Memories…Do Not Open Tour

     If you’ve read a single one of my playlist posts, you know I love The Chainsmokers.  I started listening to them back in 2014, and I’ve kept up with them ever since.  In the first week of April, they released their first complete album, Memories…Do Not Open.  Needless to say, I stayed up until midnight to hear it upon release and I’m absolutely obsessed with it.  Last weekend, my friend Scout and I went to see them in Charleston on their Memories…Do Not Open tour and it was a show for the books.  I seriously had the best experience and today I’m thrilled to be recapping the concert for y’all!  I just want to let you know that the quality of my pictures and videos will not be as good quality as usual due to the fact that cameras were not allowed in the concert, so everything was taken on my iPhone 7.  Also, I recommend watching all the videos in HD, which you can do by clicking the “HD” button which is in the bottom right corner of the video next to the full screen button.  Enjoy!

10:00 a.m. – Scout’s mother, Scout, and her sister picked me up and we left for Charleston.  The trip was about three hours long and was filled with great naps and lots of music.

2:50 p.m. – Although doors weren’t supposed to open until 7:00PM and the concert didn’t start until 8:00PM, Scout and I got to the venue (North Charleston Coliseum) early because we purchased VIP soundcheck tickets.  These tickets gave us a VIP tag on a lanyard, an autographed poster, exclusive merchandise (a black beanie that said “MEMORIES” on the front and had The Chainsmokers’ logo on the other side), and of course access to The Chainsmokers’ soundcheck.  The check-in time for VIP was between 3:30PM and 4:30PM, but we knew we wanted to be among the first there.  While we waited to be let into the coliseum, we made small talk with other fans.

4:20 p.m. – Finally, a few security people came out and began to check our bags, tickets, and IDs before letting us into the coliseum.  This is when they gave us our VIP stuff mentioned above.  Once we were all checked in, we waited in the hall surrounding the arena to be let into soundcheck.  They were running behind schedule and it was a long time before they finally let us in, so Scout and I became friends with the three girls in front of us in line.  By the time we were finally allowed into the arena for soundcheck, you would’ve thought we all came together.


6:20ish p.m. – The security team let us into the arena and all of the VIP people formed two rows in front of the barricade.  Drew and Alex (AKA The Chainsmokers, if you didn’t know their names) greeted us from the stage and then played “Young” and “Bloodstream.”  Scout and I brought in three posters that we made before the show, one saying “we love Drew” (with a heart in place of the word “love” and little red lights inside the heart), another saying “The Chainsmokers are ALL WE KNOW” in reference to their song, “All We Know,” and the last, larger one saying “Cheddar made us do it #round4” in reference to Alex’s dog, Cheddar, who has her own Instagram (linked here because she’s too cute and you need to check her out) and the fact that it was Scout’s fourth time seeing The Chainsmokers and my second.  Drew and Alex each commented on our posters from the stage, I specifically recall Drew saying “that Cheddar poster is everything” and asking if we made him a poster too (that’s when we held up the “we love Drew” poster).  After soundcheck, we were directed to a lobby-type area and were told we would be allowed back into the arena and have access to the merchandise table five minutes before the rest of general admission.  While five minutes might not seem like a lot, Scout and I knew that’s really the difference between the front of the floor and the back, so we were excited and formulated a plan; Scout gave me her money for a tee shirt (they were $35-$40 each, in case you were wondering if you’re going to one of The Chainsmokers’ other tour dates) and upon being allowed into the arena I would buy both of our tee shirts and she would take up as much room as possible as close to the center of the front row as possible.

7:11 p.m. – Although the whole VIP program ran a little behind schedule, they kept their promise and let us in five minutes before they opened the doors for the rest of general admission.  Scout booked it to the front of the arena and I bought tee shirts as fast as I could.  When I met back up with Scout, I found her just a few feet off the center of the front row next to the girls we had just become friends with.  Scout and I were overwhelmingly excited, I still can’t believe we managed to get in the front row.  After the security staff came around and taped the barricade where each piece connected, we tore off tiny pieces of the tape and taped two of our posters onto the barricade.  We were half expecting someone to get mad at us for having posters and taping them, but the only guy who said anything to us just told us it was cool.  I’m pretty sure the only reason we were able to get in with posters was because we came in for soundcheck and while the venue prohibited posters, they were allowed for soundcheck and they never had us go through any kind of security between soundcheck and our actual entry.  We kept the big Cheddar poster rolled up because it took up too much room to fit on the barricade, plus we wanted Drew and Alex to recognize us when we held it up again.  After taping our posters, we talked about what we were most excited for while we waited for the openers.


