A Mexican Top and Tassel Earrings

     During my trip to Texas in August, I picked up the cutest traditional red embroidered top at the Mexican markets in San Antonio.  Y’all know how much I adore embroidery, and this top is no exception!  Today I’m sharing one of my favorite ways to style it.  Enjoy!

     Like I said, I purchased the shirt at a Mexican marketplace in San Antonio, TX, so it’s somewhat authentic and unique.  However, I found a similar one on Amazon and linked it at the end of this post!  The top is a bit on the longer side, like a tunic, so I think it looks really nice paired with my favorite pair of ankle jeans from Old Navy.  The gorgeous floral embroidery on the chest of the shirt contains dozens of colors, including pretty purples and blues.  The purple matches my favorite pair of stacked tassel earrings from E. Taylor Designs perfectly, so I thought they’d make a great accessory.  I also wore a couple Sashka Co. bracelets, including a blue and gold one that matches the embroidery as well.  The rest of my bracelet stack includes my MantraBand and Giving Key bangle.  With the loud shirt and earrings, I decided to keep the rest of the look simple with my Kendra Scott ivory pearl Elisa pendant necklace, gold Kate Spade watch, and gold Jack Rogers sandals.











top (similar) // jeans // sandals // earrings // necklace // blue and gold beaded bracelet (similar) // white and gold beaded bracelet // MantraBand // Giving Key bangle // watch (similar) // ring

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The earrings from E. Taylor Designs as well as the beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!

Blues by the Boats

     As I mentioned in my “Texas Travel Diary; Week 2” post (read it here), I spent my last weekend in Texas at the Rockport beach.  I had an amazing time in Rockport, as I always have since I began going as an infant.  One of my family’s favorite restaurants in Rockport is right next to a beautiful dock, so while we were out at dinner there our first night I shot today’s blog post!

     It’s no secret that off the shoulder pieces have been seriously on trend this year (read my “Trend Tracking” post on off the shoulder pieces here), and I’m loving it!  I picked up this simple navy off the shoulder top on sale at Banana Republic (sadly this one is no longer available but I linked a similar top below!) over winter break and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to pull it out a few times this summer.  I paired it with my favorite denim button front skirt from Forever 21 and some classic gold Jack Rogers sandals for a simple look that would be easy to accessorize.  I’d been saving this adorable blue bead and shell choker from E Squared for a beach trip and I was so happy to wear it!  I love the extra pop of blue it adds to the look and I think it’s just absolutely adorable.  Be sure to check out E Squared here for more cute jewelry!  Aside from the choker I wore mostly simple white and gold jewelry including my favorite Kendra Scott Danielle earrings, a couple Sashka Co. bracelets, a gold Kate Spade watch, a gold MantraBand, my Giving Key bangle, my silver cross cuff from Stella & Dot, and a thin rose gold ring.  Enjoy!
















top (similar) // skirt // sandals // choker // earrings // beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // Giving Key bangle // cross bracelet (similar) // watch (similar) // ring

     I pre-wrote this post about a week before Hurricane Harvey hit Rockport, and it just doesn’t feel right to upload this outfit post without mentioning the disaster.  I was so incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to visit Rockport this year just weeks before the small town was hit by the hurricane (see a couple pictures below).  I know that despite reconstruction efforts, the town will never be exactly the way my family remembers it.  My mother has been going to the Rockport beach since she was a child and seeing pictures of the destruction absolutely breaks her heart.  Please pray for Rockport as they begin to rebuild!


(Source: ABC News)

(Source: The Star)

    If you’re interested in aiding Rockport, TX in their restoration process, you can find the town’s GoFundMe page here.  It would mean the world to me if you’d make a donation!  If not, I’d like to reiterate that prayers are also definitely needed.  The citizens of Rockport are some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and my heart is breaking for them knowing how much they’ve lost due to initial hurricane damage and flooding.

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The choker from E Squared as well as the beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!

One Last Hoorah in My White Jeans

     Today is Labor Day, which means a long weekend, one last little slice of summer, and the end of white pants season (according to an old rule).  I love sporting my white jeans in the spring and summer and they’re a major staple in my warm weather wardrobe.  I know I’m going to miss matching them with black and navy tops to balance out the dark colors and with light pastel tops for a bright summer look.  I don’t always follow this rule, but I do usually keep from featuring white jeans in blog posts after Labor Day weekend.  Today I’m sharing one last look with my white jeans until next season.  Enjoy!

     Like I mentioned, I love styling white jeans with a pastel top.  I picked up this light green top on sale (for only $25!) at Anthropologie over the summer and I love it.  Sadly, it’s no longer available online, but I linked another fun top in the same summery hue!  I dressed the look up with a pair of tan TOMS wedges and some white and gold jewelry.  I adore this simple choker from Designs by Shelbs and you can use my code “FAITH15” for 15% off any purchase of $15 or more!  The rest of my jewelry consisted of my typical watch, rings, and bracelets, along with my Kendra Scott Danielle earrings in ivory pearl.





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top (similar) // white jeans // wedges (similar) // choker (similar; Mine was customized!  Ask Shelby to make one like mine if you want the exact one I’m wearing!) // bralette // earrings // beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // Giving Key bangle // cross bracelet (similar) // watch (similar) // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

Thanks for reading!  Until next summer, white jeans.

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The choker from Designs by Shelbs as well as the beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!

An Outfit Inspired by Carly Heitlinger of Carly the Prepster

     Back in June I began a series called “An Outfit Inspired by…” in which I choose a style influencer (such as an actress, blogger, YouTuber, singer, etc.) to tell y’all about and model an outfit after!  I’ve loved this series so far and I think I’m going to try to keep it as a monthly series!  Read my other “An Outfit Inspired by…” posts here.  Today I’m sharing a look inspired by Carly Heitlinger, better known as Carly the Prepster!  Enjoy!

