An Outfit Inspired by Danielle Carolan

     During a recent livestream, I asked for some blog post requests.  One idea that I and all the other viewers loved was “An Outfit Inspired By…”.  Now I’m putting that idea to use in the beginning of a new series!  In these posts I’ll choose a person that’s somewhat famous or well known, like a celebrity, blogger, or YouTuber that I feel is a style influencer.  I’ll give a little background on this person and their signature style along with some pictures of them.  Then, I’ll share an outfit I’ve put together inspired by the person!  In today’s installment of “An Outfit Inspired By…” I’m sharing a look inspired by Danielle Carolan.  Let’s get started!

     Danielle Carolan is a recent high school graduate from Tampa, FL who’s heading to the University of Georgia in the fall.  She has a YouTube channel (linked here) with approximately 321,000 followers, a verified Instagram page (linked here) with about 153,000 followers, and a blog,, which she uses occasionally.  Her motto is “she believed she could, so she did” and she includes that in her content whenever she can.  She’s known for her confidence, body positivity, and overall girl power and shares videos about those things as well as fashion, makeup, workout, and school related videos along with somewhat daily vlogs.  She uses her vlogs to bring her followers along to the mall, family movie night, photoshoots for major brands, and brunches with her friends, making them easy favorites for her followers.  Her signature style is trendy and chic and you’ll often find her wearing black, white and/or grey in her pictures and videos.  I love Danielle’s positive attitude, humor, sense of style, and simply how relatable she is.  She’s not perfect and she’s not afraid to show that.  If you don’t already watch her videos, I so recommend them!  Watch two of my favorite recent videos of hers here and here.  I also recommend following her Instagram here, she has a great theme going and the majority of her pictures are professionally taken.



(The images above are from Danielle’s Instagram and belong to Danielle Carolan.  Their respective Instagram posts are linked within the images!)

     As I mentioned, Danielle seems to love black and white, so in my look I’m wearing a black and white striped tank over a white bralette.  She also loves most trends, and I’ve definitely seen her style a denim skirt before, so I thought my maroon button up denim skirt would be perfect to wear with the tank in this look.  She always wears the coolest shoes and I definitely think these black pointed-toe lace up flats would be her taste.  When Danielle shares her outfits in her vlogs, she always has on a small, simple gold necklace with a circular charm with the letter “D” on it, that she explains was a gift from her aunt.  She often layers it with other simple necklaces to finish the look.  I recently received a layered necklace that happens to have a circular charm as a birthday gift and I thought it looked super similar to her necklace I just mentioned, so I added that to my look as well.  I also received the “she believed she could, so she did” MantraBand, which she has, for my birthday so I thought that was a necessary detail as well.  She loves to stack simple rings, so the rose gold band I always wear fit into the look perfectly.  Danielle rarely wears earrings, so I left them out as well.  I tried to use some of the serious poses I see from her photoshoots, but let’s just say those poses work better for her.  See for yourself!










tank (similar) // bralette // skirt // flats (similar) // layered necklace set // MantraBand // watch (similar) // ring

Did I nail the Danielle Carolan look?  Leave me a comment below letting me know what you think and who you’d like to see an outfit inspired by next!  Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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