Scripture Sunday Vol. 19

     Happy Sunday!  I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend.  Today I’m sharing my nineteenth “Scripture Sunday” post, you can read all of my previous “Scripture Sundays” here!  I love today’s verse and I hope y’all do too!  Just like always, if you are offended by the Christian religion please feel free to scroll past and find another post that better suits you.  Let’s get into the post!  Enjoy!

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Today’s Verse:

Jeremiah 31:3; the Lord appeared to him from far away.  I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have continued to extend faithful love to you.

     Junior year is infamous for being the hardest.  I went in with the mindset that this idea was really a matter of opinion and would depend on what classes you take.  My course load includes A.P. U.S. History, A.P. Environmental Science, A.P. English III (Language), honors Pre-Calculus, Spanish III, and yearbook, so I didn’t think it would be too much to handle.  Now, a couple months into the year, I understand that it’s not the courses themselves that make the year harder, but the expectations placed upon the junior student.  Teachers expect you to have ample free time to focus exclusively on their subject’s work.  Coaches expect you to excel and focus on your sport.  Parents expect you to keep yourself in line and make good grades (luckily mine are relatively lenient and understanding unlike some of my friends’).  Friends expect you to hang out and party with them.  Future school options expect you to be very involved in your community and school.

     My personal struggles have been in keeping up with school work while also keeping up with blog posts (hence why there was only one post this past week) and at the same time participating in YoungLife and Wyldlife leadership and attending our weekly two-hour lacrosse offseason practices (which just so happen to be the same evening as YoungLife…perfect *sense the sarcasm*).  Forget a social life.  The hard part about this is that none of these things are things I don’t love to do.  I value my education and like to do well in school, therefore I want to get my schoolwork done.  I love writing this blog so much and absolutely do not feel inclined to let it go, no matter how convenient it might be to do so.  Going to YoungLife and learning more about developing a relationship with Jesus is the highlight of my week and I’m never willing to skip a club, same goes for leading Wyldlife.  I enjoy playing lacrosse and I want to continue improving, so I don’t want to skip practice either.  Life has become overwhelming and all I want to do is sleep.

     A couple weekends ago I got to step away from it all and go to Windy Gap with my area’s YoungLife group.  Because we left our schoolwork and electronics at home, the weekend was an incredible reminder of God’s presence in my life, even when I’m blinded by the world’s (and my own) expectations of me.  I recently came across a verse, Jeremiah 31:3 that reminds me of that feeling and goodness, it’s so beautiful.  The verse says “the Lord appeared to him from far away.  I have loved you with an everlasting love; therefore, I have continued to extend faithful love to you.”  When I’m distracted by earthly things, Jesus is still standing there, I’m just not looking for him.  He loves me with such an everlasting love and will never leave me, even when I push my relationship with Him aside.  There’s no other love that works like that, how could you turn it down?  The best part of this is that even when I don’t live up to the world’s expectations of me, like when I fail a test or don’t post enough blog posts one week, He’s still there and He still loves me, and that relationship is all that really matters.

     This week, remind yourself that Jesus has appeared to you from far away.  His love is unconditional and everlasting, no matter how distracted you are.  Take just a few minutes each day to talk to him, while you brush your teeth in the morning or unmake your bed at night.  Give him your troubles and let Him simply love you.  Your relationship with Him is all that truly matters.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week.

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