     Carly began her blog, Carly the Prepster, as a freshman at Georgetown University back in 2008.  Blogging has since become her full time job and now she lives in Connecticut with her dogs Theodore and Hamilton.  She frequents New York City and is often invited by various companies to attend events all over!  She has a verified Instagram, @carly, with over 205,000 followers which has inspired hundreds of “preppy” Instagram accounts since its beginning.  She also has a YouTube (linked here) which she occasionally uses to share vlogs and travel diaries.  Carly was definitely one of the first women to blaze the trail of fashion blogging, especially of the “preppy” sort, and her influence on other fashion bloggers is easily seen.  Carly’s style is definitely classic but she’s not afraid to dip her toes in the waters of tasteful trends.  If you don’t already follow her blog, you need to check it out here.  It’s iconic, and I don’t use that word lightly.



(The images above are from Carly the Prepster blog and belong to Carly Heitlinger.  Their respective blog posts are linked within the images!)

     For my look inspired by Carly Heitlinger, I knew I wanted to try styling a silk scarf.  She recently shared a blog post about silk scarves (read it here), and I thought the whole silk scarf looked seemed very Carly, if you know what I mean.  My grandmother brought home a nautical navy silk scarf from Europe for me a few years ago and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get some use out of it!  Carly is all about the classic “prep” style, so I thought the scarf would pair nicely with a simple navy and white striped long sleeve tee.  I opted for some dark wash pixie cut jeans and nude flats to complete the sleek look.  Carly often wears nice bracelets but rarely wears more than one at a time, so I thought my old statement bracelet from J.Crew would be perfect.  I wore my Kate Spade watch as always and some gold Kate Spade bow stud earrings, because Carly loves Kate Spade and stud earrings.  That’s it!  How do you think I did recreating her look?













top // jeans // flats // silk scarf (similar) // earrings (similar) // bracelet (similar) // watch (similar)

Thanks for reading!  Let me know who you’d like to see an outfit inspired by next!

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A Rainbow Necklace on the Riverwalk

     Given the amount of times I’ve mentioned it, you probably know by now that I took a trip to Texas for a couple weeks at the end of July and beginning of August (read the travel diaries here and here).  I had an amazing time and while I was there I was able to shoot a few outfit posts!  Today I’m sharing a look I wore for a night out on the Riverwalk in San Antonio with my grandmother and sister.  Enjoy!

     Texas is infamous for being super hot, and San Antonio at night is no exception.  In attempt to beat the heat, I knew my outfit would have to include my favorite pair of jean shorts from Old Navy.  These are super soft and I think they’re the perfect color of denim for summer!  I also knew I wanted a simple canvas for some exciting jewelry, so I chose a relaxed grey v-neck tee with a ripped hemline (I actually bought this during my trip to Texas last year, how ironic!).  I was super excited to wear my “Venture Off” necklace set from E Squared, I’d envisioned wearing it on the Riverwalk since I first received it!  I love the bright colors, the gold silhouette of the continents, and the fact that you can wear the necklaces together or separately, so it’s basically a three for one deal!  Be sure to check out E Squared for more beautiful and unique jewelry here.  Since my necklace was so colorful, I opted for some simpler white and gold earrings from Kendra Scott, my everyday gold Kate Spade watch, and a few of my basic bracelets from Sashka Co., Giving Keys, MantraBand, and Stella & Dot.  As for shoes, I wore a brown pair of faux leather lace up sandals from Target.  I carried my wallet, phone, camera, and a few other essentials in my hot pink Longchamp Le Pliage tote that night.















top // shorts // sandals // purse // necklace set // earrings // blue and gold beaded bracelet (similar) // white and gold beaded bracelet// MantraBand // Giving Key bangle // cross bracelet (similar) // watch (similar) // ring

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The necklace set from E Squared as well as the beaded bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!

Embroidery and a Maroon Skirt at the Marriot

     During my recent trip to Texas (read my travel diaries and watch videos here and here), I stayed two nights in the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort & Spa.  This resort was so nice and my cousins and I had an amazing time there enjoying the little waterpark and amazing food!  One night after a nice dinner my cousins and I walked off to the golf course to take some pictures, and they were so sweet to help me shoot an outfit post.  Today I’m so excited to finally share this ensemble with you, I think it’s the perfect combination of this summer’s trends and a pretty, classy look.  Enjoy!

     As I got ready to go out for a nice dinner with my cousins, sister, and grandparents, I decided I wanted to pick out a trendy yet chic outfit that both my grandparents and teenage cousins would find cute and appropriate.  I’ve been seriously loving the embroidery trend recently, so I pulled a simple white top with maroon and light pink floral embroidery across one shoulder out of my suitcase.  Then, I realized my maroon denim button down skirt matched the top’s embroidery perfectly and I thought they might pair together nicely.  My rose quartz Danielle earrings from Kendra Scott matched the light pink in the embroidery really well, so I decided to wear them too.  The rest of my jewelry consisted of simpler pieces including a gold double wrap necklace, white and gold Sashka Co. bracelets, a gold MantraBand, a silver Stella & Dot cross cuff bracelet, a thin rose gold ring, and my Kate Spade watch.  My gold Jack Rogers sandals are my go-to for nice yet informal occasions like this one, so I knew they would be the perfect shoe for the night.























top // skirt // sandals // necklace (similar, similar style as a choker also linked here!) // earrings // beaded bracelets (here and here) // MantraBand // cross bracelet (similar) // watch (similar) // ring

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     The bracelets from Sashka Co. featured in this post were sent to me in exchange for a feature in my blog.  However, all opinions are honest and my own.  I don’t feature products I don’t truly love!