Why Every Girl Should Apply to be a Jadelynn Brooke Ambassador

     As I believe most of you are aware, I have been a Jadelynn Brooke High School Ambassador ever since their high school rep program opened my sophomore year – that’s three years or six semesters of high school.  Since I just graduated high school and will be heading off to college this fall, I just applied to continue my business relationship with Jadelynn Brooke as a College Ambassador.  Why, after three years, do I want to continue working for this brand specifically?  Yes, I do get free clothes as an ambassador, but that’s not it.  Today is the final day that Jadelynn Brooke will be accepting applications for High School and College Ambassadors, so today I’m sharing why I think every girl should apply at least once in their student lives.  I hope y’all find this post informative and I hope it answers some of your questions.  If you’re on the fence about applying, this post is for you!  Enjoy!

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     The applications for both Jadelynn Brooke’s High School Ambassador and College Ambassador programs are fairly simple – thirteen basic informational questions (Instagram handle, grade/year in school, phone number, email address, etc.) followed by five free-response questions that give the ladies of Jadelynn Brooke a feel for who you are and why you’re interested in representing their brand.  This application will take most people somewhere between ten and thirty minutes, nothing crazy!

     The Jadelynn Brooke sisters receive hundreds if not thousands of applications each semester, but they understand your anxiousness while awaiting a response and typically let you know about the status of your application within a few weeks of the application period’s closing (which, this round, is today, August 2nd at midnight!).  The sisters do their best to read each application fairly and honestly choose girls that are the best fits for their brand.  That’s why so many of the rep girls have so much in common!

     Even though the initial thought of applying is often “This would be so cool!  I’d get free Jadelynn Brooke clothes!” once accepted, most girls find that the best parts of Jadelynn Brooke’s ambassador programs aren’t even really related to the clothing.  My personal favorite parts have been the community and experience working closely with a business.    Like I said before, the girls Jadelynn Brooke chooses to represent them have a lot of key principles and interests in common, so it’s super easy to click with other ambassadors whether that’s through social media or in person.  I still keep in touch with so many of the girls I met online my first year representing Jadelynn Brooke.  We now write letters, send each other our graduation announcements, text, and FaceTime from time to time.

   As if these fun new friends weren’t a cool enough addition to your life on their own, you’re getting to work directly with a massive brand.  Jadelynn Brooke has grown so much over the past few years but the sisters are still as connected with their ambassadors, if not more so, as they were in the beginning.  Jadelynn Brooke includes sweet letters in every Happy Box, sends out emails, occasionally calls reps individually, and often comments on reps’ photos (sometimes even when they’re not related to the brand).  I was even included in promoting a big release or two!  I’ve had the privilege of meeting Jade and Lexi Lynn (and Moxie!) in person and they’re just as fun and down to earth in person.  They kept up with me as I made my college decision and offered to help in any way they could.  They are truly the sweetest brand to work with.

     So you were thinking about it, but you don’t know if you’ll get a spot as a High School or College Ambassador for Jadelynn Brooke.  Something big I’ve been learning lately is that the very worst thing that could happen is you get a “No.”  But what if they say yes?  You’ll make new friends from across the country.  You’ll get to work with a huge brand as a student.  You’ll get adorable free products from Jadelynn Brooke and their sister brands!  Seriously, what do you have to lose?  Just the twenty-ish minutes it’ll take you to fill out the application today.

     Maybe you were thinking about it, but you don’t think that you want to post about a brand on your Instagram once a week.  I get it, but isn’t it a pretty cool thought that a brand might choose you out of thousands of applicants from across the country to post about them?  If the Jadelynn Brooke brand just isn’t your style I can understand not choosing to apply, but if you’re worried your friends will give you a hard time about it, you can remind them that you were chosen to show Instagram and your school the joy, faithfulness, and grace this brand embodies.  Now that’s pretty darn neat.

Thanks for reading!  You can apply to be a Jadelynn Brook High School Ambassador here and College Ambassador here.  Don’t forget thta today is the last day to apply!  Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email (apocketfuloffaithblog@gmail.com) or Instagram DM (@apocketfuloffaith) if you have any questions about applying to be a Jadelynn Brooke ambassador!  If you’d like to hear more about my experience with the Jadelynn Brooke High School Ambassador program, read this post!

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