Meet Faith

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What camera and lens do you use?: I use a Canon EOS Rebel T6 (find it here) with either a Canon EFS 18-55mm lens (here) or a Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC HSM lens (here) depending on the shot or video.  Any underwater pictures or videos you see were taken with a FujiFilm FinePix XP120 (here).

Who takes your pictures?: As you may or may not be able to tell, my pictures are by no means professionally taken, the majority are actually taken by my younger sister with the Canon camera mentioned above.  We have a deal worked out; I do her laundry, she shoots my blog posts.  Fair enough, right?

How do you make your travel diary videos?: I take the clips for my travel diary videos on the cameras mentioned above, then I import them to my MacBook, trim and edit them, and put them together in iMovie.

How old are you?: I’m eighteen!

When and how did you start your blog?: I started a “preppy fashion” Instagram page in the spring of 2014 and as it grew, I looked up to fashion bloggers such as Sarah Vickers of Classy Girls Wear Pearls, Carly Heitlinger of The College Prepster, and Abigail of Belle of the Ball.  I decided I wanted my own fashion blog and practically begged my parents to let me make one my whole eighth grade year.  Finally, at the end of May 2015, my parents agreed to let me start a blog and A Pocketful of Prep was born.  After a year of thought, in May 2017 I changed my blog name to A Pocketful of Faith to make it a little more personal.  I use WordPress as a host site and found the setup process to be fairly simple.  I used the free plan for my first two years but recently upgraded to the premium plan to accommodate my need for more media storage space and use of videos.  If you’re interested in starting your own blog, you can get started by heading to

How did you become a Jadelynn Brooke ambassador?: I filled out the application for a high school ambassador position in July of 2016 and a couple weeks later they emailed me telling me I was accepted!  Since then I’ve reapplied a few times and I just finished my sixth semester as an ambassador.  Jadelynn Brooke opens up rep applications to all high school and college students around the beginning of each semester, so be on the lookout for their announcements in early July and early January.  I actually wrote a post about my full experience as an ambassador last year, you can read it here!

Do you plan on going into fashion as a career?: My dream job would definitely be working on a style column at Teen Vogue.  I love fashion, photography, and writing, so any job that combines the three would be right up my alley.

Feel free to email me at with questions, blog post requests, business inquiries, etc., I’d absolutely love to chat!


       Posts published on A Pocketful of Faith may contain sponsored items or affiliate links, which will be disclosed at the end of such posts.  I only feature products that I genuinely like and would recommend to a friend or family member.  The featured items always reflect my personal style, I never go out of my way to share something I wouldn’t normally wear or use!  All of my posts reflect my honest opinions.

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