Lent 2019: What I’m Giving Up & Why

     As an Episcopalian, growing up Lent was something that my family regularly talked about around this time of year.  As I continued to give things up and became a little more vocal about it in high school, I often got funny looks even from friends who were just of different Christian denominations.  Today, on the eve of Ash Wednesday (the first day of Lent), I’m sharing a little about the purpose of Lent, what I’m giving up, and why!  I’m hoping this post will help you to understand Lent a little better if you’re unfamiliar with it, and maybe even inspire you to give up or take on something this Lenten season.

     Lent is the observance of Jesus’ forty days and forty nights of fasting in the desert shortly before he was crucified.  Today, many Christians observe this time by giving up something they use or eat a lot that may serve as a distraction from God, or by taking on something new, like reading the Bible more, donating to a charity, or praying more every day, for the forty days leading up to Easter.  Technically, the forty days doesn’t include Sundays (because the time span from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday including Sundays is actually forty-six days), so many choose to break from their Lenten commitments on Sunday (I’ve personally always been too stubborn to do so).  The idea behind continuing to observe Lent today is that we recognize that if it is difficult for us to give up something like dessert, it must have been much more difficult for Jesus to withstand temptation in the desert.  When we crave the thing we gave up or struggle to continue doing the thing we took on, we can be reminded of Jesus and take the moment of temptation as a time to pray.

     This year, I’m giving up a few things that I see as large distractions from the progression of my relationship with Christ.  I am able to step back and recognize that these things are ultimately a waste of time and tend to consume me more than I’d like to admit.  The first thing I’m giving up is chocolate, which including this year I’ve given up three times.  I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic (seriously, I have chocolate at every meal at the very least), so giving up chocolate is not only a healthy break for me, but also the cravings are a reminder to pray.  Second, I’m giving up online shopping.  For me, online shopping is one of the first things I do when I’m bored and clearly this isn’t good for my bank account or my attempt to distance myself from materialistic thinking.  When I catch myself typing in the URL of a store for purposes other than linking things for the blog, I want to begin reaching for Scripture instead.  Lastly, I’m giving up Snapchat, another major pointless time consumer.  In the last several months I’ve been able to recognize Snapchat as pretty toxic for me; in that it creates wishy-washy relationships, gives me ample opportunities to view stories as breeding grounds for feelings of rejection, exclusion, and comparison, and wastes so. much. time.

     Even if you aren’t from a more traditional denomination to whom Lent is customary, I encourage you to give up something or take on a good deed during Lent.  I’ve found it to be a great reminder of Jesus in my daily life and I feel like it fosters a stronger sense of connection with God.  If you’d like to learn more about Jesus’ forty days and forty nights in the desert, I recommend reading Matthew 4:1-11 (here’s a link to the verses in ESV).

Thanks for reading!  If you’re giving up or taking something on for Lent leave a comment and let me know what it is!

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Very Velvet

     It’s been way too long.  Life is hectic and while trying to soak up every moment of senior year I appear to have left my blog behind for a little bit.  I’m not going to promise this is the start of consistent posting because it might not be, but please believe me when I say I’m not giving up this platform anytime soon!  I love you all so very much and I miss this creative space, it’s just hard to make time right now.  That said, let’s get into what I can guarantee – today’s blog post!

     Winter outfits can get pretty drab, with the dark colors and all.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a grey chunky sweater just as much as the next girl, but at some point enough is enough.  One of my favorite ways to make my winter wardrobe a little more fun is to add some fun color!  Today’s look includes a rich gold velvet tank and a bright pair of emerald green earrings.  Enjoy!

