March Playlist 2018

     Playlists are better late than never right?  I’ve been trying to get my playlists up earlier in the month recently but I just couldn’t compile worthy songs that quickly!  That being said, I think these are definitely worth the wait.  My favorites this month have to be “Irreplaceable” by Beyoncé (I know it’s so old but it’s also so good!), “Champagne Clouds” by Malia Civetz, DJDS and Empress Of’s rendition of Lana Del Rey’s “Love,” and Kasbo’s remix of “The Little Things” by the Big Gigantic.  I’ve loved listening to these songs in my car with the windows down lately.  Enjoy!

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Champagne Clouds // Irreplaceable // You’re Not Missing Me // Drew Barrymore // Love // Unforgettable // Say It Again // The Little Things (Kasbo Remix) // Intro (Slow) // Volcanic Love // …Ready For It? (Bloodpop Remix) // Famous // I Wanna Know // Psycho // Nobody

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Scripture Sunday Vol. 30

     Happy Sunday!  Today I’m sharing the thirtieth post in my “Scripture Sunday” series (read my previous “Scripture Sunday” posts here).  If you haven’t read one of these posts before, they typically include a verse or two I’ve been touched by recently and a little correlation to my life (that you can hopefully relate to as well!).  Obviously these posts are Christ-based, so if you don’t feel as though this kind of post is for you I encourage you to keep scrolling through my blog until you find something you like (this past week I shared two outfit posts here and here)!  If you’re sticking around I hope you enjoy!

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Today’s Verses:

Ephesians 4:1-2; I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love

     Have you ever had a really cool opportunity you knew you weren’t deserving of?  I know I’ve had plenty.  One that I still feel completely honored to have had was the opportunity to go to Carolina Point (a YoungLife camp in Brevard, NC) as a Wyldlife leader (side note: stay tuned for a blog post on my weekend at Carolina Point soon, I promise I’m working on it!).  Being a Wyldlife leader had already brought me so much joy and getting to hang out with these middle school girls all weekend at a camp as beautiful and fun-packed as Carolina Point seemed like a dream come true, and believe me it totally was!

     I’m honestly still not one hundred percent sure what it feels like to be “called” by God to do something, but if I had to take a guess I’d say it was the feeling I got when my YoungLife leader Townsend texted me about being a Wyldlife leader back in July.  The thought of not leading didn’t even pass through my mind, I was as certain that I wanted to lead more as I am certain that I love chocolate (and if you know me you know that’s really certain).  Despite knowing that leading middle schoolers would require time-consuming training and eat up my Wednesday nights that could otherwise be spent studying or hanging out with friends my own age, I knew that I wanted to do it.

     I’m now reading the book of Ephesians, and while reading chapter four yesterday I came across what I think are two of the coolest verses I’ve read in the Bible thus far.  These verses, written by Paul, say “I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.”  Paul calls himself “a prisoner for the Lord” because he completely changed his life to follow God.  After years of persecuting Christians as Saul, He encountered God and began sharing His love from nation to nation, staring in the face consequences like the ones he had previously inflicted.  What does he mean though, by “to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called”?  I think Paul’s referring to how we should approach those callings (i.e. awesome opportunities like leading at Wyldlife camp or even just everyday things like sharing His word with your friends).  If you ask me, getting to serve God in any way is a pretty cool thing, an honor if you will, but with great power comes great responsibility.  Matching that honor of leading at Carolina Point, should I have walked off that bus at camp cussing left and right, missing my leader meetings to sleep in, and helping my cabin sneak out at night?  Absolutely not!  Going into that weekend I intended to live up to the expectations of my head leaders and the hopes of God.  Looking back, I think I led that weekend “with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love” as Paul advised.

     This week, recognize that even the small parts of your everyday life offer room to pursue what God has called you to do.  Do your best to live your life in such a way that reflects the great opportunity you have been given to serve such a loving God.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week!

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Prom Prep 2018; Picking a Dress

     As early as it may sound, prom season is upon us.  Although my school’s prom isn’t until late April, the “promposals” began as early as mid-February here and several of my friends ordered their dresses before Christmas break!  Today I’m beginning what will be a short series on the blog throughout the spring leading up to my own prom; “Prom Prep.”  As I prepare for my first prom, I’m going to be sharing my tips for dress shopping, hairstyle choosing, jewelry selecting, etc. in this series and taking you along on what I’m sure will be one of the most stressful and fun parts of my junior year.  I hope y’all love this series!  This first installment is all about picking the perfect dress, enjoy!

