Holiday Gift Guide 2018 #1: Gifts for the Fashionista

     At long last, I’ve finally rounded up ten items for my first gift guide of the season!  I meant to have this post up about ten days ago (I’m the worst!), but I figured better late than never!  I’m hoping to do a little mini-series of gift guides this year, and the first post is “Gifts for the Fashionista!”  The gifts I’m sharing today are perfect for that friend whose outfits you always adore and that you always FaceTime for approval on your own outfits.  I hope this helps you get some inspiration for what to get your most fashionable friend (or maybe even some things to add to your own wishlist…).  Enjoy!

Gift Guide.001.jpeg

  1. Madewell Faux-Pearl Winky Necklace ($32.00) – Maybe it’s just me that’s been minorly obsessed with eyes in jewelry lately (especially winking ones), but I think this necklace is precious.  I always love receiving gifts I wouldn’t normally buy for myself but allow me to experiment with new styles, and I think this one would be a hit in that category for most stylish girls.  The dainty gold-plated chain and faux pearl make the style simple enough to go with any outfit, while the trendy wink also adds something funky to a classic look.
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Bi-Fold Key Ring Wallet ($65.00) – I received a Rebecca Minkoff key ring wallet for Christmas last year and it’s still one of my favorite things I own!  Your most fashionable friend will use this wallet on the daily, it attaches to her keys and is perfect to conveniently hold her IDs, cash, and cards!  (This wallet also comes in red and brown!)
  3. J.Crew Ribbed Beanie with Faux-Fur Pom-Pom in Seashell ($39.50) – This adorable beanie topped off with a trendy faux-fur pom-pom would be a great gift for your favorite fashionista during these cold winter months, especially if you live somewhere extra chilly!  (This beanie also comes in red, violet, white, grey, green, navy, royal blue, and black!)
  4. Madewell Bandana in Light Blossom Multi ($12.50) – These little scarves have been so in lately, I personally have a small grey leopard one that I wear constantly but I’m dying to get another!  They look absolutely adorable tied around your neck like an ascot, in your hair, on your bag strap, or on your wrist.  This pretty pattern will be perfect to brighten her winter wardrobe and wear all spring and summer.  (This bandana comes in several other fun patterns!)
  5. Anthropologie Braided Tassel Keychain in Pink ($20.00) – You can’t go wrong with a cute keychain for a teenage girl (especially one who recently got her license).  This girly tassel keychain is reminiscent of friendship bracelets but chic enough to be the perfect addition to her plain keys.  (This keychain also comes in blue/orange and navy/mauve color combinations!)
  6. Kendra Scott Rose Gold Metallic Nail Lacquer ($16.00) – Nail polish is an easy gift for any girl, and this fancy rose gold color from Kendra Scott would be perfect for your fashionista friend!  The color is beautiful and she’ll be sure to appreciate your taste given that it’s Kendra Scott, even though this gift is far less expensive than most of Kendra’s jewelry.  (This nail polish also comes in gold and gunmetal!)
  7. Kendra Scott Edie Gold Cuff Bracelet in Pink Rhodonite ($65.00) – A cuff bracelet is the perfect addition to any simple outfit, but is also the perfect finishing touch for a more formal event like prom or another formal dance!  You can just about guarantee that she’ll get a ton of use out of this!  (This cuff is available in several other stones!)
  8. Quay Australia ALL NIGHT in PCHPRL/BRN ($60.00) – As fashion-forward as a girl you’d consider a “fashionista” must be, these retro cat eye sunnies are probably not too far out of her comfort zone.  The blush pink frames will definitely compliment her trendy wardrobe.  (These also come in a red frame/brown lens combo and all black!)
  9. Anthropologie Monogram Agate Coaster ($16.00) – This one is definitely one of the more random on the list, but come on, how pretty is this coaster?  The simple, elegant white and gold combination will match just about any room.  I think one of these with maybe a nail polish or gift card would make an awesome gift for a high school senior preparing to go to college, this would be perfect for her dorm room!
  10. J.Crew Ribbon-Wrapped Hoop Earrings in Sunwashed Pink ($29.50) – Clearly I’ve stuck with a blush pink theme here, but as if your chic friend doesn’t have enough blush in her wardrobe already, the adorable ribbon accents on these earrings will add the perfect pop of pink to any ensemble.  (These also come in red and black!)

