10 Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List with Emma of Simply Introspective

     Hello everyone!  My name is Emma, and I write for the blog Simply Introspective.  I’m so excited to be guest posting on Faith’s blog, she’s the definition of a girl boss.  At Simply Introspective, I talk about my faith, fashion, and life as a way to reach out and help others, and as a way for me to creatively express myself.  I absolutely adore taking pictures and writing, and my blog is certainly a reflection of that.  If you wouldn’t mind checking out my site after this post, that would absolutely make my day!

     When I was thinking on what to write for this post, I remembered back to summers before when I was bored out of my mind because I had absolutely nothing to do.  Of course I never knew what to do when I actually had time to do it (the irony).  Now that I’m older and I can drive places on my own, as most readers here can, I know how important it is to make summers count before we all head off to college.  Some of these ideas I gathered from Pinterest, others came from my own experiences, but all of them can guarantee an amazing summer experience whether by yourself or with friends.  I present to you, my list of ten ideas to brighten up your summer!



  1. There’s just something about going to a concert that ensures a good summer experience.  Even though this often requires money and planning (depending on who the artist is), the Kendrick Lamar concert I went to had lawn tickets for $30, and there was no hassle involved.  Even if it’s as simple as supporting a local band, any sort of live music gives off amazing vibes.  With summer, there’s no shortage of that.
  2. A few of my friends had the idea to drive out of town to a field full of yellow flowers and take pictures.  They turned out amazing, and they got a picnic out of it too!  If there’s any remotely photogenic areas in your town, I highly suggest taking advantage of them.  Not only does it beat sitting at home, but you get some great pictures for Instagram too.
  3. My friend group started this competition where you split into separate teams and try to get one another out with water guns.  This is supposed to last all summer, so it’s a great way to stay connected with your friend group.  There are a lot of complex rules to the game, but all in all a funny and memorable way to look at summer.
  4. It’s literally proven that having any sort of tan is an instant confidence booster.  It’s no secret that sunshine is beneficial for your health (in moderation).  Additionally, it’s a great excuse to have beach days with your friends!
  5. Getting pen pals was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I simply commented on an Instagram that received a lot of traffic on the subject, and I was invited to be in a chat with eight other amazing girls, and we still talk to this day!  Even if we’re not sending letters, we have deep talks about life, God, boys, anything under the sun.  Overall, if you’re in need of a couple gal pals from across the country, reach out to @_thegalpals on Instagram and get some pen pals!
  6. You have to have at least one before you graduate.  It’s a thing.
  7. I’ve been meaning to do this for my bedroom, but if you’re not wanting to go outside, this one’s for you.  Taking up your entire wall space with pictures of friends, maps, polaroids, quotes, etc. will literally make you feel so good about your life (editor’s note: I (Faith) have done this and Emma’s so right!  Mine is across from my bed and I smile at it before bed every night).  Have constant reminders of what makes you happy!
  8. Again, being outdoors is good for the soul and the spirit.  Get in touch with God’s creation!
  9. Visiting museums that interest you not only gets you out and about, but it’s also a great opportunity to learn and not let your brain go to mush due to lack of school.
  10. Literally.  As much as you can without going broke.  Brunch is essential.

Thanks so much for Faith for letting me guest post on her blog!  Make sure to follow my blog, Simply Introspectivehere and Instagram here, and stick with Faith for more amazing content.


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