5 Apps Every Blogger Should Use

     The community of kind young women has to be one of my favorite things about blogging.  That being said, I love to share advice and ideas with other bloggers!  Today I’m sharing five apps I have found to be super helpful in regard to blogging and its correlated social media platforms!  These apps are by no means necessities for producing good content, but I think they’ve definitely made my blogging experience easier and made my content more successful!  A few of these apps have also helped me with my personal social media accounts, so even if you aren’t a blogger you might still find this post beneficial!  Enjoy!

1. Planoly

     Planoly allows you to upload and schedule your Instagram posts!  If I know I have a busy week ahead, I often use Planoly to schedule my Instagram posts so I don’t have to take the time to pick, edit, and caption a post amidst my busy after school schedule.  Once you upload a photo to the Planoly app, you can caption and schedule it.  Scheduling a post means that you will receive a notification at the scheduled time, please note that this app will not upload your posts for you!  However, once you open the app through the notification, your caption is automatically copied and Planoly opens Instagram for you, so all you have to do is paste the caption, tag any accounts you planned on tagging in the photo itself, and hit post!  My friend Olivia from @oliviasteppyt on Instagram showed this app to me when I took over her Instagram while she was at camp this past summer and it has totally changed my Instagram game.

2. Hype Type

     I get asked constantly about how I make my animated Instagram stories, and this is it! Even with just the free version, you can use Hype Type to create animated Instagram stories with moving text and background music!  Paying to upgrade to the full version of the app allows you to remove the Hype Type watermark from your animations and creates a greater number of font and color choices for your text.  I recently upgraded to the full version and love it, but I definitely think the free version is perfectly useful as well!


     Using Planoly covers this area as well, but for a long time before I knew about Planoly I used UNUM to arrange my Instagram photos to my liking.  If you’re one to follow a theme or just desire a cohesive Instagram feed you’ll love this app!  UNUM allows you to upload several images and arrange and rearrange them to your liking so you know what order to post the photos in (or which photos to post at all).  Scheduling posts on Planoly also displays your projected feed, but if you’d just like to quickly see which photo or edit works best with your account’s theme UNUM is a little more convenient.

4. When to Post

     It may feel like it’s just you who struggles with engagement, but truth is it’s everyone right now.  The fluctuation in likes relies heavily on when you post and when most of your followers are on the Instagram app.  When to Post tracks your following’s most active hours on Instagram and gives you three times that are ideal for posting each day so you can maximize engagement!  I refer to this app daily and while it’s not always going to result in an insane number of likes, I’ve definitely noticed that my posts do better when I follow When to Post’s suggestions rather than going against when it advises me to post.

4. LIKEtoKNOW.it

     I recently joined LIKEtoKNOW.it’s influencer community, but I had the app and used it frequently way before I was invited to join the program!  If you have the app, shopping your favorite influencer’s posts (as long as they use LIKEtoKNOW.it) can be as easy as screenshotting an Instagram post and opening an app.  Having the app gives you more opportunities to connect with other bloggers and shop what they’re shopping.

Thanks for reading!

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