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My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

My Christmas Wishlist 2018

     Christmas is by far my favorite holiday, and Christmas blog posts are some of my favorite to write!  I’m starting my Christmas series this year as I typically do, with my Christmas wishlist!  As I’ve always said, I’m posting this list mainly to give y’all ideas because I know what it’s like to be stumped on what to ask for, not because I’m asking for all of this or expecting to receive any of it for that matter.  I can’t wait to start sharing gift guides so y’all can get some ideas as to what to buy for your friends!  Please shoot me a direct message on Instagram @apocketfuloffaith telling me what type of girl (or guy) you’d like to see gift recommendations for!  Without further adieu, here’s my first Christmas post of the season.  Enjoy!

Christmas Wishlist.001

  1. Converse One Star Platform Suede Low Top Sneakers in “Mercury Grey” – I wear my black Vans, brown UGG slip-ons, and gold high top Converse sneakers nonstop, but I think it’s time I get a new pair of sneakers.  I don’t have any platforms so I think these taupe suede platform sneakers would be an awesome addition to my closet!  They’re a great neutral color that I know will match so much and I think the platform is such a fun, trendy touch.
  2. Madewell Glitter Shapes Statement Earrings in “Gold Glitter” – I love all of Madewell’s funky shape earrings and these have to be my favorite that I’ve ever seen.  The gold glitter is eye-catching and fun, yet they’ll match a ton.
  3. Kendra Scott Custom Gold Danielle Earrings in “Green” – I have the Kendra Scott Danielle earrings in two colors already, and as much as I love them I think I might just need them in my college colors too.  This green and gold combo would be perfect for Baylor gameday!
  4. New Balance 574 Floral Sneakers in “Sea Salt with Gold” – I’ve worn my white and gold New Balance x J.Crew sneakers out since I bought them sophomore year, and I think these would be a really fun replacement.  I love the gold floral embroidery around the heel, it’s a really unique detail for a sneaker!
  5. lululemon Hotty Hot Short II 2.5″ in “Figue/Rose Blush” – I’ve wanted a pair of lululemon shorts for a while, they’re just so expensive!  If I were to get a pair I’d love this pink pair, I think they’re such a neat color and I can see myself wearing them a lot.
  6. LANY’s Malibu Nights Limited LP – I love using the record player I got for Christmas last year and I’ve been obsessed with LANY’s newest songs for several months now, so I know this record would be a good investment!
  7. Urban Outfitters Out From Under Jojo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top in “Neutral Multi” – I’ve been eyeing these button-down tops for almost a year and I want one so badly!  They look so comfortable and I can already see myself styling them so many ways.  I love the colors of this striped variant so I think it’d be a good one to start with!
  8. Hydro Flask 32 oz. Wide Mouth Bottle in “Lemon” – I’ve been wanting a new water bottle that will last a long time and keep my drinks cold and since being on Work Crew and hearing several of my friends there rave about theirs, I’ve decided that a Hydro Flask would be the perfect fit.  I want the 32 oz. because I drink a ton of water and I love the yellow because it’s a happy color plus yellow/gold is one of Baylor’s colors (sic ’em!).
  9. James Avery Horizon Cross Necklace in “Sterling Silver” – I love simple jewelry that can be worn with anything and I don’t have a cross necklace, so I think this necklace would be perfect.  I love the way the cross falls more to one side than the other, I just think this piece is so dainty and feminine!
  10. Patagonia Women’s Diamond Capra Fleece Hoody in “Century Pink” – If you’ve heard of the popular Melanzana pullovers, you probably also know that they’re currently only sold where they’re made in Colorado.  I think this might just be the most similar pullover I’ve seen and I’m obsessed with it!  I love the unique fabric pattern and I just adore this color!  This would be an awesome pullover to have just to throw on before class when I head to college next fall.

