Five Favorites; November 2018

     Pretty funny how I meant to write these posts every month this year and thought five items would be easy to come up with.  Anywho, this is my ninth “Five Favorites” post, so if you’re interested in reading my favorites from previous months you can find them here!  This month’s list includes three fashion pieces I’ve been loving lately along with a devotional and album.  Enjoy!

Five Favorites Template.001.jpeg

  1. New Balance Heat Down 500D Jacket in Black – This isn’t the exact jacket I have, but it’s the most similar one I could find online.  I recently picked up a variation of this jacket (mine doesn’t have the hood) at my local Marshalls for just $30!  I love the simple black quilting and I think it’s the perfect winter jacket to throw on over a cute top and jeans or even a tee shirt and leggings.  Not to mention, even at the original price it’s still cheaper than the similar Patagonia black quilted jacket I’ve been seeing around lately.
  2. Old Navy Mid-Rise Micro-Flare Jeans – I’d been dying to try the flare jean trend for months now and these did not disappoint!  I seriously love the way these fit, so flattering and they’re under $40!
  3. Jesus Calling devotional – My friend gave this devotional to me as a birthday gift in 2017 and while I’ve been reading it for most of the year I’ve been extra obsessed lately.  I do my best to read Jesus Calling every morning before school and it makes such a difference in my mindset throughout the day.  It somehow always says exactly what I need to hear.
  4. Chan Luu Leopard Print Neckerchief – I purchased this neckerchief at the store I work at a couple months ago and I’ve been wearing it a ton lately (see it styled in this post).  I love putting my hair half up and tying the neckerchief over the elastic or just tying it around my neck with a basic top or sweater!
  5. Sleeping With Roses II album by Chelsea Cutler – I thought I’d never love anything by Chelsea Cutler more than Sleeping With Roses, but then she dropped a part two.  I’m obsessed with the tracks “AF1s,” “Three Words Away,” and “Cold Showers.”

Thanks for reading!

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