Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Your Teachers

It’s Tuesday, which means another Back to School post!  Today I’m sharing five ways you can make an awesome first impression on your teachers, because first impressions are so important.  If you haven’t read my previous Back to School posts, be sure to check them out here!  Without further adieu, let’s get into the post!

  1. Use your manners. – Hopefully this one is obvious.  Always answer your teachers with “yes ma’am (or sir)” and “no ma’am (again, or sir)” to show what a polite student you are!  Using your manners helps leave the impression not only that you’re polite, but also that you’re nice and respectful.
  2. Be helpful to others. – There’s always someone who doesn’t have a pencil or paper on the first day of school, so when they tell the teacher that and the teacher asks the class “does anyone have a pencil that ______ can use?” be the first one to offer!  This shows your kindness and generosity towards others and your teacher will definitely notice.
  3. Always do your homework. – I hope y’all do this anyways for your grades’ sake, but doing your homework will also make a good impression on your teachers whether they check homework or not.  My geometry teacher, who assigned homework every night but only did notebook checks every nine weeks, loved me because he could always tell I actually did my homework.  This shows your teachers that you’re responsible and committed to working hard in the class, which could definitely pay off if you need extra help later on.
  4. Never moan or complain. – I know how annoying it is when teachers give you actual homework on the first day of school, but showing how irritated and disappointed you are by it will make you seem lazy and rude.  I’m not saying you need to grin and say “yay!” every time a teacher assigns homework, or be the person to ask if you have any, but just avoid looking frustrated by the announcement of assignments.
  5. Always leave the room saying “Have a good day Ms./Mr. _______!” – Yes, this might make some of your less polite classmates think of you as a “suck up,” but this might just be the nicest thing your teacher hears all day.  I began doing this last year and it eventually became routine.  I think this is definitely one of those little things that really makes a difference to your teachers and it will show your positivity.

Thanks for reading!  I hope this post helps you and your teachers get off on the right foot!  I’m planning on posting new Back to School posts every Tuesday through the end of September, so be sure to come back next week if you’re interested!

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8 thoughts on “Five Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Your Teachers

  1. I love this! My mom is a teacher and it makes me so happy to see students be so respectful to them and try to show others to do the same!


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