Thanks for reading!  I hope you can use my wishlist for inspiration when making your own.  If you’re interested in reading Christmas posts from previous years find them here, and if you’d like to specifically read previous Christmas wishlists find them here.

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Christmas in Leopard

     Merry Christmas!  I hope y’all have had a lovely day with your dearest friends and family celebrating Christ’s birth and the incredible gift of eternal life that His being brought about.  I also hope that you got everything you wanted, but even if you didn’t I hope you remember that the gifts really aren’t what Christmas is all about.  Today I’m posting a somewhat festive outfit that would be perfect for today (in all honesty I didn’t wear it today but I thought it would be a fun look to share!).  Enjoy!

     I think playful patterns are so perfect for the holiday season, which makes the oh so trendy leopard print even more fitting for this Christmas!  My stepmother recently gave me this thin leopard J.Crew Factory sweater and I’ve loved styling it, leopard is so much more versatile than you might think!  I paired the neutral print with a maroon button down skirt from Forever 21 (I’ve had this skirt for a year and a half now and it’s still one of my most worn clothing pieces!).  I dressed up the skirt a bit with my lookalike Gucci belt (it was only $15!  Read my detailed post about the dupe here), a pair of hoop earrings with little crystal drops at the bottom, a crystal choker with a gold ring in the center, my Kate Spade watch, and some gold and white Sashka Co. bracelets.  I finished off the look with my taupe suede booties, which I get a ton of use out of this time of year.

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sweater // skirt (not currently available in maroon) // booties // belt // choker (similar) // earrings (similar) // beaded bracelets (here and here) // cross bracelet (similar) // watch (similar) // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

Thanks for reading!  Merry Christmas.

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The choker from By Grace Designs as well as the beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!  My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

Scripture Sunday Vol. 24

     Merry Christmas Eve and happy Sunday!  Today’s “Scripture Sunday” post follows a Christmas theme, and I love the message of this verse.  If you are for whatever reason offended by Christianity, please feel free to scroll past this post and find another fashion or lifestyle post that better suits you.  However, if you’re looking for a good Christ-based read before bed on this anticipated night I’d love for you to read this post!  Let’s get on with the post already!

Today’s Verse:

John 12:46; I have come into the world as light so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.

     It’s so ridiculously easy to get caught up in all the gifts, songs, lights, and festivities that surround Christmas without even remembering what we’re celebrating.  When asked what your favorite part of Christmas is, you might think the “right” answer is “giving gifts to my loved ones” and know simply to avoid claiming that receiving is the best part for you.  However, the best part of Christmas would ideally be remembering the birth of Jesus.  Even if you are a Christian and know that Jesus’ birth is the “reason for the season,” it’s probably not at the forefront of your mind between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.  I’m definitely guilty of this as well, and I think it’s all to easy to get distracted these days.

     Recently at a Campaigners (YoungLife Bible study) meeting, one of my leaders asked the question “if you didn’t know Christ’s birth the way you do now as a Christian, would the way you celebrate look different?”  This question shook me a bit.  I’d sure hope my celebrations would be completely different without Christ’s presence, because I’d like to think most of what I do around the holidays is in honor of Jesus’ birth.  I thought to myself about what I do to celebrate this time of year.  I pick out a tree with my family, my stepmother decorates our house with garlands and nativity scenes, I go to church with my family each Sunday (as we do all year), before dinner each Sunday my stepmother lights the candles of our Advent wreath, I purchase gifts for my family and friends, I receive gifts from my family and friends, I attend a holiday party or two, and my family attends the Christmas Eve service at church.

