February Playlist 2018

     As you must know by now, playlists are some of my absolute favorite posts to share with y’all.  I think music has this crazy way of connecting people and I love giving y’all the feeling that you know me better.  Over the past month my music taste has been all over the place.  I, along with every teenage girl in America I’m sure, have been obsessed with Drake’s new song “God’s Plan,” specifically the line “I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry.”  After purchasing Khalid’s album American Teen on vinyl, I discovered some of his more overlooked songs, specifically “Hopeless,” and I’ve been listening to that record on repeat.  “By Your Side” by Jonas Blue with RAYE has such a happy beat and I just can’t get enough of it!  It’s rare that I really love a Christian song enough to listen to it on the daily, but Kari Jobe’s revisited version of “Hands to the Heavens” has such a beautiful sound that I listen to it constantly.  Okay, okay, I’ll stop ranting about the songs and let you listen for yourself!  Enjoy!

Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

By Your Side // Hopeless // God’s Plan // Tears // Hands to the Heavens (Revisited) // bad 4 u // Sober // The Breakup // Out of My Head // Show Me // Sleep on the Floor // Alone // If // When I Was Young // Why?

(playlist background via Katy Smail)

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png


5 thoughts on “February Playlist 2018

  1. I love “God’s Plan” by Drake too! I also love your blog content and the amazing graphics you create for it! Therefore, I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, which is so fitting because you mix different blog content types seamlessly! You can read about it in my latest post at http://endogirlblogs.wordpress.com.


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