My Experience as a Jadelynn Brooke High School Ambassador 2016-2017

     As many of you know by now, I have been a Jadelynn Brooke high school ambassador for the last two semesters.  I have absolutely loved working for this brand more than I could have possibly imagined and today I’m so excited to share my experience as an ambassador and tips on applying with you all!  I know the Jadelynn Brooke High School Ambassador program has become significantly more popular over the last year or so, so I figured y’all would like to see this post and have some of your questions answered.  I asked you all on Instagram to send me any questions you had for me about the program, so if you missed that be sure to follow me on Instagram here so you don’t miss any other opportunities to participate in a Q&A!  Now, let’s get into the post!

Application & Acceptance

     I’ve been following the Jadelynn Brooke brand since they began in 2014 and worked with them briefly in the spring of 2015.  I loved the little experience I had with them, so when they announced on their Instagram that applications were opened for high school ambassador positions in July of last year I knew I had to apply!  Jadelynn Brooke opens applications in early July and early January, you should follow their Instagram here so you are notified when the applications are open!  All ambassadors from the fall semester that are interested in repping again in the spring must reapply in January.  The application was fairly simple and I completed the whole thing within half an hour.  In the application, you provide Jadelynn Brooke with a little information about yourself, including what state you’re in, what school you go to, what your social media handles are, how involved you are in your school and community, what your favorite Jadelynn Brooke designs are, and why you want to be an ambassador.  Definitely think about that question, why do you want to be an ambassador?  Is it because you want free clothes?  Is it because you love their company?  Is it because you want to share the brand with your friends and family?  Be honest about this question and know that they will choose the girls that they think embody the company the most accurately.  Within a few weeks of the application deadline I was contacted by email and told that I was accepted as a high school ambassador!  They sent all of the accepted ambassadors a little survey asking simple questions about sizing, tee shirt theme preferences, and Jadelynn Brooke products that we already own (so we don’t receive duplicate products, isn’t that thoughtful!).

Requirements As an Ambassador

     Yes, Jadelynn Brooke does guarantee at least three boxes of free Jadelynn Brooke goodies including lots of adorable tees, tanks, stickers, and more, but these aren’t just for you to have.  Jadelynn Brooke includes a note in each rep box and in the first one that you receive each semester they ask that you post something featuring their products on your Instagram at least once a week with their hashtag #JLBhighschoolambassador, create a Pinterest board filled with their products, and follow them on all of their social media handles (In case you’re wondering why I don’t have a Pinterest board that I share with you all it’s because I don’t have a Pinterest.  I discussed this early on with one of the sisters and they were super understanding and said that was fine!).  No, they don’t kick you out of the program on the eighth day between posts, but you need to be considerate of the fact that these sweet ladies are sending you hundreds of dollars worth of product for free, and the posts are all that they’re asking of you.  You are encouraged to comment and like their Instagram posts frequently, but that isn’t necessarily required.  They also give each rep a code that provides you, your friends and family, and your followers with a 15% discount (mine is “FLHS”!).

The Contents and Frequency of Rep Boxes

     Like I said before, this past year Jadelynn Brooke promised the ambassadors three to four rep boxes at the beginning of both the fall and spring semesters.  These promises were not only fulfilled, but my expectations for these boxes were always exceeded!  I can’t exactly separate each box in my mind, but I unboxed each one on my Instagram stories throughout the year (again, follow me on Instagram here so you don’t miss anything!) and while most of them included at least two tees and lots of stickers, some boxes even included some of Jadelynn Brooke’s more expensive products such as shorts, sweatshirts, sleep shirts, leggings, and dresses!  Sometimes the amount/value of the products inside the boxes differs from ambassador to ambassador based on how much you post for Jadelynn Brooke on Instagram and how much you engage with the brand on their social media platforms (especially Instagram).  For example, in our last rep box during the fall semester, I received a sweatshirt while some of the less active ambassadors received a long sleeve tee shirt.  Another example would be that in our last rep box of the spring semester some less active ambassadors received one logo tee while I received two tees and a dress.  I know of these differences because I’m in a few Jadelynn Brooke ambassador group chats and we’ve all compared our boxes several times.  This absolutely does not mean that Jadelynn Brooke likes these ambassadors any less, it just means that they’re less active and some aren’t really holding up their end of the deal.

My Favorite Parts of Being an Ambassador

     The reason I wanted to rep for the Jadelynn Brooke sisters has always been because of how much I respect them.  I not only respect them for the successful family business that they have built from the ground up, but for the bond that the sisters share and publicize. Jade, Lexi Lynn, and Brooke are as close as can be and always seem so supportive of each other.  Their relationship is one that I’ve modeled my sister and I’s relationship after for years now.  The brand’s tees have constant themes of girl power, God loving, and patriotism; three things I love to represent by wearing their products.

     Aside from the brand itself, I have grown close to girls all over the country through the Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador program.  I have been a part of multiple ambassador group chats and FaceTimes since joining the program in August and I am so thankful for these unique relationships I have formed!  I now have ambassador friends in Texas, North Carolina, New York, and Florida as a result of this program, isn’t that cool?

Questions from Followers

What’s the application process like?: As mentioned above, the application is a simple survey that can be completed on a phone and doesn’t take long at all to fill out.  The only follow up is an email telling you if you get accepted or not.  There are no additional questions or calls aside from a sizing and basic interest and sizing survey so they know what to send you!

What did you include in your application that you think made them select you?  How do you stand out?: After talking to the ladies of Jadelynn Brooke they told me that follower counts, bright pictures, previous posts with Jadelynn Brooke, direct messages between you and the brand, apparent passion for Jadelynn Brooke, involvement in school, and more all play a significant role in their selection process.

Is it hard to become a rep?: Yes and no.  While the application itself isn’t difficult, Jadelynn Brooke recently told me that several thousand girls apply each time and the numbers are only growing.  You’d be surprised by how well rounded many of their ambassadors are.  I’ve seen quite a few who have well over ten thousand followers, run highly successful blogs and/or YouTube channels, hold pageant titles and/or school leadership positions, play multiple sports, etc.  However, not all of Jadelynn Brooke’s ambassadors have all of those features!  They choose girls that they believe have a passion for their brand and will fulfill their end of the brand/rep relationship.  So many of these girls are so impressive, so if you don’t get accepted you should keep in mind that you had some great competition and there’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!

How do you find out when applications are available?: Jadelynn Brooke always announces their application openings on their Instagram account, so make sure you’re following them (their account is linked here) if you’re interested in applying.  Maybe even turn on their post notifications in July and January to guarantee you don’t miss it.

Do you have to have a public Instagram account to be a rep?: No, you don’t have to have a public Instagram account to be a rep!  However, Jadelynn Brooke informed me that having a public account during the application period does greatly increase your chances of being selected.  Your end of the ambassador deal is your posts, so they should be able to view your account to see more of you and decide if they could really see you representing their brand.

Thanks for reading!  If you have any unanswered questions about the Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador program please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer!

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  1. Hi, I still can’t find a single link that will lead me to where I can apply to be an ambassador. I was wondering if oubwould help me out. Your experience sounds great and I would definitely would want to try it out!!


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