     I wouldn’t jump to call any of those things not Christ-based, but they aren’t all centered on the idea of Christ’s birth.  Picking a tree and decorating our house isn’t so much to directly celebrate Christ’s birth as much as it is to “get us in the holiday spirit.”  Going to church and lighting the Advent wreath are both in theory Christ-based activities, but in all honesty I know I tend to zone out at church sometimes in our routine Episcopal services and the lighting of the Advent wreath becomes an afterthought for me after a couple weeks.  Buying gifts for my friends and family becomes more about finding the perfect thing for the lowest price than it is remembering the wisemen’s gifts to Jesus or God’s gift to the world.  Receiving gifts typically brings thoughts of “They know me so well!” and “Yes, just what I wanted!” to my mind instead of “While these gifts are kind and appreciated, they remind me of God’s great gift of eternal life that drastically overcomes any earthly gift.”  Holiday parties should be reminders of how worthy of celebration Christ’s birth is, but instead they are places to hear the latest gossip, gorge on good food, and wear a special outfit.

      John 12:46 truly embodies what we should be celebrating, what Jesus’ birth was all about.  It wasn’t God saying “Look, I made this perfect person!  Love Him and bring Him gifts!”  Instead, Jesus’ birth brought us guidance, love, and eternal life.  The verse reads “I have come into the world as light so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.”  Brighter than the pretty Christmas lights we make fun activities out of viewing, Jesus has lit up our dark world of tragedy and sin.

     Tonight, as you lie awake in anticipation of the gifts you’ll find under the tree tomorrow morning, think about what a truly incredible gift you’ve already been given.  When you consider eternal life in heaven, the little things we receive or get upset about not receiving are pretty ridiculous.  Try to remember the real reason for the season, a reason even better than the smiles on the faces of those you’ve given gifts to or the beautiful tree you’ve decorated.  Tomorrow is the birthday of the greatest presence to ever grace our earth, don’t get distracted by the party.

Thanks for reading!  Have a merry Christmas and blessed week!

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December Playlist 2017

     I can’t believe how close we’re getting to Christmas!  With school, extracurriculars, and work I’ve found it so hard to sit down and write posts for my Christmas series this year, but I’m trying to cram a few more posts in during these last days! Today’s Christmas-themed post is my December playlist.  Personally, as much as I love the Christmas season and its candles-and-twinkle-lights ambiance, I have a hard time listening to Christmas music on repeat all month (I know, I know, super unpopular opinion these days).  However, I’ve recently come across a few Christmas tunes that sound enough like things I typically listen to that I actually want to listen to them.  This year I’ve been listening to Cappa’s rendition of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (it’s so good you won’t believe it), “Christmas This Year” by Tobymac featuring Leigh Nash, Snoop Dogg and Anna Kendrick’s “Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus” compilation from Pitch Perfect 2, and Taylor Swift’s 2007 take on “Last Christmas.”  This playlist is also filled with plenty of non-seasonal songs that I’ve been loving recently, especially “Mine” by Bazzi, “Remember That Night (SAINT WKND Remix)” by Grouplove, and “Both Of Us” by Yellow Claw featuring STORi.  I hope you love these songs as much as I do!  Enjoy!

Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

All I Want For Christmas Is You // Mine // Both Of Us // Christmas This Year // Feels Great // Him & I // Remember That Night (SAINT WKND Remix) // Til I Get Found // Last Christmas // Good Morning (Madison Mars Remix) // Midnight Life // Winter Wonderland / Here Comes Santa Claus // 6pm in New York // Crazy Love // Right To It

(playlist background via Victoria Bilsborough)

Thanks for reading!  Comment your current favorite song below!

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 #2: Gifts for Your Sportiest Friend

     I’m so happy to share another gift guide with y’all today (if you missed my first gift guide post, “Gifts for Your Chicest Friend,” you can check it out here)!  I’m so sorry this post didn’t make it onto the blog earlier this week, but I’ve been overwhelmed with exam reviews and I figured better late than never, right?  I plan on getting at least one more gift guide up this season, so please let me know what other category of friend/loved one you’d like a guide for!  Today’s category is “Gifts for Your Sportiest Friend,” otherwise known as the pal you’re constantly supporting in her games, meets, matches, etc. and tends to miss or show up late to friend gatherings due to practice.  Each item shown and numbered in the graphic below is named, linked, priced, and described under the graphic next to its corresponding number.  Here’s the gift guide, enjoy!

Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 8.49.49 PM.png

  1. Patagonia Women’s Organic Cotton Quilt Hoodie in Drifter Grey ($179.00) – Comfy, athletic, and cute pieces like this quilted zip-up Patagonia hoodie have been super in lately thanks to the “athleisure” trend.  This would be the perfect go-to jacket for your fit friend to throw on for her workouts or casual everyday looks!
  2. Nike Women’s Dry Tempo Running Shorts in White/Wolf Grey ($16.87) – This white on white pair of Nike shorts might not be the most practical pair, but you’d be lying if you said they weren’t the most aesthetically pleasing pair you’ve ever seen.  The “all white everything” look has been super in over the past few years so I think this pair of athletic shorts would be so cute to wear with a white sports bra or workout top to the gym/sports practice.  These would also be perfect to throw on under a big tee shirt to a casual hangout with friends.  (These shorts come in tons of other colors!)
  3. Woven Pear SPOT Dalmation Socks ($15.00) – While socks might sound like a boring gift, this fun yet sophisticated pair of Dalmatian-inspired spotted socks are not only absolutely adorable, but they also have extra padding in the toes and heels for extra comfort!  These would be the perfect way for your athletic gal pal to add a fun flair to a dreaded morning workout or keep her feet warm on a winter run! (Woven Pear socks come in tons of other colors, prints, and sock styles!)
  4. adidas NMD_R2 Shoes in Pink ($130.00) – Adidas shoes have definitely made a comeback recently and this blush pink pair has to be my favorite that I’ve seen so far!  The shoes’ trendy color is sure to spice up any athletic outfit but also allows them to be dressed up.  (These also come in a black and blue combo!)
  5. Apple AirPods ($159.00) – As more and more people get the iPhone 7, 8, and X, the issue of bluetooth earbuds is becoming more and more common.  Apple Airpods appear to be the best pair on the market right now, with their charging case and amazing battery life.  These would be perfect for your gym-obsessed friends to wear during workouts!
  6. S’Well Galaxy Collection Milky Way Bottle ($25.00) – S’Well water bottles are supposed to be great at keeping your cold drinks cool and your hot drinks warm, plus they’re super on trend right now, making them the best bottle to take to practices and workouts!  I especially love this white iridescent bottle!  (S’Wells come in a ton of other fun colors and prints that are equally worth checking out.)
  7. Emi-Jay Hair Tie Candy Set of 12 Hair Ties ($24.00) – It’s incredibly rare that girls get through a workout without putting their hair up, and it’s even rarer that they can actually keep track of all the hair ties they use.  Emi-Jays are one of the most popular types of hair ties and this set of black, silver, and gold hair ties comes in the cutest candy-themed wrapping!  (Emi-jays come in lots of other colors and prints as well!)
  8. Fitbit Alta in Black/22k Gold Plated ($149.95) – Fitbits have gained so much popularity over the past few years but if your favorite fitness fanatic still doesn’t have one she definitely needs one!  I’m no Fitbit expert but I believe the Alta is the style that most people have and I love the gold plating on this one!  (The Alta also comes in black/silver and purple/silver combos!)
  9. Amazon Water Resistant Cell Phone Armband in Black ($10.98) – From my days of obsessive running (I ran every morning before school in fifth and sixth grade…man that was a long time ago!), I know the annoyance that holding a phone can be (at the time I was holding an iPod Touch but I assume the struggle’s the same).  I got one of these handy armbands back in the day and using it was so convenient and something I never realized I wanted until I received it!  If you have a friend who loves to run to music I would seriously recommend this as a gift, especially with such a low price point! (This armband also comes in grey, red, black with grey stitching, black with red stitching, navy, hot pink, blue, light pink, and purple!)
  10. lululemon Fly Away Tamer Headband II (Luxtreme) in Antiqued Alpine White Multi ($12.00) – Every workout enthusiast loves lululemon headbands and this neutral yet fun pattern is too cute!  This headband style is perfect to wear to sports practice or the gym and is sure to keep her hair out of her face so she can focus on the activity at hand.  (This also comes in pink and white!)

Thanks for reading!  Check back next week for another gift guide!  Happy shopping!

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