My First Week-ish at Baylor

     I’m about two weeks into my freshman year at Baylor and to say I’m loving every minute of it would be an understatement.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of my peers and professors and I’ve fallen in love with the access to Christian ministries I have here.  Don’t even get me started on how beautiful the campus is — it’s hard to be mad about the Texas heat when my walks to class are so pretty!  Today I’m sharing a little about what my time here has looked like thus far, from move-in to classes to football games.  I’m only really going to be covering the highlights, but of course I have plenty of pictures.  I hope you enjoy this little peek into my college life so far!

Move-In Day

     As I anticipated, move-in day was overwhelming and stressful and fun all at once.  Volunteer students carry all of your belongings from your car to your room while you pick up all of your Welcome Week materials and get your ID set up to unlock your room so the physical labor of bringing everything in was pretty much nonexistent and I’m so grateful for that.  Once I actually got in the room, my roommate Perri and I began settling in with our families’ help.  Both being pretty far out of state, our families left early in the afternoon to prepare for flights home from other cities the next day.  I won’t be going home until Christmas, so saying goodbye to my dad and sister was bittersweet.  Once our families were gone, we put the finishing touches on our dorm and got things organized before heading to dinner with a bunch of our friends!  I’m so proud of how our dorm turned out (we added a little more to the space after the photos below were taken) and I’m actually so excited to be sharing this room with my roommate who is now one of my best friends!  Our residence hall is home to nearly 600 freshman girls and while that sounds super crowded, it’s so cool to be this close to so many sweet girls.



Club Collins

     I’m going to be honest, my friend group didn’t go to a ton of the Welcome Week activities, but one event we were sure to attend on Friday night was called Club Collins.  This little dance party mixer was held in the gathering space of the first floor of our dorm and was super hot (temperature-wise…the room was warm before it was completely packed with sweaty college students) but super fun!  Our CLs (Community Leaders – essentially RAs at Baylor) set up a photo booth and other activities for the event.  My friends and I got a little bored (and sweaty) about an hour in so we ended up leaving before the event was over to shower and head to HEB for a late-night grocery run.


Saturday and the Big Event(s)

     Saturday was slow but eventful, including the farmers’ market, two trips to Common Grounds (best coffee shop ever and way too close to my dorm), meeting Brooklyn and Bailey at the church fair, Chick-fil-A for dinner, the Big Event, and the Bigger Event.  Baylor New Student Programs held “the Big Event” in the SUB (Student Union Building), which included food, karaoke, games, and bear building.  After the Big Event in the SUB, we headed to “the Bigger Event,” which was held off-campus by an organization called Zeta Zigga Zamma (ZZZ).  ZZZ calls themselves a Christian fraternity and it’s essentially a God-loving group of guys that hosts substance-free parties that typically include Kool-Aid, prayer, a little bit of worship music, and a whole lot of dancing.  The party was so fun and I’m so grateful to be at a school with organizations like this one!



Sunday Before the First Day of Classes

     Sunday morning was my first opportunity to try out a church in Waco.  My friend group attended a contemporary service at Harris Creek Baptist Church and we loved it.  There are more than enough churches in Waco to go to a new church every week of freshman year and never repeat, so there are still a few more on our list to try before finding permanent church homes!  Right after church, we went to Rosa’s, my friend Lauren’s favorite restaurant ever.  That evening, the candlelight service was the final event of Welcome Week.  I went to the service with my friends Lexi and Parker and there we prayed for the school year, sang worship songs, and heard from a speaker.  It was such a neat way to start the school year and totally unlike anything my high school ever offered.



First Day of Classes

     My first day of classes began with a big breakfast surrounded by lots of friends and wrapped up with my last class ending at 4:25pm.  Something I really love about Baylor is the abundance of ministry available every night, and the night of the first day of class was no exception!  Baylor has this super cool worship service called Vertical, which takes place most every Monday night, and our first time at the event was such a neat experience.  Vertical reminded me a lot of YoungLife club back home, except all the music was worship instead of fun pop songs that often precede club and the talk was a little longer.  Vertical was the perfect end to the first day of classes and I’m so excited to continue going (especially because Passion Band is coming on September 9th)!


Breakfast at Magnolia Table and College Ministry at Antioch

     My good friend Lexi and I had what will likely become a weekly (and expensive) tradition of Magnolia Table for breakfast on Wednesday.  The meal was such a nice break from dining hall food and it was a fun use of our extra morning time given that our first classes were at 10:10am!  After classes that night I went with a group of friends to Antioch’s college ministry service and it was so good!  I loved every worship song we sang and the message about finding yourself was incredible.  I’m hoping to try out one of Antioch’s Sunday services soon!


First Football Game

     Saturday marked not only our first game as Baylor students, but also our first time running the Baylor Line (refer to my post about Line Camp here if you don’t know what the Baylor Line is)!  Running the Line was such a fun experience and was even worth the hour-ish wait in the hot sun beforehand.  We were pleasantly surprised that no one in our friend group fell or lost a shoe/phone in the chaos of running the Line (trust me, there are horror stories of torn ACLs and broken jaws).  Baylor beat Stephen F. Austin 56 to 10 and we celebrated the victory with another trip to Rosa’s (Lauren’s request again)!





Labor Day Weekend in Lake Travis

     One of my best friends here at Baylor, Abby, was super generous to invite a small group of friends to come home with her Sunday through Monday and spend time out on Lake Travis on her boat!  We had a blast wake-boarding and meeting Abby’s dogs, but man did we enjoy her mom’s homecooked dinner on Sunday night!  After dinner, we got dessert at an awesome donut place in Austin called Gourdough’s.  We enjoyed the luxury of sleeping on beds that weren’t twin-sized then headed back to Waco after breakfast Monday morning!




I’m so thankful for what Baylor already is to me and I’m so excited for what’s to come.  This place and these people are such a gift from God and I’m so confident that I’m exactly where I belong.  I hope you enjoyed this post — sic ’em!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 12.53.47 PM.png


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