Taking White Shorts from Basic to Bomb with Olivia of Absolutely Olivia

     Hi friends!  I’m Olivia, and I’m here to take over A Pocketful of Faith this week while Faith is away doing big things on Work Crew at YoungLife camp!  I run a fashion and lifestyle blog, Absolutely Olivia (@absolutelyolivia on Instagram), where I share everything from upcoming trends and style challenges to activism and what’s going on in my mind.  Feel free to come on down to my corner of the Internet anytime!

     Since it’s summer, it’s hard to go anywhere without seeing people in white shorts.  It’s easy to go for a more basic look when styling these shorts, but I’m here today to show you two quick ways to take your white shorts from a basic to a bomb outfit piece!  Here we go!

All White Everything

     First, I’m going to share my newfound, favorite way to style white shorts; white on white!  I’ve always seen people rock this style, but never thought to try it myself.  Now that I have, I want everyone and their mother to try this look, including you!  My biggest tip for wearing white on white is to vary the hues of white a little bit.  If you’re shorts are pure white, go for a slightly off-white top or vice versa.  Aside from that, I’d say you’re good to go out and do your thing!

all white 4.jpg

all white 3.jpg

all white 2.jpg

all white 1.jpg


     The second way to up your white shorts game is to style them with a monochromatic look on top.  Me being me, I chose the color red and layered it to the max for a stand-out style.  Creating a look like this one is pretty quick and self-explanatory but can make you look put together and fashion-forward.  Bonus points if you wear shoes to match the monochrome colors on top!

monochrome 3.jpg

monochrome 2.jpg

monochrome 4.jpg

monochrome 1.jpg

     Well, there you have it: two ways to take your basic white shorts to a bomb outfit piece!  I hope you all enjoyed this post and were inspired to try some new styles.  Leave a comment below letting Faith and I know how you wear your white shorts, and feel free to ask any questions!  Thanks so much for reading!

Love, Olivia

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