My 17 Favorite Blogs of 2017

     It’s not often enough that I stop to share my favorite blogs with y’all.  Within the fashion blogging community, I am surrounded with tons of beautiful, talented, passionate young women who have been nothing less than kind to me in my time blogging.  This time last year I shared a post called “My 16 Favorite Blogs of 2016,” so this year I thought I’d do the same thing (except plus one because “My 16 Favorite Blogs of 2017” wouldn’t quite make sense)!  I hope you love hearing about these fabulous ladies as much as I’ve loved getting to know them and read their content myself!

  1. Dani Austin – Dani Austin has hands down become one of my favorite fashion blogger finds this year.  Her Instagram stories are always hilarious (so are her YouTube videos), her clothes are just the cutest, and her blog looks so professional and sleek.
  2. Live the Prep Life – Brooke’s fashion and lifestyle blog and YouTube channel are rather impressive for a high school sophomore.  Her content is constantly impressing me and her sense of style is so great!  She’s also one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met!
  3. Styled by McKenz – McKenzie’s drive for blogging and consistent posting never fails to amaze me.  Not only does she manage to publish about five blog posts a week, but they’re also always good quality.  McKenzie is also so nice and her trendy chic outfits are some of my favorites on my Instagram feed!
  4. CNPrepster – Cayleigh cares more about her followers than just about any blogger I follow.  She not only posts the basic gift guides and lookbooks necessary to assist her readers in preparation for big events and holidays, but she’s constantly searching for ways to bring her readers what they want.
  5. Lonestar Southern – With her bright wardrobe, Southern accent, and beautifully crafted Instagram stories, Kate is sure to steal your fashion blog-loving heart.  I feel like I’ve been reading the Lonestar Southern blog for years and it’s always packed with helpful shopping guides, gorgeous outfits, and detailed travel guides.
  6. MollyPreps – As a senior in high school, Molly is bringing her love for preppy Southern style and Christian faith to her blog.  I’ve gotten to know Molly this year through the Jadelynn Brooke high school ambassador program and she’s too kind!  I adore her drive and genuine love for people.
  7. A Sunny State of Mind – Meg’s blog has been a favorite of mine for years.  She has the neatest style, often posts fun recipes that meet her strict diet due to her several food intolerances, and is such an advocate for female empowerment.  She’s just a genuinely cool and kind human and her blog certainly reflects that!
  8. Ebulliently Ella – Ella is a little younger than me, but her blog is so adorably well written!  Her style is just the cutest and her Instagram photos are so creative!
  9. Absolutely Olivia – I came across Olivia’s blog when she started commenting on my Instagram posts this year.  Her style is super trendy but she also posts about her love for photography, beauty, and lifestyle.  She goes to YoungLife too, just like me!
  10. The Style Journal – Carolina, a High Point University student, runs another cute fashion and lifestyle blog.  I love her recipes, lifestyle tips, and adorable outfits!
  11. Belle of the Ball – I’ve been following Abby’s blog and Instagram much longer than I’ve had my own blog.  Abby’s classic New England style has always inspired my own in one way or another and she’s so kind to her followers!  She’s had tons of experience working with companies, especially considering she’s only a college student, and I don’t see her blog slowing down anytime soon.
  12. So Chic so Miche – Michelle, or “Miche,” is a college student with and amazing sense of style, awesome experiences from traveling abroad, and great advice to share.  Her blog layout is one of my favorites and I think you’ll love her blog if you like mine!
  13. The Road Les Traveled – Lesley’s blog is a fun melange of her travel adventures with a dabbling in fashion.  I am so beyond jealous that she’s been able to make a career out of traveling!
  14. Gracefully Ginger – Grace was a new Jadelynn Brooke ambassador this semester and was in a small group of girls that Jadelynn Brooke asked me to mentor!  Grace has great style and isn’t afraid to get personal with her followers, which I personally love.
  15. Sunshinestatejulia – As her blog name suggests, Julia is a fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Florida.  Julia’s blog layout is as beautiful and colorful as the content it contains.  You’ll love her bright personality and creative posts!
  16. Carly the Prepster – Perhaps the most iconic and well known on this list is Carly Heitlinger.  Carly has been blogging since college and has now made a career out of it.  Her classy and chic style keeps me coming back to her blog but she also shares lots of food, fitness, and lifestyle related posts!
  17. The Brightest of the Bunch – Just as the name of her blog suggests, NC State lifestyle blogger Olivia’s style is certainly bright.  Olivia’s Instagram, blog, and YouTube followings are growing fast thanks to her hard work and preppy outfits!

Thanks for reading!  Be sure to follow some of these blogs in the new year!

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