     Ever since I decided on Baylor my eyes have gravitated towards all things green and gold (oops), so when I saw this J.Crew tank in the sale section, I knew I needed it.  To lighten up the outfit and stay warm, I paired the tank with a white cardigan I recently purchased at my local Marshalls.  The bold top called for a pair of simple dark wash Old Navy skinny jeans, which I cuffed at the ankle to wear with my TOMS booties.  I accessorized with a fun pair of green tassel earrings from Altar’d State (again with the green and gold color combination…see what I mean?) that tied into the colors on the booties as well as my go-to Kendra Scott necklace and my MantraBand.

top // cardigan (similar) // jeans // booties (similar) // earrings // necklace // MantraBand // cross bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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Stripes & Sneakers

      Long time no see!  I don’t want to make excuses for my absence because it’s really just due to the fact that I’ve been prioritizing other things over my blog lately.  I haven’t felt super motivated to shoot outfits in the past few weeks, but as I’ve used that time to read devotionals and dig deeper into Scripture, I’ve been inspired to pursue this blog with Christ at the center.  Be on the lookout for more faith-related posts soon!  I’ve missed blogging so very much this past month or so and I’m so excited to be sharing my first outfit post in what feels like forever today.  Enjoy!

     I purchased this Urban Outfitters top $10 off (it’s on sale again, by the way!) a few days after Christmas and I’m obsessed with it.  I have to admit, these oh so popular thermal button-downs live up to the hype.  This thing is so soft and so cute!  My favorite way to style this striped thermal is currently with a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and my platform Converse sneakers.  I received these sneakers for Christmas and I just think they’re the perfect go-to shoe – the taupe color goes with everything and they can easily be dressed up or down!  I accessorized with a pair of turquoise stacked tassel earrings from Bauble Bar, my Kendra Scott Elisa pendant and James Avery cross necklaces layered, and my everyday bracelets and rings.  This look is perfect to wear to school or to a casual hangout with friends!

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

Processed with VSCO with c6 preset

top (on sale!) // jeans // sneakers (under $60!) // earrings (no longer available in turquoise) // cross necklace // pendant necklace // watch // MantraBand // cross bracelet // personalized beaded bracelet // rose gold ring // gold stacked rings

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New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 Collab

     Happy New Year!  Today is the first page in the 365-page story of 2019, what a thought!  Today I’m keeping a now three-year tradition (crazy right?) with my sweet blogging friend, Cayleigh from CNPrepster, in collaborating on a post sharing our resolutions for the new year.  I seriously adore Cayleigh’s blog and am so grateful for the friendship we’ve formed through the blogging community over the past few years.  I’m so excited to see what she has in store for her blog and life in 2019!  Be sure to read her post on her resolutions for 2019 here.  As some of you may already know, 2019 is the year that holds my high school graduation, meaning it’ll be full of bittersweet lasts and nervewracking yet exciting firsts!  I’ll be heading to Baylor University in Waco, Texas (14 hours away from my current home in South Carolina) next fall to study journalism and apparel merchandising, and while I can’t wait to begin college I’m also in awe of the fact that my high school career is almost over.  I’m hoping these resolutions will push me towards my ultimate goals for 2019 and serve as reminders of the life I want to live this year, one that finds joy in every moment and never takes a second for granted.  Without further adieu, here are my resolutions for 2019!


Thanks for reading!  I hope you’ve had a fabulous time celebrating the New Year and that your 2019 is full of blessings, lessons, and fabulous experiences!  Don’t forget to check out Cayleigh’s post here.Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.13.06 PM

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 #1: Gifts for the Fashionista

     At long last, I’ve finally rounded up ten items for my first gift guide of the season!  I meant to have this post up about ten days ago (I’m the worst!), but I figured better late than never!  I’m hoping to do a little mini-series of gift guides this year, and the first post is “Gifts for the Fashionista!”  The gifts I’m sharing today are perfect for that friend whose outfits you always adore and that you always FaceTime for approval on your own outfits.  I hope this helps you get some inspiration for what to get your most fashionable friend (or maybe even some things to add to your own wishlist…).  Enjoy!

