Five Favorites; June 2018

     Happy (almost) July!  I’ve been up to so much over the month of June, including leading at WyldLife summer camp, going on a trip to San Diego (with a stop in Texas), and serving on Work Crew at YoungLife’s Saranac Village in NY (where I am still serving as you’re reading this!).  A few material items (and albums) have been key to thriving in this fun month, so today I’m sharing my third “Five Favorites” post, which rounds up my favorite things in the month of June!  This is my fifth “Five Favorites” post, so if you’re interested in reading my favorites of January, February, March, and May you can check them out herehere, here, and here!  Enjoy!

Five Favorites Template.jpg

  1. SheIn Ruched Bandeau Bikini Set – After seeing a colorful smocked bikini in Instagram spring break posts all through the month of April, I began searching for this trendy set.  For the longest time the only suit I could find that fit the pictures was a pricy Tory Burch set (I’m talking $118 for the top alone), but while browsing SheIn’s website one day I finally found this coveted set under $20 total!  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this bikini and I’m so excited to continue wearing it all summer!
  2. Freestyle Shark Classic Clip Watch in Taupe/Neon – I’ve been wanting one of these fun sports watches for a year now and I’m so happy I received one for my birthday before leaving for Work Crew!  I personally think this watch is much cuter than most sports watches, plus it reminds me of something from the 80s!  This hot pink, neon orange, and taupey grey color combo is hands down my favorite, but I also like this white, purple, orange, and mint combo!
  3. don’t smile at me EP by Billie Eilish – I have no idea how many hours I’ve spent listening to this EP (especially while traveling) in the month of June but if I knew it’d probably be some crazy and embarrassing number.  Billie’s music is just so beautiful and relatable while simultaneously being violent and exaggerated.  Her voice is absolutely stunning and I will never be over the fact that she is actually younger than me.  My favorite songs from the EP are currently “Watch” and “COPYCAT.”
  4. Target SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Gold Hoop Studs with Crystal Earrings in Gold – I bought these earrings from the Target x BaubleBar SUGARFIX collection a few months ago and I’ve loved wearing them!  The simple gold and crystal combination makes them super versatile and the trendy shape spices up any outfit!
  5. invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Ring in Royal Pearl – I know these hair ties have been trendy for a couple years now, but I honestly thought they were so ugly until a month or so ago.  My little sister bought a set of these while we were in San Diego and she let me have one (shout out to her!) and I’ve kept it on my wrist ever since.  I do think they seriously make a difference in regard to dents in your hair post-ponytail plus they’re just way cuter on your wrist than any other hair tie!

Thanks for reading!

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