My Experience

     Despite eyeing prom dresses since my babysitters showed me photos of theirs when I was in elementary school, finding the right dress was pretty difficult for me.  I guess it’s kind of like how you see a million things you want all year but can never think of anything to ask for when Christmas rolls around.  I had a vague idea of what I wanted at the beginning of junior year; something elegant but trendy (the last thing I want is for my future children to look at my prom photos the way I look at my mom’s with the ginormous ruffled flowers on her shoulder), simple but pretty (big, sparkly dresses aren’t very popular where I live, the girls typically stick to long gowns with simple details and minimal flare), $250 or less, long, and preferably grey or blush pink.  I was pretty openminded to all necklines as long as the dress had some type of straps.

     By fall I had come to the conclusion that my pale, pinkish skin tone was too close to blush pink to pull off a dress in the hue and narrowed my searches down to grey.  I also originally thought my fairly flat chested self would be able to pull off a plunging neckline, but big eyes from my stepmother upon showing her a moderately low v-neck dress turned me the other way.

     In January, I was looking for something grey yet eye catching, but was having practically no luck.  After shopping for a sweater on ASOS, I thought I’d give their bridesmaids dresses section a shot.  I ended up finding a $103 pretty one shoulder number in a blush pink color called “mink” that appeared to have more of a greyish undertone, meaning it had potential to not make me look naked (that obviously wouldn’t be good).  I ordered it in two sizes (which I highly recommend doing if you’re ordering online!) and one of them fit just right.  I’ve decided on this one and I’m so excited about it!  See the dress below and shop it here.


Where to Shop Online

     If you’re having trouble finding a prom dress due to lack of stores near you, definitely consider some online options!  I didn’t even go into a store and still found a great dress at an awesome price point!  I ultimately decided ASOS would be a good place to purchase my dress because the sweater I got there proved to be good quality (therefore it’s a reliable retailer) and I knew from conversations that most of the reasonably priced, large selection websites like Lulu’s and PromGirl would be the first websites everyone at my school would go to in search of their own prom dress.  If your school isn’t as Lulu’s obsessed (personally I just didn’t want a dress with such a large risk of being on someone else at prom), definitely check their website out, there are a ton of adorable prom dresses at really good price points!  PromGirl, Red Dress Boutique, Show Me Your MuMu, and Nordstrom Rack are also great online options!  If you have a higher budget, BCBG Max Azria and Free People also sell some beautiful gowns.  I’ve pictured and linked a few of my favorite prom dresses below!

Prom Dress Guide.png

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

My Tips

  1. Have some ideas of what you want, but don’t hold yourself to your vision if you find something completely different that you really like. – Having a few color ideas can be really helpful when filtering website searches filled with tens of pages of prom dresses.  That being said, I thought I would definitely end up with a grey dress this year, and had I stuck to that I wouldn’t have found the dress that I now have and love so much!
  2. If you’re ordering your dress online, order it in multiple sizes and make sure you can return it. – Ordering my dress in two sizes in the first place was definitely one of the smartest decisions I’ve made so far in the prom process.  Ordering two sizes at once not only prevented me from having to return a dress and blindly choose another size, but also allowed me to compare the pros and cons of each size.  One of my dresses wouldn’t zip up the last inch, while the other might hang a little lower on the strapless side.  I know the last thing you want is to send one dress back just to find that its replacement is hardly different (or inducing the opposite problem) from the one you had before.
  3. Keep the type of dresses people in your area wear in mind. – While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with standing out, personally (as I’m sure holds true for plenty of you too I’m sure), walking into prom in a bedazzled dress unlike the simple jewel-toned frocks of my peers is one of the last things I want to happen.  Even if this is your first year going to prom (I know at my school only juniors and seniors/the dates of juniors and seniors are allowed to attend), look through some the past prom Instagram posts of upperclassmen or recent graduates from your school so you have an idea of what people in your area typically wear to prom.  Length, fluffiness, and sparkle are all likely to be factors your student body has a pretty clear stance on and you should investigate!
  4. Don’t shop where all your friends are shopping! – If it seems like everyone is getting their prom dress from a certain store or website, purchasing a dress at the popular location drastically increases your chances of showing up to prom in the same dress as everyone else.  This might not sound like the worst thing to you, but to me it sounds like a breeding ground for comparison (both in my head and by my peers) and the last thing I want to do on this fun night is feel like I don’t look as good in my dress as someone else does.

