I Know Where I’m Going!

     Of all the posts I’ve ever published, today’s might just be the most exciting.  As most of you already know, I’m currently a senior in high school, which means it’s about time for me to pick a college.  I love having a plan and knowing things in advance, so I’ve been waiting for this moment since freshman year.  I actually got accepted to the school I’ll be attending on October 31st, but I wanted to wait to share until I had paid my deposit and come up with the perfect way to tell y’all.  That “perfect way,” (if there is such a thing) is taking place tonight, as I’m publishing this post I’m also announcing where I’ll be attending college on Instagram livestream (follow me on Instagram @apocketfuloffaith if you don’t already so you don’t miss other fun updates and opportunities to provide input!).  I’m so sorry for the disconnect between us lately, it’s just been so hard to put up content while holding off on sharing something so important to me right now.  Alright, enough waiting, let’s talk about where I’m going to college!

     I currently live in South Carolina, but I was born in Texas, where my parents are from and all of my extended family still resides.  That said, I’ve returned to Texas every summer since moving when I was four to visit family and explore.  I’ve always known I’d want to go back to Texas for college, so I actually didn’t even apply to any in-state schools.  Through process of elimination based on availability of my major (journalism), city setting (I wanted a town with an identity outside of the school and plenty of things to do), and proximity to my extended family (I wanted to be within a couple hours from them since I’d be so far from my immediate family), I narrowed my schools of interest list down to Southern Methodist University, Texas Christian University, the University of Texas at Austin, Baylor University, and Trinity University.

     I visited three of these schools; SMU, Baylor, and UT, and what they say about the importance of visiting is absolutely true.  The school’s website, however appealing and pretty, will never generate the same feeling as asking current students for directions and connecting with a tour guide.  I would also definitely recommend visiting during the school year, because interaction with current students is really the best way to tell if you could actually see yourself there.  I always thought I wanted to be in a big city, and that a large campus or student size wouldn’t bother me, but I was wrong.  While visiting I quickly learned that I wanted a medium-sized school with a defined campus (one that you couldn’t just wander onto from the city).

     Another factor in my decision, which I didn’t anticipate beforehand, was how badly I yearned for a school where Christian community would be easy to find.  I’m super involved in YoungLife here in South Carolina, and after being on YoungLife Work Crew at Saranac Village this summer (read my post about that amazing month here) I realized that community is really important in keeping my faith strong.  At the end of one specific college tour, after I expressed my heart being torn between schools, my tour guide said, knowing I was involved in YoungLife from a previous conversation, “I know you’ll end up where you belong, where God wants you.”  That’s the kind of friend I want in college, and that, along with the other incredible experiences I had on campus that day, is why I chose my school.

     I’m going to Baylor University!  Between the stunning campus, fostered Christian community, Dr. Pepper Hour, the bear habitat (where they nurture two adorable American Black Bears on campus!), the oldest Homecoming Tradition in American history, and running the Baylor Line, I left campus the day of my tour knowing I didn’t want to go anywhere else.  I couldn’t be more ecstatic to spend the next four years in Waco, TX and I can’t wait to take y’all along with me (as I’m currently planning to continue blogging in college).  As a matter of fact, my current career plan has stemmed from my love for blogging.  I will be majoring in journalism and minoring in apparel merchandising in hopes of pursuing my dream of writing for a major fashion magazine like Vogue!

Thank you for all of your support over the past four years of high school!  More college and Baylor-related posts are coming soon.  Thanks for reading and sic ’em bears!

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