jeans and flats or bean boots.  My all time favorite pullover is my Southern Shirt Company quarter zip sherpa pullover (I’ve had it for a year, so no, I don’t just like it because sherpas are trendy right now,) but I have also had and loved Vineyard Vines shep shirts and Patagonia fleeces.

pearl-blue_3_820x.jpg 2K0564.410.a-1.zoom.png   25442_PTKX.png

4. Weather Appropriate Boots

     I’ve tried my best not to mention things I already mentioned in my fall essentials post again, but you really can’t have snow without L.L. Bean Boots or Hunters.  I’ve had my pair of bean boots for about two years now and have found them to be very functional for snow and versatile with most other winter outfits even when it’s not snowing.  I also love the look of Hunter rain boots and the Jack Rogers Sallie Rain boots, although I don’t own a pair of either.

20160916100510ORG_RPB_AW16_WFT1000RGL_product.png  61eZWjO6+OL._AC_UL320_SR280,320_.png 20160830_jr_sallie_blush_48395.png

5. Button Down Shirts/Oxfords

     Oxfords and other button down shirts are perfect for the cooler months and make for an easy, classy outfit with jeans and flats.  You can also layer and wear them under a sweater or vest!  The options with button downs are endless and you should definitely consider picking up a few.  My favorite places to buy button downs are Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, and Old Navy.

  F7407_MF8684.png  Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 10.11.00 AM.png  Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 7.51.42 PM.png

6. Headbands

     I’ve always loved headbands (especially after watching Gossip Girl), but for some reason I feel like I wear them more in the winter.  I just love how they look with a button down or a cable knit sweater; super classy and chic!  My favorite headbands are from J.Crew and Gina Made It.

  F7436_EF8564.png         Navy_Wide_Stripe_Headband-540x642.png        B4950_EF7732.png

7. Turtleneck Sweaters

     Sweaters alone are great for the winter, but turtlenecks are a total plus because not only do they keep you even warmer, they’re also pretty trendy this season.  My favorite places to buy turtlenecks are Old Navy, J.Crew, and J.Crew Factory.

cn12032782.png f9321_st6484_m   F8740_BL8708.png  F9524_BL8825_m.png

8. Camp Socks

     The best, warmest, most stylish socks to wear with your bean boots or just around the house?  Camp socks.  I’m pretty sure the “original” camp socks are from J.Crew, but plenty of other brands such as L.L. Bean and American Eagle sell equally as nice camp socks.

F6919_EF8777.png  img-thing.png  0425_8190_700_f.png

9. Leggings

     In the winter, I like everything oversized and comfy, which means wearing leggings as a pant underneath a big sweatshirt or a long top is not rare.  Leggings are definitely an essential during the colder months and my favorite pair is from Gap.  While I don’t own any from Lululemon or Victaria’s Secret PINK, I’ve heard great things about them as well.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 11.29.56 PM.png     lw5abvs_0001_1    V598138_CROP4.png

10. Stylish Sweatshirts

     While your school soccer team hoodie will fill the role of keeping you cozy and warm, honestly it’s not that cute and you know it.  To make your warm and comfy go to outfit a little cuter, trade in your team hoodie for a cute Jadelynn Brooke or United sweatshirt!  A couple of my favorites are shown and linked below.  Don’t forget you can receive 15% off of any Jadelynn Brooke purchase using my code “FLHS” and 15% off of any United purchase using my code “apocketfullofprep_15”!

unspecified_ecfee554-d3e1-4eee-9914-86995aab7920.png    UnitedCrewNeck_grande.png

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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