Three Year Blogiversary

Three Year Blogiversary

     Three years ago today, my awkward, eighth grade graduate hands clicked "publish" on my first blog post and launched the website you're viewing right now.  Today is what some might call my "blogiversary" and I can't believe how quickly the past three years have flown by!  This post is a glance in my [...]

My 17 Favorite Blogs of 2017

     It's not often enough that I stop to share my favorite blogs with y'all.  Within the fashion blogging community, I am surrounded with tons of beautiful, talented, passionate young women who have been nothing less than kind to me in my time blogging.  This time last year I shared a post called "My [...]

Two Year Blogiversary

     Today I'd like to share something sort of special with you all.  While I have prewritten this post to go up while I'm at YoungLife camp, this specific date is so special to me and I want y'all to know that.  May 31st is the anniversary, "blogiversary" if you will, of this blog, and today marks two years.  It's [...]

My 16 Favorite Blogs of 2016

     If you follow multiple blogs, you've probably seen a number of "Links I Love" posts or something of the sort where bloggers share their favorite blogs with their readers.  I've always thought about it, but have never gotten around to writing a post like that.  Today, in honor of approaching the end of [...]