8:10ish p.m. – The first opener, k?d (pronounced “kid”) came out.  k?d is an upcoming DJ and was a great start to the night.  He had some great mixes and I had listened to him briefly before the concert, so I knew a couple of his original songs (my favorite is “Discover” featuring RKCB, you should totally check it out).


9:00 p.m. – I was so excited about the second opener, Kiiara (you might recognize her as the girl that sings “Gold” and “Heavy” with Linkin Park) and she did not disappoint.  I’ve been listening to her music for about a year now and seeing her live just made me love her even more.  She sang every song she has, my favorites being “Hang up tha phone” and “Feels.”  Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that when she moved to the area of the stage directly in front of me during “Hang up tha phone” she waved at me (I know, I’m a total fangirl but it was so cool for me)!



9:52 p.m. – The Chainsmokers started the show with a funny little skit in which Drew is alone, pacing on the stage and “texting” Alex (the texts are projected on the screen behind Drew) asking where he is because the show is starting.  After the skit, Drew returned to backstage and soon after the duo rose to the stage and opened with “The One.”  Like I said before, the concert was a great experience.  I was unsure how their concert would be in comparison to their concert I attended last April at Wake Forest, before Drew started singing and before they released an album that seems a lot less like EDM than their previous singles, but it was better than anything I had imagined.  We saw them front row and their whole production was insane.  Their special effects included many cool set features (like floating platforms and a temporary staircase), fire, confetti, and steam.  They had an EDM set, but Drew also sang a lot.  My favorite songs were “Break Up Every Night,” “Young,” “Honest,” “All We Know,” “My Type,” and “Roses” (I know, a lot of favorites, but it’s so hard to choose)!  Emily Warren, who cowrites a ton of their songs and is featured in three of their songs, toured with them, so she sang her parts in all of the songs she’s featured in and filled in for many of the female parts.  In one of the last songs, Drew came off the stage and walked through the area between the stage and barricade, high-fiving the front row on the way over and on the way back to the stage (including me)!  Drew also waved to Scout and I a few times throughout the show (I even managed to get one time on video, watch to the end of my clip of “Roses” to see)!  Throughout the concert I obviously took a ton of pictures and videos, so I’ve included some below.  They closed with “Last Day Alive” and a ton of confetti, the perfect ending to an incredible performance.














11:40 p.m. – Once the concert ended, Scout and I bolted out of the coliseum to wait by their buses in hopes of meeting Drew and Alex since we saw on Twitter and Instagram that they had met fans by their tour buses after the two previous shows.  While we were there, we met their new drummer, Matt McGuire!  As we waited in anticipation of Drew and Alex coming out, Scout and I talked about how great the opening act, Kiiara, was and how happy we were to hear her live.  A man behind us overheard us and began to make smalltalk with us about her.  Finally, he told us that he was her tour manager and asked if we wanted to meet her… of course we said yes!  He pulled out his phone and called her, then about ten minutes later she came off of her bus and we got to meet her! We waited for Drew and Alex for a little longer before finally calling it quits and walking back over to our hotel (which was basically connected to the coliseum).


     Okay, so this next part didn’t technically happen at the concert, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.  At the very beginning of The Chainsmokers’ set, I unrolled our “Cheddar made us do it” poster and held it up.  A photographer in the photo pit took a picture of Scout and I with it.  Scout and I, being the crazy fans that we are, already knew the majority of The Chainsmokers’ photographers and didn’t recognize this guy, so I assumed it was for some Charleston newspaper article or something and didn’t think much of it.  Sunday morning, on the drive back, I began to look online for the picture but was unable to find any articles on The Chainsmokers’ concert in Charleston.  I gave up and pretty much forgot about it.  Around noon, I was watching The Chainsmokers’ Instagram story and was shocked to find the picture of Scout and I with the Cheddar poster on their story!  There was also a picture of the crowd with Scout and I at the front center which I didn’t even notice until Scout told me (because I was still so excited about the other photo!).  In case you don’t believe me, I’ve included the full screenshot of one of the pictures on their story plus the cropped version of both pictures.


IMG_7918 (1).jpg


If you’re interested in shopping my outfit for the concert all the pieces (or similar pieces) are linked here below!

top // bralette // skirt (similar) // sandals (similar) // necklace // watch (similar) // beaded bracelets // ring // giving key bangle

As you can tell, I had an incredible time at The Chainsmokers’ concert.  If they’re coming to a city near you, you need to go (look at their tour dates and buy tickets here).  This night was an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime.  Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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