Gift Guide.001.jpeg

  1. Madewell Faux-Pearl Winky Necklace ($32.00) – Maybe it’s just me that’s been minorly obsessed with eyes in jewelry lately (especially winking ones), but I think this necklace is precious.  I always love receiving gifts I wouldn’t normally buy for myself but allow me to experiment with new styles, and I think this one would be a hit in that category for most stylish girls.  The dainty gold-plated chain and faux pearl make the style simple enough to go with any outfit, while the trendy wink also adds something funky to a classic look.
  2. Rebecca Minkoff Bi-Fold Key Ring Wallet ($65.00) – I received a Rebecca Minkoff key ring wallet for Christmas last year and it’s still one of my favorite things I own!  Your most fashionable friend will use this wallet on the daily, it attaches to her keys and is perfect to conveniently hold her IDs, cash, and cards!  (This wallet also comes in red and brown!)
  3. J.Crew Ribbed Beanie with Faux-Fur Pom-Pom in Seashell ($39.50) – This adorable beanie topped off with a trendy faux-fur pom-pom would be a great gift for your favorite fashionista during these cold winter months, especially if you live somewhere extra chilly!  (This beanie also comes in red, violet, white, grey, green, navy, royal blue, and black!)
  4. Madewell Bandana in Light Blossom Multi ($12.50) – These little scarves have been so in lately, I personally have a small grey leopard one that I wear constantly but I’m dying to get another!  They look absolutely adorable tied around your neck like an ascot, in your hair, on your bag strap, or on your wrist.  This pretty pattern will be perfect to brighten her winter wardrobe and wear all spring and summer.  (This bandana comes in several other fun patterns!)
  5. Anthropologie Braided Tassel Keychain in Pink ($20.00) – You can’t go wrong with a cute keychain for a teenage girl (especially one who recently got her license).  This girly tassel keychain is reminiscent of friendship bracelets but chic enough to be the perfect addition to her plain keys.  (This keychain also comes in blue/orange and navy/mauve color combinations!)
  6. Kendra Scott Rose Gold Metallic Nail Lacquer ($16.00) – Nail polish is an easy gift for any girl, and this fancy rose gold color from Kendra Scott would be perfect for your fashionista friend!  The color is beautiful and she’ll be sure to appreciate your taste given that it’s Kendra Scott, even though this gift is far less expensive than most of Kendra’s jewelry.  (This nail polish also comes in gold and gunmetal!)
  7. Kendra Scott Edie Gold Cuff Bracelet in Pink Rhodonite ($65.00) – A cuff bracelet is the perfect addition to any simple outfit, but is also the perfect finishing touch for a more formal event like prom or another formal dance!  You can just about guarantee that she’ll get a ton of use out of this!  (This cuff is available in several other stones!)
  8. Quay Australia ALL NIGHT in PCHPRL/BRN ($60.00) – As fashion-forward as a girl you’d consider a “fashionista” must be, these retro cat eye sunnies are probably not too far out of her comfort zone.  The blush pink frames will definitely compliment her trendy wardrobe.  (These also come in a red frame/brown lens combo and all black!)
  9. Anthropologie Monogram Agate Coaster ($16.00) – This one is definitely one of the more random on the list, but come on, how pretty is this coaster?  The simple, elegant white and gold combination will match just about any room.  I think one of these with maybe a nail polish or gift card would make an awesome gift for a high school senior preparing to go to college, this would be perfect for her dorm room!
  10. J.Crew Ribbon-Wrapped Hoop Earrings in Sunwashed Pink ($29.50) – Clearly I’ve stuck with a blush pink theme here, but as if your chic friend doesn’t have enough blush in her wardrobe already, the adorable ribbon accents on these earrings will add the perfect pop of pink to any ensemble.  (These also come in red and black!)

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December Playlist 2018

     December is without a doubt my favorite month of the year.  I’m forever obsessed with the twinkle lights, Christmas songs, and ice skating rinks.  Today I’m sharing my December playlist, which includes a couple Christmas songs along with my usual mix of electronic, alternative, rap, and worship songs.  My favorite song right now is “Wylin'” by Always Never, but I’ve also been especially loving “God Be” by Chris Renzema and the incredible retake of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” by Cappa.  Enjoy!

December Playlist


Tap on the name of a song below to listen to it on YouTube!

Wylin’ // All I Want for Christmas Is You // Sunflower (Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse) // Superposition // Peach // God Be // You Make My Dreams // Three Words Away // Be Like You // Life In Color // Touch of Heaven (Reimagined) // Drummer Boy // Close To Me // The One // Sleepless Nights

Thanks for reading!  What’s your favorite song right now?

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