My Christmas Wishlist 2018

     Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and Christmas blog posts are some of my favorite to write!  I’m starting my Christmas series this year as I typically do, with my Christmas wishlist!  As I’ve always said, I’m posting this list mainly to give y’all ideas because I know what it’s like to be stumped on what to ask for, not because I’m asking for all of this or expecting to receive any of it for that matter.  I can’t wait to start sharing gift guides so y’all can get some ideas as to what to buy for your friends!  Please shoot me a direct message on Instagram @apocketfuloffaith telling me what type of girl (or guy) you’d like to see gift recommendations for!  Without further adieu, here’s my first Christmas post of the season.  Enjoy!

Christmas Wishlist.001

  1. Converse One Star Platform Suede Low Top Sneakers in “Mercury Grey” – I wear my black Vans, brown UGG slip-ons, and gold high top Converse sneakers nonstop, but I think it’s time I get a new pair of sneakers.  I don’t have any platforms so I think these taupe suede platform sneakers would be an awesome addition to my closet!  They’re a great neutral color that I know will match so much and I think the platform is such a fun, trendy touch.
  2. Madewell Glitter Shapes Statement Earrings in “Gold Glitter” – I love all of Madewell’s funky shape earrings and these have to be my favorite that I’ve ever seen.  The gold glitter is eye-catching and fun, yet they’ll match a ton.
  3. Kendra Scott Custom Gold Danielle Earrings in “Green” – I have the Kendra Scott Danielle earrings in two colors already, and as much as I love them I think I might just need them in my college colors too.  This green and gold combo would be perfect for Baylor gameday!
  4. New Balance 574 Floral Sneakers in “Sea Salt with Gold” – I’ve worn my white and gold New Balance x J.Crew sneakers out since I bought them sophomore year, and I think these would be a really fun replacement.  I love the gold floral embroidery around the heel, it’s a really unique detail for a sneaker!
  5. lululemon Hotty Hot Short II 2.5″ in “Figue/Rose Blush” – I’ve wanted a pair of lululemon shorts for a while, they’re just so expensive!  If I were to get a pair I’d love this pink pair, I think they’re such a neat color and I can see myself wearing them a lot.
  6. LANY’s Malibu Nights Limited LP – I love using the record player I got for Christmas last year and I’ve been obsessed with LANY’s newest songs for several months now, so I know this record would be a good investment!
  7. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top in “Neutral Multi” – I’ve been eyeing these button-down tops for almost a year and I want one so badly!  They look so comfortable and I can already see myself styling them so many ways.  I love the colors of this striped variant so I think it’d be a good one to start with!
  8. Hydro Flask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle in “Lemon” – I’ve been wanting a new water bottle that will last a long time and keep my drinks cold and since being on Work Crew and hearing several of my friends there rave about theirs, I’ve decided that a Hydro Flask would be the perfect fit.  I want the 32 oz. because I drink a ton of water and I love the yellow because it’s a happy color plus yellow/gold is one of Baylor’s colors (sic ’em!).
  9. James Avery Horizon Cross Necklace in “Sterling Silver” – I love simple jewelry that can be worn with anything and I don’t have a cross necklace, so I think this necklace would be perfect.  I love the way the cross falls more to one side than the other, I just think this piece is so dainty and feminine!
  10. Patagonia Women’s Diamond Capra Fleece Hoody in “Century Pink” – If you’ve heard of the popular Melanzana pullovers, you probably also know that they’re currently only sold where they’re made in Colorado.  I think this might just be the most similar pullover I’ve seen and I’m obsessed with it!  I love the unique fabric pattern and I just adore this color!  This would be an awesome pullover to have just to throw on before class when I head to college next fall.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you can use my wishlist for inspiration when making your own.  If you’re interested in reading Christmas posts from previous years find them here, and if you’d like to specifically read previous Christmas wishlists find them here.

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My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

5 thoughts on “My Christmas Wishlist 2018

  1. I really like the Lululemon shorts and that Patagonia fleece hoodie would make great additions to the closet this winter season. I love your wishlist, thanks for sharing!


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