Thanks for reading!  I hope this post helps you in your prom dress shopping!  Stay tuned for more prom related posts in the next few weeks!

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Scripture Sunday Vol. 29

     Happy Sunday!  I’ve kept up with reading at least one chapter in the Bible each day since the start of the new year and I’ve absolutely loved it.  Not only do I feel so much closer to God, but I’m learning a lot about the life I was designed to live and the way I want to pursue that.  One of the passages that I read this week inspired this installment of my biweekly “Scripture Sunday” series.  As always, I’m going to throw out the disclaimer that this is definitely a Christ-based post and my readers who aren’t part (or don’t want to be part) of the Christian faith probably won’t enjoy it.  If that’s you, I’d love it if you continued scrolling though my blog until you find another post you like better (this week I shared an outfit inspired by Morgan Yates here and my February favorites here)!  I hope you enjoy today’s “Scripture Sunday!”


Today’s Verse:

2 Corinthians 4:17; For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.

     If you play a sport, have ever attended any form of school, or work a job, you know what it’s like to push yourself through something awful for a promised reward.  Maybe you attend intense two hour practices daily with the promise that you’ll end up competing at state this season.  Maybe you’re exhausted, staying up all night studying for a test in the hope of bringing up a grade that you’re convinced the colleges you’re applying to will see.  Maybe you absolutely hate working at your job but go to work simply because you need the money.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that in each person’s life there’s at least one area that they aren’t really thrilled about but continue to pursue for the promise of positive outcomes.

     In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, he advises the people of Corinth to stay strong in their faith and to continue to spread God’s word as they build their relationships with Him.  I particularly love this prevalent reassurance in 2 Corinthians 4:17.  The verse says “For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.”  Here Paul encourages them to not lose hope as a new Christian group while they face daily trials in the midst of unbelievers, but I think this verse is still more than applicable to our lives today.

     As I mentioned before, we all have things we have to push through in order to get to something better, something worth it.  Some days, the concept of life as a whole being this way isn’t too far out of reach.  As 2 Corinthians 4:17 says, our earthly troubles will pale in comparison to the great glory we will reach in heaven.  We will think of these times, times when things got really hard with our parents or friends, times when we faced rejection, times when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, and we’ll laugh.  We’ll see just how worth it pursuing a life with Jesus is.

     This week, face the hard times knowing that something incredible will come from them.  Know that God is preparing an absolutely amazing eternal life for you in heaven, something too good for you to even grasp right now.  Stay strong in your faith and never be afraid to talk to God when things feel hard or out of control.  He loves you and everything in your life is done for a specific purpose of His.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week!

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Five Favorites; February 2018

     Can you believe that February’s about to be over?  I know I can’t, March sounds way too close to the end of the school year and I don’t know about how ready I am to conquer my three A.P. exams… I’m digressing, let’s get back to the point!  Today I’ve rounded up five of my favorite things this month in the second installment of my monthly “Five Favorites” series that I began in January!  If you’re interested in reading my picks from January, you can find the post here.  Enjoy!

