Screen Shot 2018-08-10 at 1.15.08 PM.png As of January 2018, I am officially part of the rewardStyle/ community! allows me to create affiliate links for y’all to shop my posts, both on my blog and Instagram, and possibly earn commission off of your purchases.  This feature doesn’t cause you to pay any more than you already would for the products and I won’t be sacrificing your trust in my word about products for the small commission I might make from your potential purchase.  Shopping my blog posts is the same as it has always been with simply clicking links, but shopping my Instagram posts just got a hundred times easier and more direct!  You can shop my Instagram posts with ease by downloading the free app, signing up, screenshotting or liking my posts on Instagram, and opening the app!  You can also simply head over to my profile here to shop all of my Instagram posts since joining the program.

Poshmark: If you love seeing what I’m wearing on the blog, you’ll love shopping my Poshmark even more.  I use Poshmark to sell clothing pieces I no longer wear, whether that’s due to my outgrowing their size or style, so y’all can feel confident and make your own memories in the clothes too (I would hate for good clothes to go to waste)!  Many of the pieces I’ve listed have actually been featured in blog posts at one point or another as well.  Find me on Poshmark at @apofblog (or follow this link) and use my code “APOFBLOG” when you register for $5 towards your first Poshmark purchase (whether that be from my closet or someone else’s)!

Happy shopping!

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