Designer Dupes Vol. 1; Summer Sandals

     Hey friends!  I, along with many of you I’m sure, love the look of many designer pieces, but I don’t love the price tag quite as much.  Today I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite trendy designer shoes for the summer along with their much cheaper lookalikes!  After each pair of lookalikes, I have listed all the differences that I think are noticeable and/or are listed online so you can decide for yourself which one’s a better deal.  I’m planning on continuing to do more posts of this sort as a series which I’m calling “Designer Dupes.”  I hope you find this post useful!  Enjoy!

Steve Madden Cognac Rizza Lace-Up Block-Heel Sandals: $79.00



Target Brown Matilda Lace Up Heeled Quarter Strap Sandals: $27.99


Differences: The color of the heel on the Target pair is a little darker than the heel on the Steve Madden pair.  The Steve Madden heel height is exactly 2 inches while the Target heel is approximately 2.75 inches.  The Steve Madden pair is real suede while the Target pair is faux suede.

Soludos Fire Red Knotted Slide Sandals: $99.00



Target Red dv Anila Knotted Slide Sandals: $29.99


Differences: The Soludos sandals have a 0.5 inch heel while the Target sandals are completely flat.  The knotted upper on the Soludos sandals is made of leather while that of the Target sandals is made of polyester.  The Soludos sandals have a leather footbed while the Target sandals’ footbed is faux leather.

Lilly Pulitzer Gold Fit To Be Tied Gladiator Sandals: $168.00



Lulu’s Micah Light Gold Lace-up Flat Sandals: $18.00


Differences: The straps are more structured in the Lilly Pulitzer sandals while the Lulu’s sandals have less holding the straps in place.  The gold color of the Lulu’s pair is slightly darker and more metallic than that of the Lilly Pulitzer sandals.  The Lulu’s sandals have gold aglets at the end of the straps while the Lilly Pulitzer sandals have gold tassels at the end of the straps.  The Lulu’s sandals’ straps are vegan leather while the Lilly Pulitzer sandals’ straps are metallic leather.

Kork-Ease Black Austin Wedges: $145.00



Target Black Tracey Quarter Strap Sandals: $32.99


Differences: The Kork-Ease wedges have a heel height of 3 inches while the Target wedges’ heel height is approximately 5 inches.  The Kork-Ease wedges have a cushioned footbed while the Target wedges don’t advertise that.  The Kork-Ease wedges’ buckle has a slightly more rustic appearance than the Target wedges’.  The cork wedge on the Kork-Ease wedges looks more authentic than that of the Target wedges.

Steve Madden Cary Sandals: $79.95



Target Kay Slide Sandals: $27.99


Differences: The embellishments are not identical between the two sandals and the Steve Madden sandals are real leather while the Target sandals are faux leather.

Steve Madden Floral Jasmine Heels: $99.95



Forever 21 Floral Embroidered Heels: $34.90


Differences: The floral pattern is slightly different between the two pairs.  The buckles on the Forever 21 pair are circular while the buckles on the Steve Madden pair are square. The Steve Madden heel height is 5 inches while the Forever 21 heel is 4.75 inches.

Boden Bleach Denim Angelina Slide: $90.00



Forever 21 Frayed Denim Slide Sandals: $17.90


Differences: The toe of the Forever 21 slide has is covered in denim while the toe of the Boden slide is bare.  The Boden slide has a leather lining while the Forever 21 slide has a padded insole.  The Forever 21 slide has a 0.25 inch heel while the Boden slide is completely flat.

Thanks for reading!  I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below sharing what type of designer pieces you’d like me to find dupes for next (i.e. handbags, jewelry, dresses, etc.).

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

3 thoughts on “Designer Dupes Vol. 1; Summer Sandals

  1. Target is seriously such a lifesaver for carrying so many designer knock offs for affordable prices! I have the first pair of heels you featured and love them to death! I seem to be buying a new pair of shoes every other weekend LOL so I’ll have to keep an eye out for these.


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