January Favorites

  1. H&M Denim Jacket in “Light Denim Blue” – I’ve loved trying trends that seem a little more “out there” as of late and the return of the jean jacket sounds pretty out there to me!  I just got this one from H&M last week and I’ve already come up with a dozen ways to style it; its slightly oversized fit and perfect light wash color make it so perfect for everyday wear!
  2. Madewell Star Statement Earrings – I saw a blogger style these in December and I knew I just had to get my hands on a pair!  I’ve been obsessed with these earrings and I wear them nonstop!  I’m loving the star trend right now and these are far too easy to incorporate into my outfits daily.
  3. Grown-ish – This television series, a spin-off of Freeform’s popular Black-ish, focuses on the life of Zoey Johnson as she embarks on her freshman year of college at Cal U.  Away at school, Zoey faces the typical college run-ins with drugs, partying, relationships, breakups, and friendships.  Maybe it’s just my junior year fascination with college or the fact that Zoey is getting a fellowship at Teen Vogue (aka my dream), but I’ve been loving keeping up with this show!
  4. Urban Decay Original Eye Shadow Primer Potion – Long gone are the days that I refused to wear eye shadow in fear of creasing.  I get why this stuff it called a “primer potion,” it’s basically magic!  Personally, after an hour or two my eye shadow always creases (meaning it gathers in the wrinkles of my eyelids) and ends up looking awful.  I’d tried every “hack” I could find online, from using chapstick or concealer as primer to running the eye shadow brush under the sink before using it but nothing else works for me like Urban Decay’s eye shadow primer potion!  I’ve loved getting to experiment with eye shadow recently thanks to this product and I know I’ll be using it for a long time.
  5. Gold Metallic High Top Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers – I got these sneakers last spring, but I’ve been wearing them almost everyday in the currently bipolar weather of South Carolina.  They make for such an easy outfit with a pair of rolled up jeans and a sweater or tee shirt!  I love the unique versatility that comes with the metallic gold color.  (See me style these sneakers in posts here and here!)

Thanks for reading!

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My blog contains affiliate links, meaning I may earn commission from your purchase of the products mentioned.

Scripture Sunday Vol. 28

     Happy Sunday!  Today I’m sharing my twenty-eighth “Scripture Sunday” post.  I seriously love writing these posts, I hope y’all love reading them!  The Scripture I’m discussing today is a simple verse that has been a great reminder to me lately and has really changed how I go about daily life.  If you feel as though Christianity isn’t for you, this post might not be your thing!  Feel free to continue scrolling though my blog, I hope you find another post you like (this week I posted my “Charleston Girls Weekend Travel Diary” with a video here and an outfit post here)!  Let’s get on with the post, enjoy!

IMG_5969 2.jpg

Today’s Verse:

Romans 13:14; But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.

     Every morning we wake up, get ready for the day, and get dressed.  I don’t know about you, but for me it’s so natural to want to throw on a big tee shirt and leggings and just call it a day.  Most mornings I convince myself to wear something a little less “I just rolled out of bed,” but that’s an active decision that I legitimately have to choose to make.  You choose what you wear, how much makeup you put on, whether or not you should wear a jacket, etc., right?  Some days choosing the “better” choice (let’s call looking nice the better choice just for the purpose of this analogy, if you like to wear tee shirts and leggings everyday you do you!  I really wish I felt confident doing that) requires a little more effort, but usually by the time I get home I’m glad I chose to wear a nice outfit.

     While what to wear is an obvious physical decision we make each day, choosing who we want to be isn’t always as obvious.  Sadly, the natural choice is often “I want to have the best day for me today.  I want to have the best, I want to look the best, I want to be the best,” not “I want to have the day God’s designed for me today.  I want to help others, serve the Lord, and learn how to do so even better tomorrow.”  Without even thinking, we choose ourselves over others and over our God and unlike outfits that we can decide just aren’t going to cut it, we don’t typically look in the mirror and say “there’s no way I’m leaving the house with this attitude today.”

     I recently finished reading the book of Romans.  In the last verse of chapter 13, I came across a line that I realized is so significant and applicable to my daily life.  Verse 13 says “But put on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make no provision for the flesh, to gratify its desires.”  I really love the word choice “put on the Lord Jesus Christ,” as if He was a jacket or a necklace.  Like I said, when we get dressed in the morning we don’t usually think much about the kind of person we’re going to be that day.  What if along with our shirts, skirts, shoes, and earrings, we put on the attitude of Jesus Christ?  What if we chose to stop making selfish decisions for the gratification of our own desires?  I’ll be the first to say I’d be a way better person if I made the active decision to act like Christ everyday along with the decision to wear a dress.

     This week, try to consciously make the decision to be Christ-like each morning.  No, I don’t mean decide to be perfect and sinless like Jesus (I know most of us wish we could just make a choice to be like that!), I mean to decide to make your greatest attempt at serving others and obeying God.  “Put on the Lord Jesus Christ” and begin to submit to Him instead of your earthly desires.  Choose to help your sibling with their homework instead of watching another movie on Netflix.  Choose to invite the lonely kid to sit with your friend group at lunch instead of brushing him/her off as “not cool enough.”  Choose to seize every opportunity to radiate God’s love with those around you.

Thanks for reading!  Have a blessed week!

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