August Playlist 2018

     After a month of listening only to what our Work Crew bosses chose to play in the dining hall and laundry room and the worship music we sang in Work Crew meetings and club, I somehow haven’t been able to listen to much of anything else.  You’ll notice this month’s playlist has a much greater saturation of worship music than my typical playlist, but I promise each worship song I added is really that good, especially considering the fact that I’m usually not one to listen to a lot of worship music on my own.  My absolute favorites from this playlist are “Come Thou Fount,” “High Tops,” “Testify,” and LANY’s newest release that I missed while I was away, “Thru These Tears.”  Enjoy!


Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

Come Thou Fount // My Friend // O Come to the Altar // High Tops // Testify // Reckless Love // Awake My Soul // Lonely Alone // Thru These Tears // Rescue // Shots (Broiler Remix) // Drive // In the Blood // Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go // Waiting

Thanks for reading!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png

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